Rated M for Uchihacest/Yaoi/ Bad Language/Sex
Anime: Naruto Shippuden
Pairing: Uchiha Itachi/Sasuke

A/N: So here it is. Well half of it anyways. Itachi's point of view from the fanfic Dark Secrets. I really didn't want to do this, but for ItaSasu fans... I did. I don't like it. So I thought I'd put half up now and if people liked it and if I got anymore reviews I'd finish it off. So if I get none, then this fanfic is just doomed for. Oh well. Enjoy what's there so far! :)

Dark Secrets – Itachi's point of view

I walked back up the street to our house, my head tilted up as I looked up at the tree branches, the cherry blossoms in bloom. My mind shifted back to my brother, my foolish little brother.

Yesterday I came across his diary. Now I say that like I came across it accidently but in actual fact, I purposely looked for my brother's diary. A part of my heart regrets reading those words scribbled in that dark notebook full of secrets. But then, there's another part of my heart that feels somewhat happy about it. Because if I hadn't looked in his room, read those pages... I would never have found out how my brother truly felt about me.

I walked up to the porch that was right in front of our house, I had forgotten to take the keys with me this morning before leaving the house. I was just in such a hurry to get away from the house, and get some fresh air as well as get all my thoughts together.

I knocked at the door loudly to make sure my brother would hear it. It wasn't long before he opened the door for me.

"Hello baby brother." I greeted Sasuke casually as I stepped into the house. I saw him from the corner of my eye, his lips pouting as I passed him, and then slamming the door shut shortly after I passed through it.

Had he finally realised his diary was missing?

I stood in the centre of the living room. Would Sasuke bring it up? Would he think I took his diary?

I watched Sasuke as he watched me, I slowly sat down at the 2 seated couch in the living room, resting my arm at the head of the couch as I crossed my legs.

"Come sit with me little brother," I insisted, patting the cushion next to me on the couch.

Sasuke's feet slowly shuffled towards me, his lips were still in that annoyed pout and his dark long eyebrows were furrowed. As soon as he was stood near the couch, I pulled my brothers' arm, pulling him so that he fell onto my lap, as I wrapped my arms tight around his waist.

I couldn't believe it, my little brother who acted like he hated me for so long harboured such feelings for me. But I wanted to get him to tell me, I wanted to hear the words come out of his mouth.

Sasuke grunted and squirmed in frustration as he tried to unlock my fingers that were intertwined as my arms held my brother in my grasp. "What do you want Itachi?"

I wanted to play with Sasuke, and to tease him. "What's wrong little brother? Don't you want to hug you're big brother?"

"No, I just want you to leave me alone!" he shrieked, jumping up to his feet as I loosened my hold on him. "Urgh... I made dinner today... do you want any?" I could tell he was feeling a little, uneasy and trying to wash away any suspicions he had as he tried to ask me a casual question.

I shook my head as I flicked my eyes to the wooden floor beneath our feet replying, "No."

"Fine" I heard Sasuke snap at me before heading out the living room and up the stairs.

I got up slowly, following him up the stairs before he suddenly swung around slamming his hand on the railing as he hissed at me through gritted teeth, "What?"

I chuckled at my brother's on-edge mood today as I replied with a simple, "Nothing."

"Quit following me Itachi!"

"I'm not following you... I'm going to have a shower." I replied looking up at my brother whose cheeks were now flushed pink with embarrassment.

I continued walking up the stairs slowly pushing his arm out of my way, as I smiled at him.

Foolish little brother.

He stood at the steps waiting until I had turned at the top of the stairs, walking over to my room. I walked over to the en suite bathroom in my room, stripping my clothes off as I entered the bathroom. I sighed as I passed his diary on my bed side table, would Sasuke come into my room to look for it?

If he did, he would surly find it straight away. I'm surprised he didn't come into my room earlier...

I walked up to the shower, turning it on. I stepped under the shower head feeling the warm water hit my body causing a pleasurable shiver to run down my spine as my skin soaked up the water. I ran my fingers though my tangled black hair, baby brother how did we end up this way...

As I rubbed the lathered sponge all over my body, washing my body I thought about Sasuke. When did these feelings develop?

After turning the water off, I sighed stepping out of the shower. I pulled the towel off the counter by the sink throwing it over my head, and pulling a pair of dark boxers from my drawers. I pulled them up my ankles and legs, then rubbed the towel against my wet hair.

Suddenly I heard my brother's voice, "Itachi, I- I – I..." he stammered.

I looked up, "Hmm?" I replied, our eyes meeting. His eyes were wide, staring at me "What little brother?" I asked, smirking at my brother. Perhaps seeing me in nothing but my underwear threw him off what he came to say "What did you want to say, or are you finding it, rather difficult?"

I saw his face screw up and the vein in his forehead swell, "Where's my diary dammit?" he yelled, throwing his fist against the open bedroom door.

I slowly bent down to the bedside table as I reached for my little brother's diary, "This diary...?" I asked holding the dark notebook between my fingers.

"Give it back!" Sasuke shrieked, running up to me as he prepared to snatch his diary back. I wasn't going to let him get it that easily.