Cross My Heart

Ch 1


Grimmjow stood in front of his suppose boyfriend, arms crossed and his taller frame looking down at the shorter teen.


Honey brown eyes looked up into narrowed teal ones.

"What do you want from me Grimmjow? You know how I feel about us-"

"No I don't Ichigo."

Said man winced as his name was said. The older boy never used his name unless he was serious or angry, and at the moment he was both.

"I really have no idea how you feel about this relationship."


"Am I such a horrible person that that's the reason why you don't want to go public about our relationship? Are you ashamed of us?"

"You know that's not the reason."

Grimmjow's eyes softened and he let his hands fall to his sides. Currently they were in an empty hallway during lunch. The older teen sighed.

"What are we Ichigo? If you don't want to let our family and friends know about us at least, then what are we doing?"

Ichigo kept his mouth shut. He had been surprised when Grimmjow had dragged him away to an empty hallway and straight out said he wanted to go public that they were dating. Ichigo's immediate reply had been no and the light blue haired boy had taken the answer the wrong way.

"I don't know." Ichigo whispered but as soon as those words left his lips he regretted them. His eyes widened slightly and his face snapped up to look at the other's startled one.

"No, wait, I didn't mean-"

Grimmjow took a step back as Ichigo's hands went to grab a hold of his hand.

"You don't know?" he asked with no emotion and just as emotionless face.

"I didn't mean it like that. It's just-"

The older teen cut the other off.

"No. I get it." A twisted smirk appeared on the blue haired teen's face. "You and I are no more. We're through." Grimmjow began walking away from the wide eyed and confused orange head. "You know," he stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at Ichigo, "I took our relationship seriously. I just don't know what I did wrong. Maybe you didn't really feel the same way. See ya around."

Ichigo stood alone in the empty hallway, shocked he tried to process what just had happened. Slowly he leaned on the lockers and slid down them to sit on the floor. His honey brown eyes closed as tears threatened to fall.

"You have it all wrong Grimmjow."

Lunch time the next day was awkward. Ichigo sat with his group of friends in the grass area and it was the perfect chance to ask questions that had been bothering everyone.

"Hey Ichigo, how come Grimmjow and his group have been avoiding us?" Rukia asked.

"Yeah. Yesterday at lunch they didn't sit with us and today they've been acting like we've never met." Renji added.

"Even more surprising Grimmjow himself hasn't been glued to your side." Uryu finished.

"It's strange really." Chad added.

"Did you two have a fight?" asked Orihime.

Ichigo stiffened as the questions kept being thrown at him one after another.

"Umm guys," the gang stopped talking and looked at the orange haired teen, "I really don't know how to answer all of your questions, but yeah, me and Grimmjow had a fight so let's leave it at that."

No one pressed the issue further. The teen looked so distraught when the other's name was mentioned.

Rukia leaned closer to Renji and whispered, "Something isn't right. I think there was more than a fight."

"Me too. I think we should look into what really happened."

A swift nod was the answer he received. The two watched the orange haired teen closely throughout the rest of the lunch period and school day.

"Would you mind telling us what has you in such a foul mood? You're seriously getting on our nerves these past two days." Ulquiorra stated as he watched the blue haired teen glare at someone with a never changing scowl. The school's cafeteria was bustling with noise and the black haired boy was missing the quiet of the grass area.

"You better fix whatever problem you have with Ichigo because you've dragged us away from his group and I much prefer their company rather than this barbaric jungle." Ulquiorra leaned his head on his hand as he looked at Grimmjow. He received a glare in return.

"I don't have a problem with Ichigo." the teen growled.

"Who are you trying to fool Grimmjow? Since when have you called him Ichigo. It's always been those ridiculous nicknames." Stark opened one eye and stared up at the blunette as he laid out on table on top of his crossed arms. "Ever since you laid your eyes on Ichigo you've dedicated your time to get him to be your friend and after that your boyfriend, don't look at me like that, it's obvious there was something going on between you two."

Ulquiorra rolled his eyes. "What Stark means is since we know you so well it's obvious to us that you and Ichigo are more than friends."

"Right." Stark sat up straight. "You guys spend every possible chance together.

Grimmjow looked away. "We used to."

The brunette sighed. "What happened with you two?"

The bluenette glared.

"Grimmjow." the black haired man warned.

Grimmjow scowled. "I told Ichigo that I wanted to stop hiding our relationship and he said 'no' okay. When I asked what he thought we were he said 'I don't know'."

"You're such a girl."

"What was that Ulquiorra?"

"You heard me. Tell me, did you ask Ichigo why he said he didn't want to go public?"

"Well not-"

"There you go idiot." Jade green eyes stared at bright teal ones in a staring contest.

"Ulquiorra is right Grimmjow. You jumped to conclusions. He probably had a reason and you didn't take the time to listen and by the looks of it both of you aren't taking it well."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you're acting like an ass and Ichigo looks pretty depressed."

Grimmjow sighed. "I still love him you know."

"We know." both Stark and Ulquiorra said at the same time.

Suddenly the blue haired teen was on his feet and walking away. "But he's never admitted to loving me back. I've always been the one to say those words and I'm not going to do anything until he tells me to my face exactly how he feels about us."

A pair of jade green and another pair of brown eyes stared at their friend's back as he left the cafeteria.



"So I guess that means we have to fix this then, right?"

A sigh. "Right."

The last bell of the day had rung and Rukia and Renji were waiting for Ichigo at his locker. It didn't take long for the teen to appear.

"Hey guys." Ichigo's face and voice held no emotion as he opened his locker and took out the needed books for the weekend.

"You know Ichigo, when you were secretly dating Grimmjow-"Renji did't get to finish as his back met the floor with a wide eyed teen on top of him.

"What did you say?" The orange haired boy asked hysterically as he grabbed the redhead's shirt with a knuckle white grip.

"Calm down." Rukia tried to get his friend to let the other go. "We knew a long time ago. It wasn't hard to figure out."

The teen calmed down but didn't let his grip loosen. Renji maneuvered them off the floor while the girl shooed away bystanders.

"How did you guys find out?" Ichigo asked in a low whisper as he leaned against his locker after finally letting go of the redhead.

Renji glared at anyone who got within hearing range, making them run off.

The petite girl crossed her arms in front of her. "When you and Grimmjow began hanging out we had our suspicions. When you two spent every waking moment together we began to investigate. When you began smiling more and your whole attitude changed we confirmed it."


"Ichigo, why didn't you just tell us? You know we're behind you in any choice you make."

"But this breakup is taking a toll on you."

Honey brown eyes looked at the face of his friends. They looked concerned, not mad at all.

"So you guys aren't mad?"

Renji rolled his eyes. "Should we? I mean it sucks that you didn't tell us you were dating a senior who happens to be a guy who happens to be the fucking hot Grimmjow who has every girl after him and every gay guy too, but we can be angry later."

"I thought you guys would be...grossed out and would stop being my friends." the carrot top mumbled as he looked at his shoes.

Rukia sighed. "Ichigo there' no way we could think of you like that. Let's worry about the problem at hand. What happened between you two?"

Ichigo took in a big breath and answered, "Nothing." and began walking out of the school.

"Hey wait up!"

"You need to talk about it."

The two rushed after their friend. The orange haired teen kept walking but turned his head to look at his friends as he yelled back, "I don't need to talk about anything." and ended up bumping into a firm chest. He was knocked off balance and heading for the floor when a pair of hands grabbed him.

"Are you al-"

Ichigo froze as he recognized the voice and looked up at Grimmjow's face.

Grimmjow let go as soon as the orange haired teen had his correct footing. A scowl was firmly placed on the taller boy's face.

"Watch where you're going."

The shorter boy flinched at the gruff voice and swiftly walked away from the other. Ichigo tried to suppress the tears as he ran home as soon as he was out of eyesight. He could have sworn he had felt the older boy's grip had gotten tighter when he had been holding him and those gorgeous bright teal eyes had softened when they had looked at him but that harsh voice and scowl made him believe he had been imagining that the other still cared about him.

Grimmjow had seen the younger boy flinch when he had spoken and it made him want to take back his words and go back after the freshman and hold him but his body did the opposite. Instead he went the other way and didn't even bother to check to see if his friends were following him.

Ulquiorra, Stark, Renji, and Rukia just watched the specktacle alog with a few other students who had no idea what was going on.

"Please tell me you two know what's going on." Rukia looked at Grimmjow's friends.

"Very well, Stark bring them to my house later, I need to have a word with our friend before I head over." With that the teen walked away leaving three surprised and confused people in the hall.

Nana: Here is my second Bleach story. Another GrimmIchi if you haven't noticed XD Although this was suppose to be a oneshot like many of my other stories but somehow I can't seem to just keep it short.

Grimmjow: I'm not that much of a bastard you know.

Ichigo: At least not all the time.

Nana: But it works for the story. -pouts-

Grimmjow: -looks away- Do what you need to do.

Nana: -hugs Grimmjow- I really like this side of you. I bet Ichigo does too. -smiles-

Ichigo: -blushes- He's just a big jerk.

Grimmjow: -smirks and stands behind Ichigo- Really? You don't think I'm a jerk when we're in bed. -wraps his arms around the shorter man's waist-

Ichigo: -blushes more- Grimmjow you damn perv! Don't go announcing stuff like that.

Grimmjow: Don't be so modest.

Nana: -takes out pen and paper- Now what exactly happened in the bedroom again? etails would be nice.

Ichigo: Nana!

Gimmjow: -smirks- Well first we- Ow! Ichi! That hurts! let go of my hair.

Nana: Hopefully Grimm will be okay by the next chapter.