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Zoro- Terror

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Rest of the crew- switches between us.

It had been like any other fight really.

Each of the crew had an enemy to face and sometimes they would team up to fight together and make their attacks even more powerful. Of course the ones they were fighting had the same idea and that's what had happened this time. But instead of the Strawhats gaining the upperhand it had been the others. Sanji had been fighting against some of the marines that Aokiji had control over while Zoro had gone up against Mihawk for the second time.

The swordsman had said he was ready but the cook didn't think so and gave him a nice kick across the head to try and knock some sense into him.

But here they were fighting for their lives once again. The battle had been going on for what felt like hours and everyone was starting to get tired. Glancing from his own struggle the blonde saw Zoro take a blow but as always the green-haired male didn't go down. he was one of the strongest and Sanji respected him for that.

Getting another couple of marines down the cook turned to try and see what he could do to help the marimo and that was when he saw what was happening.

Mihawk had thrusted his sword through Zoro's chest and the male was coughing up blood.

Sanji's eyes widened then and his face went pale. No... this couldn't be happening. The shit couldn't be going down this easily. He still remembered the first time he had fought against the master-swordsman and he could've sworn that the green-haired male had gotten stronger.

Mihawk pulled the blade from Zoro then and Sanji watched as the male fell onto his knees. The raven-haired pirate turned and walked away, knowing the fight had finished.

The cook started towards him, kicking a few stray marines from his path as he ran to stop Zoro from falling to the ground. He grabbed the male's shoulder as he fell to his knees in front of the swordsman, looking at his face as his own blood and now that of the marino's mingled.

"Zoro... don't you dare die you shitty marimo..." the blonde said then looking at the male's face as the light started to fade from his eyes. All the swordsman could do was smile a little and coughted up some more blood before he muttered to the cook.

"Look after the crew will you? Mostly Luffy and Chopper... remember they can't swim. But then again Robin can't either..." he said with a small chuckle before coughing again.

"Zoro don't you dare leave us..." Sanji answered, tears forming in his eyes. The swordsman raised his hand then and placed it against Sanji's cheek before his eyes closed and he left them forever.

"You shithead... how could you!" Sanji cried then as he shook the lifeless body. There was no other noise as the rest of the crew had finished off their batles aswell. Tears ran down the blonde's cheeks then and he held the male close.

"No... ZORO!"


Sanji sat up then, beads of sweat running down his face, neck and chest. He was panting now and tears were running down his cheeks. It had been two weeks since that day and the cook still hadn't gotten over the incident. Bringing his hands up he burried his face in them, trying to calm himself down.

The sun was just coming up and the soft snores from Luffy told the blonde that he should get breakfast done before anyone woke up. Slowly he slipped out of his bunk and pulled a blue shirt and his black pants on before heading to the kitchen. He was slightly shaking, the shock of the dream still coursing through his frame.

"Shitty marimo..." he muttered as he started on the food before he jerked away from the knife and noticed he had cut his finger. Washing the blood off he headed to the table and sat down, deciding it be best to calm down before doing anything else.

While Zoro had been fighting Mihawk he had this weird feeling that it was going to end badly. When Mihawk stabbed him, he world faded away. The pain was horrible. The sword had hit one lung and kinked his heart. He could fell himself falling, but then he stopped.

"Zoro... don't you dare die you shitty marimo.." It was Sanji. The swordsman couldn't feel most of his body. He started to cough up a lot of blood.

With the last of his being he muttered to Sanji to look after the crew for him. Before his world faded.


It had been 2 fucking weeks since he...well...um..went away.

Zoro never really believed in the afterlife, but it sure as hell wasn't this! He was stuck in the crows nest with nothing to do. At first he thought it was all a dream til he tried to lift some weights. When he tried to grab them his hand slipped right though it. The same thing happened to the handle on the door. Then he started freak out.

It took a week til someone showed up. Some old man in white robes holding a clip bored.

"Roronoa Zoro?" he asked.


"Ok, your dead if you didn't know by now. And not just dead, but unable to move on because you have unfinished bussiness here. Anyway long story short if you want out of this room you have to believe your dead then if you want you can pick ONE person to see and hear you, but only they can help you move on, not bring you back to life. Got it?" the man finished waiting for Zoro to nod. When he did the man left.

And now, a week later, Zoro was still stuck in that god-damn-room!


Sanji grabbed the packet of cigarette's off the counter then and lit one up, hoping it would calm his nerves for a bit. Taking a deep breath and filling his lungs with the smoke from the cancer stick the cook ran his fingers through his hair before chucking the packet on the table.

Standing up he made his way back to what he had been doing and continued making breakfast for the others. He could hear some of them starting to wake up but he doubted they would come straight up. He wasn't the only one that had been hit badly by the loss of the swordsman... but he had been hit the worst. For some reason his chest tightened every time he thought about the stupid marimo bastard and he couldn't figure out why.

Turning the oven on he started cooking the food he had chopped up, letting it simmer after he added everything to make the dish he had been hoping for. Leaning against the counter he took another deep breath and glanced out the window as the morning sun started to light up the ship, a sigh passing his lips. Would he ever see Zoro again?

Well Sanji did believe in the afterlife and hopefully the swordsman did too.

Zoro walked around the room again. He was really getting pissed off. One he couldn't sleep and two, no came up to the crows nest, which was weird, its not like he died in the room. Zoro stopped for a second and looked out the window. 'No, not dead, yet.'

And like clock work, there was Sanji heading for the kitchen with a cigarette in his lips. The swordsmen smiled a little. Sanji had been taking good care of the crew like he asked.

Everyday Zoro would watch them with a sad smile. Luffy tried to hide the fact he was hurting. Usopp was talking less or when he was, he was talking stories about swordsmen. Nami cried alot, but only when she was alone. Robin, even through they had their differences, was like a mother. Making sure everyone was eating and taking care of themselves. Franky cried alot too but even if they didn't really know each other he was still sad.

Then Zoro got an idea. He focused really hard on his energy with all his might and moved to punch the window.

It broke. Very loudly.

Sanji jumped away from the shattered window, covering his face with his hands while at the same time not trying to burn himself on the cigarette hanging from his lips.

Once the sound of the glass falling had stopped he lowered his arms slowly and looked at it, eyes wide and a shocked expression on his face.

"What the fuck. How did that happen." he whispered to himself, a little frozen from what had happened.

After a bit of staring at the window he moved forward and grabbed the broom, starting to sweep it up. He guessed it was just the cold morning air heating up from the sun and the glass couldn't take it. He threw it in the small bin under the sink and lent the broom against the wall. He went back to his original place against the counter.

The food would be ready soon and he kept his eyes on it. His mind wandered then to the swordsman and he closed his eyes, a silent tear running down his cheek.

"What am I feeling everytime I think of him?" he asked himself softly confused as to why the marimo's death had pretty much caused his heart and soul to shatter. He bit his lip then before the smell of the food hit his senses and putting out the cigarette he served the food up and placed it on the table so it was ready when the others showed up.


Zoro watched as Sanji just swept the glass away. He facepalmed. But he figured that would happen. So now was time for part two. He focused he energy again, but this time on his swords, which had been left in the room.

He picked up Wadjo and pulled her out of her sheath. He mumbled a quick sorry then threw her out the window. The only reason he was doing this was he realized that the person that picked the sword up had to believe that he was still around in some kinda way. Even if just alittle.

So he was hoping Sanji would believe in him. The green-haired man knew that the cook believed in the afterlife, so shouldn't he believe in spirits too?

Sanji was leaning against the counted again when he heard the familiar sound of a sword and looked up to see Wadjo flying out of the crows nest window. His eyes widened and a look of shock came over him, body shaking slightly as he heard the metal hit the deck.

Running out he noticed the sword lying just below the window and slowly he walked over to it and picked it up. That was when his mind clicked to the first thing that came to his head. Someone must be up there.

Cautiously he made his way up to the crows nest and opened the door, holding the weapon close just incase there was someone up there that would attack the blonde. Glancing around the room he couldn't see anyone and let out a breath before walking over to the other swords and placing Wadjo back.

The room was colder then the rest of the ship and this was the first time anyone had been up here since the swordsam had died.

He walked to the window then and looked down over the deck, noticing a few of the crew making their way towards the kitchen. Turning he moved towards the door but stopped, feeling a presence. He closed the door then and walked to the small couch that was up there, sitting on it and closing his eyes. He felt calmer here for some reason and took a deep breath.


Zoro almost laughed when Sanji came up holding Wadjo like he was going to use it. But when he tried to talk to Sanji nothing happened.

"Oi SHITHEAD! LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!" he yelled. But nothing. Just as Sanji was about to leave Zoro focused his energy again but this time on Sanji. When Sanji stoped he breathed a sigh of relief. The swordmen watched as Sanji sat on the couch and relaxed for the first time since... Zoro stopped think right then.

Because right then he thought he saw Sanji shed a tear...


The cook raised a hand and wiped the salty traitor off of his cheek, looking at the wet trail it left on his fingers.

"Why do I feel like this?" he asked himself, not knowing he was being watched as he leant forward and placed his head in his hands for the second time today.

He growled to himself lightly then, not sure why or how he was feeling like this even thought he had an idea in his heart. The cook sat back up then and glanced towards the window as a bird flew past, it's cry ringing out through the silent morning air.

'Could that be why... is it because I...' he stopped thinking them, not even able to bring himself to think it. He couldn't... not towards the marimo. "But it's true isn't it?" he asked his heart then. "It's true that I love him..."


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