A/N: I wrote this awhile ago, probably after I first finished reading the manga. Out of all anime-turned-manga series I've compared, I think the anime for LoveCom really does it justice, and I love the kansai-ben! Please review, and enjoy!


i stopped and turned around, frustrated. "what do you want, midget?"

usually his eyebrows would furrow and he'd yell something equally insulting back. I could see his natural instincts taking over, but then he stopped himself. He looked away, embarrassed, angry that he was embarassed...

then he took my hand.

without looking at me, he mumbled, "your punch."

I stood there, face twitching. "My... what?"

Face getting redder by the moment, he laced my fingers through his. My eyes widened a little but I tried to act cool, like it didn't bother me. Whereas inside I was thinking "KYAA! FIRST TIME OTANI AND I HAVE HELD HANDS LIKE THIS~"

We started walking, his grip on my hand firm yet gentle at the same time.

"two years ago, when you were trying to win suzuki, and I was trying to win chiharu-chan." he ended as abruptly as he continued.

As much as i loved how we were walking, i couldn't help but give his hand a few impatient squeezes. He was walking in front of me, and turned his head back to glare. But his expression softened and we stopped walking again.

"I was about to give up, ready to accept my life as Kotani who can't be seen as a guy. But then you punched me... you woke me up.

"I am really, really grateful for that. Koizumi... made me a better person." he blushed furiously.

I stood there, blinking in shock. All I could do was think about how much I loved Otani, how much we had gone through to be together and how he was finally expressing how glad he was, too...


"Well, a few days ago you asked me what I liked best about you right?" He said briskly, and we began walking again. "It's definitely not your face when you make expressions like that..." he exaggerated my shocked look, and I hit him on the shoulder in annoyance.

He looked away again. "I...I don;t like it when you're acting like anyone but yourself, Koizumi. You don't have to change anything around me.

"I love you the way you are."

My heart beat even faster than the first time Otani kissed me on my eighteenth birthday. My eyes felt wet; finally he told me he loved me. I could see from behind that the tips of his ears were flaming red and I realised how hard that must've been for him to say such "embarrassing" things, especially in public.

It was dusk and there weren't many people left on the streets. He was walking me back home and we made a shortcut through a local park, both of us deep in thought, not saying much.

Our fingers still interlaced.

In the middle of the oval. I stopped Otani. "Look..." i gestured over towards the trees on the west. The park was set on a large, plateaued hill that overlooked its surroundings, and over the trees the sunset was spectacular.

We sat down on the grass. Otani gazed in awe at the sunset. I looked at his face, so full of fascination and wondered how i could NOT have fallen for him.

"Otani..." He turned around.
"before what you said, that was extremely, well, thankyou. I feel so happy when I'm with Otani and thankful that we've shared so many fun times together."

He surveyed me seriously. "Koizumi.." he shuffled closer, confident in making the first move. I put one hand on his chest and unlaced our fingers.

"Not this time. I want to show you how much you mean to be..." I put my arms around his shoulders.

With half-closed lids, I allowed my arms to draw Otani closer to me and we kissed before the sunset in the park like two teenaged idiots in love.