"I'm pregnant.."

The words were whispered softly as if Kahlan was afraid to break the silence between them.

Cara snorted as she rummaged through her backpack: "Yes and I'm a Wizard of the First Order.."

A pressing silence followed in which the Mord'Sith stopped what she was doing and her eyes widened in shock; Kahlan hadn't been joking because her pitch didn't heighten on the end of her sentence which it normally did when she was joking.

The blonde almost didn't have the courage to turn around and face the woman who had been her lover for months but when she did and she saw those clear blue eyes trying to keep back tears, her breath got stuck in the back of her throat: "That's impossible.."

"Apparently it is not," Kahlan offered quietly, clasping her nervous hands together to keep them from shaking.

"But I don't have the thing… Men have the thing to impregnate a woman," Cara breathed out, the wheels in her head spinning at full charge on the brink of major overload.

"I don't know either," the Mother Confessor said almost apologetic, tears begging to be released: "All I'm sure of is that I haven't been with anyone but you in months.."

Cara watched as her beloved rubbed the tears away furiously and sighed, standing up and slowly walking towards the Confessor.

"There's a baby in there?" she asked softly, her hand gently laying on the white fabric of the dress on top of Kahlan's abdomen, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"Yes," the brunette breathed out, holding Cara's hand in place with her own while stepping closer to the other woman and pressing their foreheads together: "Our baby girl, isn't it magical?"

Suddenly Cara tensed and her eyes snapped open at the comment, in turn making Kahlan open her eyes as well as she regarded the slightly shorter blonde in front of her: "Cara, what's wrong?"


Zedd sighed deeply, rubbing his rather large hand along his face in exasperation: "I'm not saying it is absolutely terrible and uneatable, Richard, I'm just suggesting adding a few spices to add some flavor.."

Bickering among themselves, the two men didn't seem to notice a certain Mord'Sith storming towards them with a steel expression on her face followed by a very concerned Confessor who desperately tried to stop her.

Richard was the first to notice their strange entrance but smiled as always: "Ah, Cara, Kahlan, could you taste this soup and tell me what – Cara, what in the Creator's name are you doing?"

The blonde had Zedd by the collar of his Wizard's robe and had hoisted him a good feet of the ground which was quite astonishing seen her own height in comparison to the old man's.

"Listen up, Wizard, you have exactly five seconds to tell me what you have done to Kahlan or not even the Seeker will keep me from hurting you," Cara hissed through clenched teeth, her arm-muscles quivering under Zedd's weight but Keeper be dammed if she was about to let him go.

"Cara, really, I have no idea-" Zedd all but sputtered as he tried to wring himself out of her grasp.

"Cara, put the man down this instant!" Kahlan scolded, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"No, he did something to you, you said it yourself: it was magical!" Cara protested, if possible, lifting the man up higher: "Your seconds are running out, Wizard, you should hurry your explanation."

"I can't believe this!" Kahlan all but cried out in frustration and maybe a bit of hurt: "I thought you'd be happy or at least less like this," she motioned around her at their situation.

Cara clenched her jaws together at the words though she kept her eyes locked on the Wizard dangling from her hands, needing a moment to figure out what to do, damme those feelings, she really couldn't figure those out!

"Fine!" The Mother Confessor yelled once more, this purely out of anger: "Kill the Wizard, I don't care!"

"Kahlan!" Richard squeaked, thinking everyone had lost their mind.

"If that will make you feel better, so be it," Kahlan continued, completely ignoring Richard who's eyes flicked from her to his grandfather and favorite Mord'Sith and back, trying to gauge the situation: "But don't think for a second that it will I ever let this baby near you if you do so, I can clearly see you are not ready for that responsibility!"

With that, the lady in white stomped off, leaving Richard with his mouth wide open in utter shock, Zedd slightly fearing for his well-being because he hoped that the Mord'Sith wasn't capable of killing him anymore and Cara cursing herself for being so foolish.

Slowly she placed the Wizard back on the ground, balling her hands into fists next to her body and said with great difficulty: "I screwed up."

"You think?" Richard yelled as he sprinted towards his grandfather and started to inspect the old man for injuries.

Zedd shooed his grandson away, murmuring something about being stronger than he might look before looking at Cara as the woman just stood there, distraught though it did not show on her face.

"How is it possible, Zedd… If you didn't.." Cara muttered, alarming the Wizard because the blonde almost never used his name in conversation, happy to just call out 'Hey, you' or 'Wizard'.

"No one in this land possesses that power, Child, not even my Han combined with Shota's could create such a miracle," he said tentatively, placing a hand on her shoulder and motioning at the direction Kahlan went with his head.


Near a small creek, Kahlan was seated on the trunk of an old fallen tree, her hands in her lap as she solemnly stared at the calm water that passed her by without ever looking back.

"I did something wrong," an all-too-known voice called out from behind her and she huffed indignantly as a response.

Cara's frowned deeply, trying to figure out what she had to do to make this better before she sighed deeply and decided to be honest instead: "I don't know how to fix it: do I comfort you or give you space? I don't understand these.. feelings and it is highly unpleasant.."

Kahlan turned her head slightly, catching a glimpse of the woman she loved, how awkward and out of place she must feel and how hard it must've been to admit to this 'weakness'.

The brunette turned her whole body around, taking in the sight before her for another moment before outstretching her hand in a silent invitation.

Cara took the offered hand, somewhat hesitant, and knelt down in front of Kahlan, their eyes locking before either one spoke.

"I.. apologize for my.. reaction," the blonde forced the words out, fighting of the feeling of weakness that bubbled up within her.

Kahlan's eyes flicked from one green orb to the other and back for a few seconds, trying to get through this unreadable Mord'Sith exterior: "Do you love me?"

Love was such a new thing for Cara, she didn't even know what it felt like so how could she answer that question honestly: "I don't know," she whispered, seeing the brunette in front of her break before hurriedly adding: "I miss you when you're not around, even when you're just seeking firewood and I know you're only a few feet away I miss you," she saw Kahlan watching her intently, urging her to continue: "In battle, I feel sick with worry even though I know that you are more than capable of defending yourself. At night, when we.. snuggle.. I feel this unexplainable warmth in my chest and I hope we could stay like that forever.."

Kahlan's eyes teared up, opening her mouth to say something but Cara beat her to it: "I don't know if that's love but I do feel something for you.."

The Mother Confessor couldn't help but smile, taking Cara's hands in her own and bringing them up to her stomach: "When I told you about her, did you feel that warmth again?"

The blonde nodded, hesitantly looking up into sky-blue eyes.

"That's love," Kahlan whispered softly, her smile broadening as Cara's eyes widened before dropping to where their hands were joined and even smiling a little bit herself.

"Then I love you both," the blonde said, surprisingly without any difficulty, before she leaned forward and captured Kahlan's lips with her own: "And I will protect you both, with my life."

"I don't doubt that," the brunette offered happily, framing Cara's face and pulling her so they could kiss once more before the Mord'Sith pulled back.

"That's why we are leaving for Aydindril at first light," Cara said sternly: "You will be much safer and more comfortable, plus I will train the guards so they are capable of protecting you.."


"No buts, we are going," the blonde finalized and after a deep sigh, Kahlan was all too happy to concede.


About Six Months Later

"She's beautiful…" Cara breathed out, looking down at the little bundle in Kahlan's arms.

"She is," the brunette agreed as she gently stroked the little baby girl's brown mane.

"What should we call her?" the Mord'Sith asked, still in awe of this miracle that had been given to them.

"I was thinking of Naya.." Kahlan offered hesitantly.

"A perfect name for a perfect girl," Cara whispered, lovingly staring at the two brunettes like they were her world, which they were: "When do we make the second one?"

Kahlan laughed despite her tiredness: "You want another one?"

"I want a whole bunch of them if they will all look like this, like the beautiful woman I love," the blonde said charmingly, wiggling her eyebrows before leaning down and kissing Kahlan sensually.

"A whole bunch, huh?"

"Yeah, at least twelve!"

"You want twelve babies?"

"I want twelve of your babies."

Kahlan's smile grew even broader as she placed little Naya in her little baby-bed before turning back to Cara who was sitting on the edge of her bed and straddling her legs: "Well, if you want twelve, we should get started.."

Cara grinned mischievously, her hands already travelling under Kahlan's dress on soft thighs: "I couldn't agree more.."