I honestly wasn't going to continue this, just have Cobb stuck in limbo-loop forever. But, well, some of y'all asked me for a sequel, so here it is. I have no plan, and other than a few ideas, I'm completely open to suggestions. (hint, hint).

"Damn you," Arthur mutters furiously, pulling away from Eames. He punches the wall and winces. "God damn you, Cobb,"

"Shut up. Just shut the hell up," Cobb calls from the living room, perfectly in sync. But Arthur knows Dom isn't talking to him.

"Relax, darling," Eames leans against the wall, calm as ever if not for the tiny pinpricks of blood staining his palms as they clenched into fists. Eames has forgotten to clip his nails again, Arthur notes distantly. "We'll figure out a way to get to him eventually, it's not as if he's going anywhere,"

Eames' voice is tired, no longer perfect. Arthur knows he looks the same. It feels as if they've been in limbo for years.

"I'm going in. If I fail, it's up to you," Arthur whispers. He loosens another button on his red-stained shirt; the suit abandoned long ago in the hellish heat.

Eames frowns. "What are you going to do? Last time I tried imitating his projection of me; he twisted everything I said into following that damn script of his. And we both know that taking him by force doesn't work, I'd rather not get mauled to death by Phillipa and James again," Eames sighs. "You really don't have a plan, do you?"

Arthur shrugs. "We got so close when Ariadne came, and all she did was reason with him,"

Eames smirks. "Well, love, unless you're planning to snog him, I wouldn't suggest copying her methods exactly,"

"If that's what it takes..." Arthur trails off, "Wish me luck, then,"

A rough hand yanks around Arthur's stomach, blood smearing across his shirt. Arthur opens his mouth to berate Eames but is silenced by a kiss.

Eames smiles almost lovingly as he pulls away, arms still wrapped around Arthur's waist, "I'd rather not,"

The End


Part 2 of ?

LOL Arthur... Sorry, I know a bunch of you dislike slash, but I couldn't resist. It makes sense, 'cause what else would faze Arthur?