Hello people. ^^

Well I wanted to let everyone know that this story has now been marked as completed.

Madi and I both decided that since we hadn't RP'ed in along time that we couldn't finish it like we had planned. But I think the ending still worked pretty well.

So I'm sorry to everyone that was looking forward to more of this story, but after pretty much a year without really talking with each other we'd figure it was fer the best.

But I wanna say Thank you to everyone that reviewed and favorited this story. You guys rock! XD

Fer real thank you guys so much fer reading our story it means alot to us. ^^

Again sorry fer dragging it out fer so long but since you guys are awesome I figured I'd at least tell ya way we ended.

So lots of love, this isn't the last you'll see of me. I got loads of stories I wanna do and now that I'm done with school and just have to focus on work fer the most part I should start getting stories updated or started. ^^

Oh and please check out my other accounts to see if there's different works or if ya like it better there.

Well I think I've wasted enough of yer time, thanks again guy and gals yer the reason people write and continue writing. And sorry fer taking so long to get back to all'ya.

Til the next time, Terror out! X3