Hello Peoples, yes this is the sequel. If you haven't read the first one, you must. This makes no sense otherwise. The first one is 'and when all else fails'. You can Google it if you want to, but read it before this one. Oh and one more thing peoples. I will occasionally make you lose the game. Like just then. Sorry this notice is so long, I'm just going to start writing fanfic.

Disclaimer: I do not own SWAC. I do, however own the rights to the characters I made up, but I'm still gonna write I own nothing, because that's just shorter. - Chad's POV

"Where should we go on vacation?" Laura asked.
"I don't know. Where do you want to go?" I replied.
"Well we could go back to California." She fell silent after the word.
"Why do you want to go to California?" I asked.
"Well that is where we met."
"We only met there because of Sonny." I choked out that last word. I truly did love her, but the doctors said she was never going to wake up. I moved on, just like she would have wanted me to, but I still dreamt of her. Eight years of dreams even with three years of marriage and two years of having a daughter, and I realised I had never really moved on.
"Well, you could go see her." She noted.

I had thought of going back to see Sonny. The notion made me tingle, the kind of spooky chills you get up your spine when you see a ghost. Even though Sonny wasn't a ghost, she still reminded me of one, with the pale skin and the stillness. I had only seen her that one time. She might have looked peaceful, if it weren't for the machines living for her.

"I can't go back. I never have; I never will."
"You can't hide from it forever. You love her. I know you do. You always have and you always will." I was constantly being surprised by Laura's total nonchalance when it came to talking about me loving Sonny. Perhaps it was because she thought she was never going to wake up.
"Chad! Please respond!" She demanded. I suppose I must've had that glassy look in my eye that I get when I get lost in my thoughts.

"Daddy!" Sophie squealed.
"I'd love to answer you but, Sophie has called."
"We're going to discuss this later." She said.
"I'm still not going to go see Sonny."
"You don't have to see Sonny. I'm talking about going to California. I think Sophie would love walking on the walk of fame. She loves stars."
"I am a star." I called back while walking down the hall to Sophie's room.
"WAS!" She replied.

I named her Sophie because of Sonny. That time that I slept over at Sonny's house we kept talking about stuff we liked. She said she adored the name Sophie. Apparently Laura loved it too.
Sophie and Laura did, in many ways remind me of Sonny, with their long brown hair and their mesmerising chocolate eyes, which were able to put me in a trance.

So that is the first chapter of the sequel. Basically an introduction to Chad's new life. I know most of you are probably thinking: Why is he married? Why did he leave California? Well, my answer is simple. Because I'M THE AUTHOR. I can do what I want to the story.
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