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Demon Training Chap 4

Last Time

The dragon heads were about to strike Naruto when chakra from the dagger coated his entire body. "Leaf Style: Calm Leaf Jutsu." A calm chakra was released from Naruto's body and the dragon's were destroyed.

"What?" Ijon snapped. Naruto grinned.

"I once fought a man who used his bones for weapons and could re-grow them quickly so I did some research. People who use their blood and bones as weapons have a major weakness. Their bodies need chakra to regenerate and since my leaf jutsu attack both the body and chakra you will lose, give up now."

"I am the elite my bloodline will not be beaten by you or anyone else. Dark Plasma Form: The Demon!" A massive amount of blood spilled from Ijon's body and took the form of a massive demon. It was bigger than the tree's and its aura was putrid.

"If that's your best then I guess I must use my true power as well." Naruto said and he grabbed the dagger by the ring. "Leaf Dagger Release: Leaf Dagger Shuriken." The Leaf dagger spread around the ring until there were four. Each blade had 1 leaf on it. Naruto's weapon once revealed released even more chakra.

"You think that pathetic weapon can beat me!" Ijon raised his fist and the dark plasma demon did the same. "Take this." He threw a punch and the demon did the same.

"Leaf Style: Leaf Strike Hurricane." The leaf dagger shuriken began to spin. It released a massive amount of chakra leaves at a very fast rate. A Hurricane of leaves tore apart the Demon and Ijon. Ijon's mask broke as he screamed.

When the leaf dagger shuriken stopped spinning and the chakra leaves dispersed, Ijon was on his knees his mask broken.

Ijon coughed and his body shook. "I will not die."

"Give it up I damaged your chakra system, you cannot fight anymore." Naruto said returning the shuriken dagger to its original form.

"I can no longer fight now, but I can escape to fight again." He bit through his tongue and a large amount of blood spilled from his mouth. The blood flew through the air straight for Chori. Chori had gotten up just in time for Ijon's plan to work.

Ijon's blood entered Chori's mouth she choked and cursed. Ijon's body turned to dust and a mask appeared on Chori's face.

"I will return to get my revenge. Just you wait." Ijon/Chori said vanishing. Naruto let out a sigh of relief. Naruto walked over to Tsunade.

"They weren't so tough." Naruto said smiling. Tsunade got up and hit Naruto over the head. "Ow what did you do that for baa-chan?" Naruto said before he was pulled into a hug.

"You stupid brat don't ever do that again." Tsunade said tears in her eyes. Akibi and Naruto grinned. "I'm glad to be home."


Chapter 4 The Furry Blonde Uzamaki

Naruto walked with Shizune and Tsunade, Akibi riding his shoulder. "Naruto we need to talk about your return and what happened in the demon world…" Tsunade spoke as they entered the village.

"I would rather discuss it when everyone is together, can you gather the rookies and team Gai…" Naruto said and nodded to Akibi. Akibi vanished.

"Yes I can but there's another team that will want to be there as well…"

"What do you mean…?" Naruto turned to look at her.

"BOSSS!" Konohamaru yelled as he launched himself at Naruto. Naruto sensed him and quickly lowered his defenses. The younger male slammed into Naruto and knocked him flat on his back. Konohamaru cried as he hugged Naruto. "Boss…Boss…Boss…Boss…You're back…." Konohamaru cried. "I thought I never was going to see you again…"

He patted the younger males head. "Konohamaru you've grown up you shouldn't be crying…"

Konohamaru blushed and wiped his eyes. "Right, I'm so glad your back boss."

Naruto and Konohamaru stood up. Naruto ruffled his hair. "You've really grown up Konohamaru…"

"Aww Boss…" Konohamaru grinned. Konohamaru held up his hitai-ate. "I'm a full fledged ninja now…"

"I see…" Konohamaru looked into Naruto's eyes. 'Boss?' Konohamaru saw a swirl of emotion in his Boss's eyes.

'Akibi get everything ready put it in a safe place ok…'

'Ok Naruto-sama…' The fox familiar spoke through their mental link.

Konohamaru stayed and talked with Naruto while Tsunade made the preparations, and did damage control, luckily thanks to Naruto's interference there were no fatalities.

"So Boss did you get really strong when you were training…?"

"I sure did…" Naruto said with a grin.

"Can you show me some moves…?" His eyes sparkled.

"Hehe we will see after our meeting…"

Konohamaru looked confused, then a bird flew over head. Ebisu Udon and Moegi appeared. "Konohamaru we have to meet with Lady Tsunade…"

"Naruto!" Udon and Moegi cheered and ran to him. Naruto smiled at them and rose from the bench he and Konohamaru were sitting on. "We have a meeting to go to…Ebisu-san…" Naruto said nodding his head to show respect to Ebisu.

The 5 walked together to Tsunade's office. Team's 7-9 as well as Team Gai were all there (excluding Sasuke). Naruto's enhanced senses felt a massive wave of emotions.

"Naruto your back!" Kiba, Chouji, and Lee shouted.

"Welcome back Naruto…" Shino Shikamaru and Neji spoke with a smile.

Hinata blushed and stuttered a welcome. Sakura Ino and Tenten sneered at him and kept a good distance from him. Along with them Kurenai was doing the same. Asuma Kakashi and Gai moved up to him.

"Yosh Naruto-kun I am surprised to see you back, your flames of youth must have driven you back home swiftly…"

"You look well Naruto did you grow during your training…"

"I sure did Kakashi-sensei…" Kakashi nodded and stepped to the side. Asuma stepped up. "Hey there kid, you sure grew up fast…"

"Hehe well it's been 300 hundred years to me…" Naruto said with a bright smile. "I have missed all of you and Konoha…"

Kiba walked up to him. With a growl he punched Naruto hard. Naruto took the hit and stared at Kiba in shock. "Then don't ever leave again you baka!"

"Well travel between the 2 plains is difficult so I don't plan to unless it's very necessary…" Naruto said the wound on his cheek healing quickly.

"Now then the reason I called you here is to explain…" Naruto walked over to Tsunade's desk. He stood in front of it. He reached behind him and took hold of the sword. "I was the vessel for the 9 tailed fox Kyuubi…"

The younger generation gasped. "Naruto you don't have to do this…" Tsunade spoke standing up. "No I must…"

"For a long time the seal my father placed on me was slowly joining Kyuubi's chakra with mine. At the rate things were going I would have become a demon and had no control over my power. So the Kyuubi gave me the choice of training in the demon world. By doing so I could attain and control my soon to be demon power…"

Naruto drew his sword. "In my training I gain familiars. One is a fox named Akibi… The other is…" Naruto's sword began to glow. "Bowraa…" Snow released from the blade causing everyone to shield their eyes. When the snow died down, a blue furred wolf larger than Akamaru was beside Naruto.

"Hmm So these are your friends Naruto sir…They do not appear to be much…" Bowraa spoke.

"It talked…" Some gasped.

Kiba growled and was held back by Shino. "You got something to say bring it on…"

"As if a pup like you could face me…" Naruto placed his hand on Bowraa's head and the wolf gulped.

"Bowraa what have I told you at speaking cruelly to people. Do I need to punish you…?"

"No sir…" Bowraa bowed his head. "My apologies it is an honor to meet Naruto sir's friends…"

Naruto smiled and placed his sword back in it's sheath. "The next familiar…" He pulled out a silver key. "Churu…" Naruto stuck the key in the air and turned it. All the snow was sucked in and a jet of wind flew out it ran around so fast it could not be seen. Churu was a silver furred mouse with a gold spot on his back.

Churu stood on Naruto's shoulder and saluted. The girls except Hinata screamed in fear. "Yo Boss Boss so these are humans, they look neat…" Churu spoke very quickly it was hard for them to understand him.

"The reason I have familiars is because of this…" Naruto placed the key to his heart and it turned on it's own and a massive release of chakra shook the room the Jounin fought to stay on their feet, the others were brought to there knees. The chakra receded and Naruto stood in his ultimate form. "I am a full fox demon." Naruto had 9 long fox tails, his arms were fox like paws, but with 5 digit fingers. This form held no clothing, Naruto's lower half was fox like as well, his manly parts hidden inside his sheath. Naruto's feet had pads at the bottom. His body was radiating power his muscles were practically glowing. His eyes were still blue but his pupils were slits. His whisker scars were thicker and his canines were sharper. His ears were fox like and twitching. His fox fur was blonde like his hair, only the tips of his tails were red as were the tips of his ears.

Some of the males blushed seeing Naruto's naked and highly arousing form. "In this form my power is at it's greatest, and I will use my power to help protect Konoha. However this form comes at a great cost should I be weakened to a great extent and use my full power my demon side could take over, and I will be very dangerous. My familiars have the power to seal my demon side and keep me under control, but there is no guarantee my demon side will go back willingly…"

"Naruto sir to reveal such matters…" Naruto held up his hand as a sign of silence.

"If this is a problem for anyone let me know now. I wish to return and protect Konoha as a ninja which means we could be on missions together, if you fear me or despise my form, I will not force anyone to be around me…"

Kakashi walked up. "It would be an honor to fight along side of someone so brave…" Kakashi said placing his hand on Naruto's shoulder. Shikamaru and Chouji stepped forward. "Naruto is still Naruto no matter what form he's in…" They each gave him a thumbs up sign.

Asuma nodded. "It would be interesting to see what you can do kid…"

Gai and Lee's eyes ignited in flames. "The flames of youth still burn inside you even if your body has changed you may join us on missions any time…" "Oh yes let's go on lot's of missions together and let's train together, and spar and…" Neji clapped his hand over Lee's mouth.

"You have my trust Uzumaki…" Neji spoke and smiled at him.

Ebisu Moegi Konohamaru and Udon stepped up. "Naruto-kun I can see you have grown from that child and to bear the truth in such a way, I can see you are a true man, although you are still a pervert…" Ebisu said blushing trying to not stare at Naruto's naked furry body.

The youngest Genin's shouted in unison. "Boss you are so cool…" They then ran up to play with Naruto's tails. Naruto chuckled and let them play.

Kiba and Shino stepped up but were blocked by Kurenai. "Absolutely not…"

Everyone turned their gaze to the genjutsu master. "I will not have my team go on any missions with that demon…"

"Kurenai what are you saying?" Asuma asked.

"How can you be so blind? He just admitted to being a demon and that he can lose control. How can any of you allow your students to be around him…?" Kurenai glared at Naruto. Bowraa and Churu growled at her.

"He should be banished from the village…"

Tsunade slammed her fist on the desk. "That is enough Kurenai, I won't hear this any longer…"

"It is ok Baa-chan…" Naruto looked at Kurenai. "If your team feels that way I will not interfere…"

"They are my students I will not…"

"Enough!" Kiba shouted.

"Kiba…" Kurenai spoke in shock.

"I'm not sorry to say this Kurenai-sensei but if you refuse to let Naruto around us then I quit team Kurenai." Kiba walked away from her and stood next to Naruto. Kiba bit back a moan as Naruto's scent was so strong and it smelled so good.

"I must quit as well, Naruto has never turned his back on us, no matter the secrets he has learned about us…" Shino said and walked over to Naruto's other side. Shino shivered as his insects reacted to Naruto's demon chakra.

Kurenai turned quickly to Hinata and the girl was already gone. Standing behind Shizune but looking at Naruto.

"It seems your team has decided Kurenai, you are removed from team 9 as their Jounin instructor." Tsunade said closing her eyes.

"But Lady Tsunade…."

"Leave before I strip you of your Jounin rank all together…"

Kurenai ran off, throwing a glare over her shoulder at Naruto. 'I will make him pay…'

Naruto signed and turned to the last 3 females in the room Sakura Into and Tenten. "I guess it's fine…" Tenten said but Naruto could sense a great dislike of him growing from Tenten's heart.

Into and Sakura stepped up together. "Naruto-kun are you going to use this new power of yours to get Sasuke back…"

All eyes turned to Sakura in disgust. 'This bitch can't be serious Naruto finally comes home and she wants him to leave to bring back that traitor.' Kiba thought with a growl.

'Pinky needs to be hosed down she has Sasuke fever…' Konohamaru thought.

Naruto just smiled. "Yes as soon as Akibi finishes setting up my new home, it's a base a built in the demon world. I'm brought it here if that's ok…" He said looking back at Tsunade. She nodded. "Once I get things settled I will go and bring Sasuke back believe it!"

Sakura and Ino smiled at each other and cheered for Naruto's return. Everyone said their temporary good-byes to Naruto, and left Tsunade's office, Asuma went to try and cool down Kurenai, The genin went off to their own homes, except for Kiba Shino and Hinata.

"Your team will need a new sensei, and with Naruto's skills and power I see no reason to allow him to be your sensei…" Tsunade said with a smile a document placed in front of them. "This document states that even though Naruto is not of official Jounin rank he will be your sensei he will decided the training grounds and what missions you take."

"You mean Naruto can be our sensei…" Hinata said excitedly.

"It would be interesting to learn from Naruto, he certainly is ahead of us now that he's been training for 300 years." Shino said and signed the document. Hinata signed it after him. Kiba signed it to.

"I wanna see what you learned better not be a push over Uzumaki." Kiba said and Naruto smiled at him. The Inuzuka blushed.

"Naruto this means you will also need to complete both the next Chuunin and Jounin exam if you don't the team will be disbanded and they will return to the academy…"

"They can count on me…" Naruto said and his tails wrapped around himself and he reverted back to human form fully clothed.

"Alright everyone dismissed…" Shino and Hinata left. Bowraa and Churu went off to help Akibi complete the base. Naruto walked and Kiba stopped him.

"Naruto I need to talk to you…" The look in Kiba's eyes made Naruto freeze, his emotions were stirring around in them and it was hard to pin point what he was feeling.

Naruto nodded and the two walked off together.

To be continued