Chapter 2: The Golden Flamed Blade

Rokku froze as he came to a river. "We're close."

Kyo looked at his friend, thinking he was crazy. "We're close to what?"

"A place to stay." Rokku said. Akane drew her chakram, ready for an attack at any time.

With ready weapons, the four of them ran up the mountain to a small house.

"Who's there?" a woman's voice came from the house. "Show yourself." She stepped from the house in a white kimono, her black hair tied to a short ponytail in the back that did not pass her neck.

Rokku stepped from the shadows, sheathing his swords. "We came looking for shelter."

Akane, Kyo and Buson stepped from the shadows, their weapons sheathed, as they looked at the young woman.

"I do not shelter Heishi scum." She said, grabbing a pair of wakizashi from inside.

"We are not Heishi." Akane said. "We are the legend."

The woman eyed Akane carefully. "You haven't changed a bit, Shizuka."

"True." Akane smiled. "Shizuka was my past life. I am now called Akane."

"I am Rukia Kotoubuki." The woman smiled. "You may stay as long as you wish, Genji warriors."

The five of them began to enter the small house before a loud screech echoed through the night.

"It is merely the night playing tricks." Rukia said, ignoring it.

There was soon a small group of Heishi running to surround them. "I'll take them." Kyo said, holding his club.

The others nodded and went inside.

Kyo readied himself for an attack before whispering, "Kamui."

The light surprised the enemies but did not scare them. They attacked together.

Kyo swung his club, knocking away all the enemies, killing most of them.

The 2 remaining Heishi charged at Kyo together only to be slammed into each other and fall off the nearby cliff.

The small group left the woman's house the next morning to begin their training.

Days passed with no interruption from the Heishi.

It began with four Heishi monsters, which doubled after they were killed, making a total of twelve. Following them was a general with stronger armor.

Soon after defeating him, a pair of red flaming blades fell from the sky. They stabbed into the ground.

Rokku pulled the blades from the ground with a smirk. "Let's go."

They soon returned to the city for Rokku to place the red blades on the wall.

"The first of many weapons has been returned." Akane smiled.

They all nodded.

"I just hope we find them all." Kyo said.