Cross My Heart

Ch 5

Hold On

"Uncle Aizen we-"

"Quiet." The word was snapped harshly making Ichigo flinch.

Grimmjow had silently watched the two. He didn't like that man.

Aizen took a few steps forward and Grimmjow immediately stood in front of Ichigo and took the shorter boy's hand in a comforting grip. He didn't like seeing his berry frightened.

"Look creep. I suggest you back off now." the senior growled.

Both Aizen and Ichigo stared at the blue haired teen with surprise or worry.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me asshole."

Aizen's eyes narrowed.

Ichigo grabbed onto Grimmjow's jacket sleeve with his hand that wasn't in the senior's grip.

"Grimm, don't piss him off."

Grimmjow ran his thumb over the soft skin of the freshman's hand.

"Hell no."

Honey brown eyes widened. The blue haired teen turned around slightly and gave the boy a grin.

"This is the asshole who has you frightened and it's my job to make sure whatever scares you I get rid of." Grimmjow turned to look at the man again. "You must be the reason why Ichigo here was so persistent in not telling anyone about us. I don't know what you've done or said but you will not continue to torment him any further."

Aizen now finally glared and stalked forward.

"You insolent brat. I will deal with you later, after I deal with my whore of a nephew."

Grimmjow glared. "What did you just call Ichigo you fucking bastard?" he growled.

He went ignored as the brunette haired man looked past him towards the freshman.

"I thought I made it clear that you were mine and mine only."

Teal eyes widened.

"I don't belong to you uncle." Ichigo glared.

Meanwhile, everything was making sense in Grimmjow's head.

'Oh hell no. This fucker here has been eyeing my Ichigo and he's the reason Ichi was acting all paranoid when we were dating. I'm going to fucking kill his uncle for making my berry's life difficult.'

Aizen was furious as he heard his nephew speak back to him.

"You belong to me. You will be severely punished for seeing this boy behind my back Ichigo."

The man shot his hand forward in order to grab the orange haired teen but a strong grip on his wrist kept him from reaching his target.

"Didn't I tell you to back off?" growled the blue haired teen.

A swift pull of the arm had Grimmjow flying to the floor. Aizen was quick and had caught the senior off guard.



Ichigo's face was turned to the side as he held his stinging cheek.

"Do not move you cheating whore."

Aizen grabbed one of his nephew's wrist and squeezed tightly and pulled harshly making the teen stumble.

"You fucker." Grimmjow got back up on his feet and slammed his elbow down on the brunette's arm, making the man forced to let go. The senior wrapped his arms around Ichigo and practically covered the boy with his body. Almost like an animalistic reflex.

Aizen was pissed off now. He was about to strike again when a hand grabbed his raised, outstretched one.

Isshin squeezed the brunette man's wrist tightly.

"Aizen I would greatly appreciate it if you would refrain from laying your hand on my son again and his boyfriend." The black haired man stared menacingly at the other adult.

Ulquiorra, Stark, and Toshiro stood behind Isshin. They immediately had noticed that Aizen was nowhere to be seen in the gym as they stood on stage with the other contestants. Toshiro had discreetly jumped off the stage and went to speak with Ichigo's father. Ulquiorra and Stark left Rukia in their place and asked Renji to say with the kids...again.

"Isshin, how nice to see you again. You see, I told Ichigo he had to stop seeing that delinquent for his own good but he-"

A punch was dealt to Aizen's face sending the man to the floor.

"I left you my children in trust that you would take care of them while I was away. My wife, your sister, would be severely heartbroken to know how you've been treating your nephews and nieces."

"My sister would still be alive if it wasn't for that little freak you call your son. Something is not right with him, he doesn't even look like he's blood related with those eyes and that hair."


All the teens were quietly watching the display. Isshin took out his phone, dialed a number and tossed it to Stark who began lazily talking into it.

"Hello? Ah, police? Yeah. Can you send-" the rest went unheard as he walked away.

Numerous pairs of eyes stared at Mr. Kurosaki in awe.

"Shiro is not the reason Masaki died. He may look different because of his hair but that's because of a deformity during his growth in the womb. His eyes are just like his brothers just slightly lighter and there is nothing wrong with that. My youngest son's differences are what make him unique and if you badmouth any of my children again the police will have to collect you in pieces."

Ulquiorra and Toshiro stood next to Ichigo and Grimmjow. The two noticed that the senior had a tight grip on the freshman and the freshman himself looked a bit shaken.

The green eyed teen spoke up. "Sorry about this Ichigo. We noticed a bit late that your uncle wasn't in the crowd anymore."

"That man is a pain in the ass." grumbled the white haired teen.

Ichigo smiled slightly and relaxed. "Don't worry, I had Grimm here with me and you kept your promise. You didn't let anything happen and in the end everything went as planned."

Grimmjow turned and looked at his friend. "Why am I not surprised you and Stark were involved in this setup?" He ran his hand over the freshman's abused cheek. The redness was almost gone, just leaving a tint of pink.

"Shut up. You know you enjoyed it. And we were tired of hearing you complain about how much you missed Ichigo and wanted him back and-"

"Ok! I get it! We get it!" Grimmjow squirmed under the gaze of everyone's laughing eyes.

Suddenly loud applause and cheering bursted from the gym. The chanting of Ichigo's name vibrated in all of their ears.

"Well it looks like they want an encore Ichi." Grimmjow grinned down at the freshman who blushed.

"Well than I guess we need to back him up." Stark appeared with two cops behind him. "I'm sure Mr. Kurosaki can take care of the problem."

Isshin nodded and hefted Aizen to his feet and threw him at the cops. Meanwhile Grimmjow was dragged after Ulquiorra, Stark, and Toshiro by Ichigo.

The applause and cheering got louder when Grimmjow and Ichigo took the stage.

"Why am I up here?" the blue haired senior spoke into the orange head's ear. You could practically see the girls fainting from just the two holding hands.

"Because," Ichigo pulled Grimmjow closer, "don't you want to make sure everyone knows I'm yours?"

A maniacal grin spread across the senior's face. "Sounds like a terrific idea."

Grimmjow pulled Ichigo in for a kiss and when they parted, two identical grins were etched on their faces.

Ichigo laughed as Grimmjow stood behind him and wrapped both arms around his waist and leaned his head on his shoulder as he began to sing.

So here's another day-

The gym was cleared out right after Ichigo's performance and the group found themselves walking out the double doors when they were attacked by a leaping Isshin.

"My darling uke son! Daddy is-"

Ulquiorra, Stark, Toshiro and Grimmjow stood back in awe as they watched Ichigo kick his dad in the face.

"Stop acting like an idiot you stupid goat-face!"

With a shoe print etched on his face and tears streaming down his cheeks, Isshin hugged his oldest son's waist and spewed out more nonsense.

"There's no need to worry about that evil man anymore my dearest son. Daddy isn't going anywhere. By the way I approve of your boyfriend. He is the perfect seme. The way he stood up for you and protected his uke was beautiful. Remember to use condoms when you do the naughty-"

Ichigo was finally able to throw his father off.

"What did I say about saying stupid things!"

A bright blush adorned the freshman's face.

Grimmjow looked on nervously.

"Is his dad always like this? He seemed-"

"Normal?" Rukia asked as she stood next to the group along with Renji, Yuzu, Karin, and Shiro.


"What you're seeing now is the normal. Mr. Kurosaki is rarely serious. He's pretty laidback." the redhead said.

Shiro let go of Renji's hand and walked up to Grimmjow and pulled on the teen's pants.

"Hey Grimm. You made up with my brother right?"

Grimmjow smiled and lifted the boy up in his arms. The twins and Shiro had been happy to see the senior at the start of the talent show.

"Yup. We're back together."

Shiro smiled up the the older boy. "Cool. Now when are you going to ask him to marry you and get that happily ever after like in the stories?"

The group sweatdropped at the child's question but Grimmjow just grinned and answered, "Soon I hope."

"Oi! You two both have those looks like you're up to no good." Ichigo stood in front of his brother and boyfriend with his hands on his hips.

Shiro jumped out of the senior's arms and rushed over to his sisters.

"Grimmy, why don't ya give Ichi-nii a ride home. Daddy is taking us home now." The devious grin the boy had almost made Ichigo worry that Grimmjow was having a bad influence on the child.

Grimmjow swung his arm around the freshman's shoulders. "That sounds like a good idea. Thanks Shiro."

Ichigo rolled his eyes but smirked. "Maybe you don't have to drive me home right away. A nice ride around town sounds nice." he smiled as he watched the senior's face go from surprised to smug. He took a hold of one of Grimmjow's hands and pulled him towards the parking lot. The orange haired boy stopped and turned back to the others.

"I'll see you guys later and you four at home." Ichigo let a real smile spread across his face. "Oh and Dad, I'm glad you're back home for good."

The two reached Grimmjow's bike and without hesitation the senior jumped on and tossed his helmet to Ichigo.

"Put that on and lets' go."

"And what about you?" the orange haired teen asked as he looked between Grimmjow and the helmet.

"I'll be fine but I need to make sure my sweet berry is safe. And by the way, you look delicious in that outfit." the blue haired teen placed the helmet over the younger boy's head, not before grinning and placing a kiss on Ichigo's nose.

"You make yourself sound like you're indestructible. And this is the last time you'll be seeing me in it so take a nice, good, long look and engrave it into your memory. I'm burning it after tonight." the freshman sat behind the other and wrapped his arms tightly around Grimmjow's waist, hiding his blush behind the helmet.

"Maybe because I am."

As soon as Grimmjow felt the firm grip around his waist he turned the engine on and called out, "Hold on tight babe." and rode out of the parking lot.

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