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Chapter 1

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Remus for what seemed to be the hundredth time.

"Yes, I can't beat Voldemort. He's had too much time to learn how to fight, plus we have no allies left. If I go back, we have a chance." replied Harry.

"A small chance."

"But a chance none the less. I wish you were able to come with me."

"One of the rules. One person can not occupy two places at once. If I went back with you, it would have disastrous consequences, it's why time turners can only go back a few hours at a time, so that there are only two of you for a short time. Well, Harry. Time to begin."

Harry cast his gaze around the room he hadn't left in over 4 days. Fully charged runes were scattered everywhere on the walls and the floors, surrounding a small circle in the middle of the room, with a connecting line to another smaller circle. 3 years work translating the works of foreign and paranoid wizards, trying to break the codes they used, and then joining the works of all these geniuses together. 3 full years work covered a single room in an old rundown house. Slowly, Harry began to make his way to the larger circle, even as Remus made his way to the smaller circle, from where he would be able to aid Harry in the spell.

"Have you got everything you need?" asked Remus.

"Yes, I have all the Potter money and my half of the Black money. I have a shrunken suitcase with all my clothes, my wand and 2 other spare wands. Remus, I'm fine. I'll miss you." replied Harry with great sadness in his voice. After Sirius had died, the two had gotten very close and now aged 22 and 42 respectively were going they're separate ways; Harry into the past to stop Voldemort and Remus was going to America, to try and make a new life for himself.

"This is the last time I'll ever see you, cub. Take care." With their goodbyes said, and tears welling up in their eyes, each man took a minute to control themselves before beginning the spell that would transport Harry 25 years into the past, where he would have time to prepare and defeat Voldemort.

Remus found his voice first, deep and primal, hinting at the ample power he had. Harry joined in later, his voice melding with Remus', layered with power as the two attempted to break one of the fundamental laws of magic: the past can not be changed.

Their voices begin to rise as they reached the crescendo of the spell. As their voices rose, so too did the level of ambient magic in the room, threatening to break through the containment fields the two had painstakingly created. With a final cry, the duo finished the spell. Nothing happened for a second, before Harry began to fade away. He met Remus' amber eyes and smiled before disappearing completely, but not without realising the spell had broken their wards, alerting any who watched about the mass amount of energy that had just been expended.

Remus collapsed to the ground with a sigh. Harry had found out his secret, he had known that the containment fields would fall towards the end, that this spell would lead to his death at the ends of Lord Voldemort, but he had done his job, he had played his part and now the Light Side, which was made up of only the two wizards in the room, was gone in this world. Hopefully, Harry would never realise that this spell would create a divergence in history, creating two separate worlds; the one Harry had now entered and the one Remus occupied. Feeling the presence of death eaters on the other side of the door, Remus smiled and expended the last shreds of power he had left, to trigger a trap he had created, destroying the house and everything in it, including 20 death eaters.

In another time and another world, a handsome man of average height, with sparkling green eyes and a muscled physique collapsed to the ground in the clearing of the Forest of Dean, the exact spot where the house he had previously inhabited had stood. He fell to the ground and began to sob, Remus had known he would die, his only remaining friend was dead. Slowly, the outside world faded away as the man crawled into a ball and wept. To any onlookers, it would have seemed that a man simply appeared, fell to the ground and was suffering an emotional break down.

Night fell, and still Harry wept. The sun rose above the horizon and it's rays reached Harry's body, slowly pulling him out of the dark place he occupied. Slowly, he rose from the ground, and looked around. The forest was silent, as though realising any sound could set the man back to his previous condition. Harry saw the trees around which the two had galloped around as Moony and Shadow, Harry animagus form, he saw the stone with which Remus had taught him to create Golems and the wave of nostalgia threatened to overwhelm him, but with the use of the iron will he was famous for, he forced it back.

Making a vow to himself to remember Remus' sacrifice, he disapparated from the clearing without a sound, appearing in Diagon Alley. It reminded him of early on in the Second War, when Voldemort threatened but had yet to make any vital attacks. The Alley wasn't packed, but still had throngs of people travelling up and down it. Loners appeared to be looked on with suspicion.

Striding forward to Gringotts, he passed a number of shops containing familiar people, obviously the parents of class mates. Entering the grand, white building, Harry nodded to the security guards, who nodded back. Slowly, Harry approached a till, moving to the back of the slow moving line. His ever moving eyes caught a younger looking Minerva McGonagall as she led a family into Gringotts. Obviously, she was giving a muggleborn family a tour of Diagon Alley. The corner of his mouth threatened to curl up into a smile before he realised she didn't know him. Turning back to the line, he realised he was first in the queue.

Walking forward to the till, he smiled and said, "Hello, I would like to open an account please."

The goblin looked surprised, most likely that someone was depositing money at a time when most others were closing their accounts in fear of Voldemort, before smiling and directing Harry towards an office.

Entering the opulent office, and nodding to the goblin sitting down behind the table, he took a seat. The goblin asked, "What kind of account would you like to open, item or money?"

"Money, please. In excess of 3 million galleons." Seeing the suspicious look on the goblins face as to where he got the money, he added, "My father died recently and he kept all his gold buried under the house. I would like to put it in an account."The goblin smiled and said, "That won't be a problem. Do you have the money with you."

Harry nodded, before pulling a small box out of his pocket. Waving his hand, it enlarged to the size of a chest and opened up. "There it is."The goblin reached into the chest and pulled out a golden galleon, biting it slightly, he smiled and said, "This seems to be in order. Your new vault is number 1337. It won't be operational for a few days so I suggest you take what money you need now."

Harry, having already anticipated this, smiled at the goblin and pulled out a heavy bag that tinkled as it moved. The goblin smiled back, and said, "Do you need anything else?"

Recognising the dismissal for what it was, Harry shook his head and walked out. Slowly, he walked down Diagon Alley, allowing his memories of the place to come to the forefront of his mind, almost unconsciously, he stopped outside Quality Quidditch Supplies and looked in the window. Recognising the new broom on display as a shooting star, he smiled to himself as he remembered how people in his time complained about being forced to use them whereas here, having one seemed to be a status symbol more than anything.

Shaking his head, he went further down the alley and walked into a solicitors office. The pretty receptionist inside looked at him and smiled flirtatiously at him, making Harry feel a little uncomfortable.

Clearing his throat nervously, he said, "Hi, I'd like to see if you have any houses for sale."The receptionist answered, "Yes, go on in and talk to Charlie." pointing at the room behind her.

30 minutes later, Harry walked outside, the proud owner of a small cottage in Hogsmeade. Feeling slightly peckish, he began to make his way towards the Leaky Cauldron for a bite to eat when the sound of screams reached his ears. Turning towards the noise, he drew his wand devilishly fast and began to make his way over to the sound of the disturbance. It was quite easy to find, it was the place everyone was running from. As he rounded a tall man who was fleeing , wizards in black robes and white masks came into sight. "Death Eaters." thought Harry, before sending a flurry of spells into the crowd, dropping 6 of them before the rest could react to the crazy man who had the audacity to fight back.

3 pulled away from the main group and faced off with Harry as the rest began to cause as much damage as possible. All 3 fired bone-breakers simultaneously, causing Harry to have to weave his way through them while also firing off a number of spells of his own, disarming charms, stunners, body-binders, even the occasional bone breaker, causing the three death eaters to pull up shields to block them. While they were distracted, Harry began to send off spells and numerous boxes surrounding the duellists, causing a menagerie of animals to appear. As the three death eaters blocked the last of the spells Harry had sent at them, they were forced to defend themselves from numerous lions and wolves.

While they were concentrating on the animals, it was a simple matter for Harry to disarm and stun them. Turning to the main group of death eaters who were fighting a number of young people who had been inspired by Harry's courage, a sudden ominous feeling came over Harry. Behind him, he felt a vastly powerful wizard portkey into the Alley. Instantly, he twisted to face Voldemort, already casting, "Avis, engorgio. Ossidium Fragnum, Stupefy." The simple chain was easy to cast, but for a wizard like Voldemort easy to deflect. It was a simple delaying tactic. Voldemort waved his wand causing the giants eagles attacking him to burst into flames, before moving out of the way of the bone breaker and the stunner. He smiled and made a barely discernable movement, causing fire to shoot out of his wand.

Recognising the fiendfyre, Harry disapparated out of the way, behind were Voldemort stood. Voldemort whirled around, blocking the dangerous bone twister spell Harry had cast and fired a killing curse at Harry, whose instincts kicked in forcing him to conjure a marble wall, which broke into pieces when hit with the curse. Said pieces were immediately banished towards Voldemort who casually waved his wand sending them flying into a shop window. As he was doing so, Harry conjured a rhino and an enlarged peregrine falcon, sending them straight at Voldemort who was able to dispatch the bird quickly however it cost him a precious second allowing the rhino to close the distance between the two and hit Voldemort who had tried to dodge out of the way and only partially succeeded, getting clipped on the side dangerous animal. As Voldemort was knocked aside slightly, he was also moved out of the way of a reducto from Harry.

Immediately, he regained his balance and prepared to cast again at Harry who had just finished a lengthy incantation. To his ire, the young man smiled at him and began to cast the simple chain with which he had begun the duel. As he blocked it, he realised what his opponent had done. This young wizard had managed to conjure a stone golem out of the flag stones that layered the ground. Quickly, Voldemort looked around and saw his followers had done a great deal of damage. He sent a flare into the sky that told his death eaters to retreat, before using his portkey to escape. As his portkey began to activate, he gave a slight nod of respect to his opponent.

Seeing Voldemort leave, Harry allowed the golem to dissipate back into the ground, before heading back up the alley to assist with the clean up ignoring the looks of awe the other shoppers were giving him.

As he was about to begin healing one of the other combatants, an auror approached him. "We heard that you took out 9 death eaters and fought off Voldemort. Would you give us a statement, please?"Looking up at the auror, he said, "Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled you and the other aurors arrived, but of curiosity, where were you when the death eaters were actually here?"

The auror replied, "We were putting a team together and preparing our attack plan. Now your statement."Deciding he had baited the auror enough, he put a wand to his head and removed a copy of the attack, placing the memory in a glass jar before giving an oath that what was in that memory was what actually happened. The auror nodded in thanks, before leaving.

Turning back to his patient, he realised she was actually quite young. She was a rather petite, red haired woman who appeared to still be in school. As he cast diagnostics to determine what was wrong with her, he said, "Aren't you a little young to be trying to fight death eaters?""I'm going into my final year at Hogwarts." She replied angrily.

"How does that qualify you to fight death eaters?""How are you qualified?"

"Well, seeing how I took out more than everyone else put together, I would say I'm pretty qualified. If you're going to fight, make sure you actually can. I saw you fighting, you cast a spell, and looked to see if it landed before casting another. You stayed still, relying on shields. If you want to fight, move around and don't stop casting. Where you hit with a purple spell, most likely non-verbal?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I wanted to make sure, now be quiet and let me do this." The girl obeyed his command as Harry worked to repair the damage done to her body. As he finished, a white robed healer ran up, smiled in thanks to him and began to cast spells on her.

"She was hit by Byrd's Disembowelment. It was non-verbal so she's still alive, I tried to heal it but could only delay it."

The healer nodded and closed her eyes, before asking, "Can you give me a hand here? Distract her for me. This spell will react badly to numbing charms."

Nodding, Harry looked at the girl and said, "I'm Harry Potter. You are?""Lily Evans." was the terse reply.

Harry showed no visible reaction to the fact he had just chastised his mother, simply nodded and began to talk to her about school. As they conversed, the healer attempted to heal her and Harry learned his mother was a charms prodigy, able to keep up with himself who had been the best in his school and spent a number of years after that learning obscure charms as he attempted to rewind time.

"Finished. Now, Miss Evans, please don't do anything too strenuous for the next week or two. You don't want to reverse all mine and Mr. Potter's hard work, now do you?"

"No, Madam Pomfrey."

Harry's eyes widened as he attempted to reconcile the view of this pretty young woman with the up tight healer who had reserved a bed for him in the hospital wing during his school days. A hand touched his shoulder and he looked up, seeing a slightly younger looking Dumbledore who had a slight tinge of auburn in his beard.

"Hello young man. May I speak with you a moment?"

Even now, Harry was unable to deny Dumbledore anything and acquiesced to his request. The two began walking down the Alley towards the Leaky Cauldron, as Dumbledore asked, "Would you like to join me for a short lunch?""Of course."

The duo entered the Leaky Cauldron, and entered a private room.

"So, Professor Dumbledore, what would you like to talk about?"

"You appear to have me at a disadvantage, you know my name but I don't know yours.""I'm Harry Potter.""Any relation to Charles and Dorea Potter?""I'm not sure. My parents died when I was very young, my guardian never told me much about my family."

"My condolences on your loss." While they were speaking, Tom entered the room and placed some food on the table."It was a long time ago, and most people today have lost friends and family."

"Would you mind me asking where you learned to fight like that?""I was raised by a man called Remus Wolfe. He provided tutors for me for teach me basic magic, and then he taught me how to read and write, as well as all the advanced magic I know." This wasn't strictly true. The public primary school the Dursleys sent him to had taught him to read and write as well as basic numeracy, but he had attended 6 years at Hogwarts learning what was essentially basic magic, before he was forced to leave when Voldemort got control of the school. Then, Remus had taught him for two years, and they had spent the following three years trying to turn back time."Tell me, what do you know of the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort?"

Here, Harry leaned back in his seat as he debated how much to tell Dumbledore, taking a bite of his sandwich as a delaying tactic.

"The death eaters are purists, they kill muggleborns and half bloods in the name of purifying the magical community although they have targeted a number of pure-blood families. They have allies in the giants, the dementors, some vampires and werewolves. Lord Voldemort was a man called Tom Riddle, born to Merope Gaunt and a muggle aristocrat called Tom Riddle. He was raised in an orphanage and then went to Hogwarts. There he gathered a group of dedicated followers, and I suspect he opened the Chamber of Secrets. He is the only known Parseltongue alive. After leaving Hogwarts, not much is known of him until he reappeared 8 years ago under the name Lord Voldemort. He is very powerful and skilled."

"You know a lot about him."

"He killed my parents, I owe him for that."

"You seem an intelligent young man, with a gift for fighting. Tell me, would you like to teach Defence Against The Dark Arts at my school?""What makes you think I'm qualified?"Well, seeing how you took out more death eaters than everyone else put together, I would say you're pretty qualified. Plus, you told Miss Evans how to improve. You would make a good teacher."

"How do you know I'm trustworthy?""Voldemort would not allow anyone to equal him in a fight, it would damage his aura of invincibility. Plus, I'm a very talented legilimens and I can sense you are on the light side."

"But my shields.""I'm not reading your surface thought, merely how your shield is set up. Shields show the mental condition of the defender and are uniquely tuned to you. I can see you oppose Voldemort strongly.""Alright, I'll teach. But I teach what I want, not what anyone else wants." he told Dumbledore, challenging him to disagree.

"O.K., come to Hogwarts on the 26th to meet the other staff and owl me with what books you want."

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