Title: The Once and Future Ficlet

Fandom: X-men

Pairing: Pryde/Wisdom.

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Because I haven't written any classic Excalibur in a while. I missed those crazy people.

Summary: Another team night out.

"Pete?" Kitty wheedled, draping semi-intoxicated arms around her boyfriend's neck. "Come and dance with me?"

"Nope." The Brit shook his head firmly. "Not gonna happen, Pryde." He lit a cigarette and blew a puff of grey smoke deliberately away from her. She fanned at the air anyway, dispelling any residual smoke.

"Awww." She pouted. "C'mon. I just wanna dance a little."

"After all that vodka, I'm amazed that you can stand a little, luv." He chided. He leaned forward to kiss her though, unable to stop himself from wanting to eliminate all remnants of the pout.

"It's only a little." She shrugged, but Pete could tell from the disappearing act that her grammar was performing, that she was clearly drunk, and getting drunker as the liquor worked its way into her system.

If he could manage to keep her awake long enough, once they got the drunken assembly of Excalibur back to the island, he was going to get a hell of an evening out of this.

"That's nice. Still not dancing."

"Why not?"

"Because I haven't had 'only a little' of anything. Between Wagner and I, we've nearly killed an entire bottle of Glenlivet, and I don't really feel like making an arse out of myself now that I'm part of this little circus."

"You won't though." She shook her head. Aparently the action was a little too enthusiastic for her right at that moment, and she stumbled slightly. "Whoops." She giggled.

Yep. That was it. She'd giggled. She was gone. In fact, Pete imagined that anyone with half of Pryde's training would be on their ass right about now.

"I assure you, I will." He raised his glass to his lips again, and took a long drink of the amber liquid. She rolled her eyes.

"Come dance, Wisdom." She made one last desperate plea, tugging lightly on his arm. He pulled it free, standing up and addressing the pub at large. Any hopes that Kitty might have had, that her boyfriend was about to join her on the Chalk and Cheese's modest dance floor were dashed when he spoke.

"Now, hear this, my good denziens of this esteemed public house! I have officially been made a member of this fine group of individuals, known as Excalibur." He raised his glass, and Kurt, Meggan, Amanda, and even Moira raised theirs enthusiastically in return. Brian looked reasonably frightened. Pete plopped dramatically back onto his stool. "And as such, I have decided that, all too appropriately I might add, that whoso pulleth me off of this bar stool and out of this pub is likewise King of all England!"

The pub's small closing crowd erupted in full-fledged applause, Kitty shook her head as her disbelief and slight embarrassment began to overpower the alcohol raging through her system, and Pete returned to his stool. Suddenly thinking of something, he rotated in his seat to stare at his new team's benefactor.

"Don't even think about it, Braddock."