Dean and Sam were sitting in the library sifting through countless old and dusty books dean personaly didnt see the point they knew it was a demon but Sam still insisted that research was an important part of hunting. There was silence between them it was a comfortable silence they weren't mad at each other they just had nothing to say and were too busy researching to talk. Well Sam was to busy Dean had read the same line around 12 times already. He was not feeling the research buzz-did he ever, unlike this brother who was ploughing through his pile of books.

"I wonder where Cas is."


"Cas, he said he would be a day or so, it's been what a week?"

"Dean he'll be fine, if you're that worried about him, call him."

"No I'm not worried but concern, no I'm not concerned just worried, maybe kinda wondering it's just well he said a few days."

Dean went red slightly at the sound of himself babbling.

"Yeah you're not worried. Just ring him."

Dean chuckled and shook that thought off; he wasn't going to just randomly call the angel to check up on his wellbeing, that would he weird. He called Cas when he needed him, and not for a chat. But then again he did need to know if he was okay. Dean got up having been in the stuffy town library for hours he needed a walk. Assuring Sam it not so he can call Cas he left.

"Sure whatever dude."

Sam commented as he left, not looking up from his book. As soon as Dean was in the street he took out his phone and pressed speed dial for Cas, it rang twice and Dean hung up loosing his nerve. He marched back to the motel, at least he planned to when he got to a diner he took note of how his stomach rumbled and he went inside.

By the time dean got back to the motel, Sam was waiting more him; he looked worried and slightly amused.


"Dude you are never going to believe this."

At this the bathroom door opened, and a young women came out in a towel, her skin glowed from the water that had not been dried properly not that Dean minded in the slightest, her dark brown layered hair fell long down shoulder with her fringe sticking to her forehead and her eyes were a striking turn-you-on-with-one-look blue.


Dean said to the women how moved over to the bed and draped a coat over her shoulders, but still in the towel, Dean wasn't going to pretend this wasn't sexy. Dean turned to Sam mouth curving into a smirk

"Ill leave you kids to it."

Dean turned to leave when he heard the women speak.


Her voice was low and husky, it was very sexy to hear,

"Yes darling."

"Dean please don't darling me, this is serious."

"Sorry sweetheart do I know you?"

The woman became very confused her lips pouted slightly and head moved carefully to one side, Dean knew that look. It wasn't till now that he noticed the coat was as oversized tan trench coat and those eyes how could he have mistaken those eyes.


"Hello Dean."

"What? How? Huh? What the fuck!"

"Strange, that's what Sam said."

"Why are you a girl? Why are you half naked, in a towel and why are you wet?"

Deans eyes trailed over her well sculpted body she had smooth long legs and curves in all the right places. He coughed to distracted people from his gaze and to regain focus and continued talking.

"Why are you a girl?"

Cas shrugged,

"I don't know. I was on my way back when I blacked out, I supposed I was like it for days, then your phone call woke me, and I was this."

"Oh yeah, you won't call him Dean. Her."

Sam corrected himself as he got up of the sofa where he sat enjoying Dean's reactions.

"Fuck off bitch."


"Okay so you what? Got sucked into another body?"


"Care to elaborate?"

"This is still Jimmy, it feels the same, it just looks slightly different."

"Cas how can you tell its still Jimmy?"

"Because Sam, he is my vessel. The placement of his organs, rhythm of his heart, energy of his brain are unique to each person I can feel that I am in Jimmy. I fit into Jimmy, this is still my vessel."

"So your still you, it's the vessel that was changed."


"But why?"

"I don't know."

Dean was completely bewildered. And stood their staring and Cas, while Sam went to his bed and continued searching the web for possible answers.

"Cas, where are your clothes?"

"I woke up and they were dirty."

Okay so it was totally mad and just Dean's sick mind but the way he heard Cas say 'dirty' was probably the hottest thing he has ever heard the angel say.

"Sam insisted take them off and shower, he then throw them away."

Okay so he stood corrected the thought of this woman naked in the shower with water running down her curves was the best thing he's thought about all day.

"Bet he had a quick peek as well."

This received a dirty look shot at Dean along with a well aimed pillow at Dean's head as the elder Winchester chuckled away, amused at the rise he got from his younger brother. Even through he was joking he wouldn't be surprised if he had looked.

"I'm okay in this."

Cas gestured to himself,

"Clothes never bothered me, I never paid much attention."

"Cas you have to have clothes you can't just walk around with nothing but a towel around your naked body."

Dean eyes glazed again he had to do something to distract him from this goddess of a woman this half naked angel standing in the middle of their motel room. So he decided on Sam, help Sam with research.

"Dean you have a point, she needs clothes."

"Well give Cas some of your private clothes you keep for a special occasions."

He gave Sam a wink who winced with embarrassment and disgust at the very thought.

"Dude you're sick!"


Dean started as he looked went threw his badly organised bag pulling out a dark t-shirt and handed it to Cas.

"Wear this, for now until we can get you proper clothes."

Cas took the t-shirt with a nod of thanks. She took of the trench coat and moved her hands up her body and gripped the sides of the towel


Cas stopped and looked up to Dean that was holding his hand in a stop position making sure he was not looking,


"Do that in the bathroom Cas."

Cas looked from one brother to the next, both looking flustered and both averting their gaze. She could see how showing of her new human form in all its glory may be weird for the Winchesters so Cas took herself to the bathroom. Dean's eyes followed her until see disappeared behind the old wooden door.