"More beer?" Eames asks calmly, grabbing a can from the counter and strolling towards the table. He pops it open and curls his friend's fingers around it carefully. Cobb looks away, eyes fixed on something just beyond the window. There are no stars, and the night is black as pitch.

"I'd rather not, Eames," Cobb says. His voice is brittle and dry. "The beer is warm, anyway,"

Eames leans back, the wooden chair digging into his spine. "You broke your promise, you know,"

Cobb's hands tighten, the aluminum can gives a soft squeal as it rips apart from the pressure, the jagged edges cutting through his skin. Drops of blood leak from the hairline slashes. He doesn't look away from the window.

"Shut up,"

Arthur leans forward, gently unfurling Cobb fingers from the twisted can. The edges scrape across both their skins, and the blood drips down to join the pool of beer on the floor below them. "We're all worried, Dom. This isn't like you,"

"Since when do you care so much about me? And Arthur never calls me Dom,"

"Of course he doesn't," Arthur murmurs, dragging himself out of the chair to throw away the can, joints creaking like Cobb thinks his own should. Miles pauses for a brief moment after pushing in his chair to close the curtains. "Bit chilly in here, isn't it? And I care for you deeply, Dom. You married my daughter, after all,"

"And we all know how that turned out!" Cobb snarls hotly. "When are you going to realize what a danger I am? That I fucking deserve to be stuck here forever? Once Ariadne's dead?"

The footsteps freeze, "Cowardice isn't a valid reason to break a promise, Mr. Cobb. She will die alone if you stay here, and if you return you may be young together again,"

"Shut up. Just shut the hell up," The curtains flutter in the wind that smells vaguely of salt. Cobb squints his eyes at the noon-day sun. "Go away, Saito. Leave me alone,"

"Alright," Saito says, turning back towards the kitchen and lifting up the curtains as he passes, "Hot in here, tell Eames to put his beer in the fridge next time, don't just leave them on the counter,"

"I will, Saito," Cobb whispers, "I'll remember,"

"Remember what?" Eames wanders in, calm as ever. - Just remember, Cobb - "More beer?" Eames asks, smiling. He pulls out a chair, opens the can and shifts Cobb's wrinkled, scarred fingers to wrap around it securely. - Just this once -

"I'd rather not, Eames," Cobb says tiredly, staring out the window - I'd rather not -

The End

Hope you enjoyed. Please R&R and tell me if it sucked or not! I really tried to get my point across without stressing it to heavily... Did it work? (and if you couldn't tell, the end isn't really the end). XD