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Still own nothing - Chad's POV

~18 Months Later~

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cooper, it's a girl." The doctor said, holding my newest daughter towards me. I picked her up and took her over to Sonny.
"What are we gonna call her?" I asked, seeing as Sonny had only come up with a name for one girl and one boy, and the girl's name had already been used."
"Laura." She answered bluntly. "Laura Hayley Dylan Cooper."
"Where's the Hayley part from?" I asked.
"I was thinking of Hayley and it just sounds good there."
"Well then, it's settled. Her name is Laura Hayley Dylan Cooper."
"So it is." I couldn't stop smiling. I'd had the perfect wife and the one that let me have that. And now I had two beautiful replicas of them.

It's funny when I think about it now. That Sophie was my Sonny, and Laura was my Laura. If that makes sense. How about I say Laura Hayley was my Laura and Sophie was my Sonny, for the times I had lived without them.

And now life was looking a whole lot brighter.


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