SEASON OF LOVE by redpen88


WARNING(S): For Now, none. In later chapters, slash... among other things.

PAIRING(S): Kurt/Sam, Sam/OMC, and the rest is canon... for now! MWAH HA HA HA HA

SUMMARY: Kurt wants the new kid. But how far will he be willing to go to get what he wants?

AN: This is my first crack at writing fan fiction after years and years of reading it. I usually only write original stories so I can't promise

they won't be a little OOC, but I'll try my hardest not to let them be! Reviews are love (I've always wanted to say that)... constructive criticism is welcome

but be gentle with me... this is my first fic after all. I know the title is cliché (but who doesn't love RENT?), live with it. Unless you have a better idea that is XD

Also, no this is not the whole thing. This is only the first chapter. If it gets enough views, I'll write more and

update regularly. If not, well there's a delete button I can hit right? Not Beta-ed.

RATING: K for now... will go up in later chapters.



Kurt Hummel was on top of the world.

His grades were up, he'd been getting more solos in Glee Club, he'd stopped receiving slushie facials and dumpster dives and just yesterday he had been called into Coach Sylvester's office and been given some very good news.

At the time of course, he'd been more than a little nervous about walking into the lioness' den.

Who wouldn't be? That woman could single handedly emasculate the entire French army, if the rumors surrounding her person were anything to go by. But even if they weren't true (and Kurt had a nagging suspicion that were), Sue Sylvester was still pretty damn intimidating.

Tentatively knocking on the door, he had peaked in to see Glee-mate and good friend Quinn Fabray sitting there looking like a cornered bunny rabbit with the Dragon herself glaring daggers at the blonde girl.

"You wanted to see me, Coach?"

"Don't flatter yourself Ladyface," she said without looking up. "I would never feel the need to voluntarily subject my eyes to such an abomination as that horrendously pale Volto you think is your greatest asset."

Kurt could only stare at his feet.

"I called you in here because I have some very important business to discuss with the two of you," the Dragon continued. "Now do I need to tell you how to plant your butt cheeks firmly in an alert position in that chair over there or are you capable of accomplishing the simple task on your own?"

Kurt hurriedly grabbed a chair and kept his head down. He honestly couldn't remember getting into any trouble in the past week and he was trying really hard to figure out what Sue could possibly want with him. But he knew better than to ask. He so knew better than to ask.

"Have I done something wrong, Coach?" he blurted out. Damn this woman, she always made him lose composure.

"If you had don't you think you would be strung up by your toes 12 feet above the ground in the auditorium by now?" Sue said calmly.


"No, I wanna talk to you two about your positions on the Cheerios today."

They both let out a breath they'd been holding in for far too long. Quinn wasn't usually this intimidated by Coach Sylvester, but ever since Baby Beth's delivery, she had begun to lose her pregnancy weight rapidly and if there was a chance of getting back on the Cheerios… she wasn't about to blow it.

She reached for his hand.

This could either be very good.

Or very, very bad.

"Lemme break it down for you," Sue began "This is how it's gonna work. Q, you're gonna re-join the Cheerios full-time as the co-captain and be at my constant beck and call whenever I want. You're going to work hard and lose all those ugly extra pounds you've put on and you're going to deliver a performance at practice every day that, if it is anything less than stellar, will still be spectacular enough to win us Nationals this year.

"But just a word of warning, it had better be stellar, Q. I will not tolerate second grade cartwheels.

"You may leave."

They both remained seated.

"Is there a reason you're both still here?"

She looked annoyed. Oh boy. Kurt loved being an honorary girl and all but he was not ready to part with his genitals. He slowly got up o leave just as Quinn cleared her throat.

"Ms. Sylvester, you never told us why Kurt was invited to your office today."

Sue glared at Quinn before focusing it on Kurt.

Kurt could have fainted right then.

"Well I thought it was pretty obvious why Ladyface was made a part of this," she said.

"Don't tell me carrying a child affected your grey cells somehow."

Quinn flinched.

"You'll be answering to him from now on," she turned to look at Kurt. "Now get out of my office, Cheer Captain."

Kurt had the good sense to leave said office before fainting.