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"Wait, wait, wait," In a swift move Kahlan managed to push Cara away from her.

"What?" the other one grunted irritated, breathing heavier than normal.

"I don't think this is a good idea," the brunette explained her actions, fearing for the Mord'Sith's reaction.

"What do you mean? This was your idea to begin with!" Cara huffed confused, inspecting the woman beneath her for a second before hesitantly asking: "Did I do something wrong?"

Kahlan melted inside and couldn't help but smile at what she thought was the cutest face Cara had ever made: "Of course not, I just don't want anything to happen to you, that's all."

"Kahlan, we've been over this," the blonde sighed, leaning abit backwards so that her weight was no longer fully on Kahlan's body: "You want to know if and how you can control your powers during sex so that you and Richard can have a baby together. And I have already told you that there is no other option than having a lot of sex so that you can learn to control your power."

At the end of her sentence her voice had slowed down and almost turned into a purr as her eyes quickly skimmed the Confessor's body which had impressive curves.

Kahlan snorted amused: "Cara, you are so naïve…"

The Mord'sith cocked her head to the side as her glare intensified: "This is a very bad time to bring that up, do you even know the basic rules of having sex?" She ended by giving Kahlan a confident smirk.

"And I suppose you're a walking manual of sex?" the Confessor retorted, rendering Cara speechless for a few seconds.

"How am I being naïve?" Cara asked cautious, not wanting to seems stupid in front of the other woman.

"Did you really think that this was about Richard?" Kahlan said softly while lovingly sliding two fingers up and down Cara's arm.

"Well, yes," The Mord'Sith answered, not hearing the subtle hint in Kahlan's voice: "You and Richard had to hold back all this time-" She rambled on, more to herself than to Kahlan.

"Are you really so thickheaded, Cara? Do you not understand the situation?" the brunette couldn't stop smiling.

As Cara was thinking so hard to figure this all out, Kahlan pushed herself upwards and captured the blonde's lips with her own. It was a gentle, yet electrifying touch, which sent heated waves through both women.

"I think I understand," Cara breathed out, Kahlan's sweet taste still lingering on her lips: "This was never about Richard…" she had to swallow deeply as she saw the look in the Confessor's eyes.

"Ever since that night in the tomb I've been wanting to tell you-"

Kahlan was rendered speechless because a certain blonde had taken away her ability to speak with a set of full, soft lips. This time the kiss was more demanding, more passionate and even more electrifying.

"Mm, you do understand," Kahlan hummed happily, her smile widening.

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