Well, why not? Why not do it?

Just so you know, this is a spontaneous story as this will by my little place when I can't think of anything from my actual proper stories. That's because I wanted to do something crazy anyway so yeah, here we go.

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The Fraternal Twins of Haruhi-CHAN Suzumiya

First dream of the New Year

Kyon's Side

Kyon was riding his bicycle up the slope leading to his house. His gear shift broke, forcing him to go up it on low. Now, if you know what riding a bicycle is like, I don't even need to tell you how tiring that is. Kyon finally got home, now walking through the entrance of the house.

"I hom-AUGH!" Kyon was punched in the face hard by his fraternal twin sister, Kyonko.

"WELCOME BACK!" Kyonko said, looking like she just went through hell. She grabbed hold of her brother's collar. "How dare you leave me at home with the tiny devils? That punch was for everything they put me through!"

"…Good to see you too Kyonko…" Kyon could barely talk. Man can Kyonko hit hard!

After that, Kyon was forced to play alongside with his siblings. They didn't show him any mercy and he was even more tired than he was when riding back home. The Kyon's had finally gotten their younger siblings to sleep while Kyon himself staggered off to his bed.

"I should have brought them all with me…" Kyon said.

Now he was going to try to sleep but he needed to help him do so. He soon saw a Haruhi in a dog costume and Mikuru, or at least the head of Mikuru because the rest of her body was a sheep. They walked up and noticed him.

"Oh look, Kyon's trying to sleep." The Haruhi dog said. "Let's help him and count sheep."

The scene suddenly turned dark and soon a ring of fire was between the Haruhi dog now with a whip in hand and the Mikuru sheep who was now crying in fear.

"Now jump you! Jump so he can go to sleep!"

"I can't sleep! I feel sorry for it!" Kyon screamed out and now saw himself in a gigantic field. "Where am I? Let's see, I tried to sleep, started counting sheep, got upset…" Kyon soon came to a realization. "It's a dream… I'm sorry sheep-san, I fell asleep."

"My my, you're actually quite a terrible boy." A voice came from his left.

It was Itsuki Koizumi floating in a mountain costume with the back of it saying 'Made in China'.

"Hello, it's me. I'm playing as Mt. Fuji." Ituki said with a smile.

"Here's an idiot!" Kyon said in wondering 'what the hell is going on here?'

"What was with that reaction?"

"If I actually admit that you're Koizumi, people would probably get mad."

"Well, it is a dream."

"I know that, but you're not meant to say that!"

"How do like my costume? It's the bringer of good luck, Mt. Fuji."

"I don't care!"

"Not to worry, because I chosen the luckiest Mt. Fuji, I'll surely make you happy." Itsuki said with a cool look.

"Don't do that cool look in that costume. And I don't see you bringing me good luck." Kyon said rather dead pan-ish.

"You didn't!" Itsuki said dramatically. "You mean that you really can see that I'm not Mt. Fuji and just nothing but a random mountain?"

"You're not Mt. Fuji!" Kyon said just as dramatically. "Expanding!"

He soon jumped into the air and grew in massive size. He took the form of a blue giant with two red eyes staring down on the mountain.

"You shouldn't have told me that!" He said in a loud booming voice.

Ok, enough of that. Kyon finally got back on the ground.

"Sorry, I got carried away."

"That's ok. I wasn't meant to shout anyway. It was a mistake."

"It was a mistake already wearing that thing."

"I guess it is."

Kyon soon walked off into the field with his companion the Mt. Fuji Itsuki on the quest to save the world!

Ok not really.

"Well, let's try to find the other two here." Kyon looked around.

"You try the hawk up there?" Itsuki pointed in the sky.

"How can you tell that's a hawk?"

The bird soon came flying down towards them. It was a male Tsuruya with short green hair and the same fang on the left of his mouth, just like his sister. (A/N: I know, I haven't introduced him yet in the other one. Shut it.) He waswearing a rather dumb crane costume. It was appropriate in a way as Tsuruya, shortened down means crane. That was said because in the actual series, Tsuruya made a chocolate crane called Tsuru same with the costume.

Wait, why the hell am I writing this bit? Back to the story!

"That's a crane!" Kyon shouted only to see the crane come kicking and making a hole in Koizumi's costume.

"Kyon-kun, you judge too much on appearance." Tsuruya said. "I may look like a crane but I have a heart of a hawk!"

Silence fell because of how stupid that sounded.

"But you're a crane right?" Kyon asked.


Kyon sighed. He left that to the side and looked around.

"Now for the eggplant." Kyon wondered about it.

"I think I should give her a call." Itsuki said.

"You could do that?" A ringing sound could be heard. Kyon looked down and saw a phone. "Why on the ground?"

Kyon picked it up and answered.

"Hello, Yuki Nagato-san?" Itsuki asked.

"Oh, so Nagato's the eggplant." Kyon said looking at the mountain.

"Oh? Why didn't you say you found her?"

"I didn't find her at all."

"Have you checked on the strap?" Itsuki said, pointing at the dangling thing on the phone.

"Hello, I'm an eggplant." Said the head of a small Yuki Nagato wearing a eggplant costume, dangling in the air by a string and a bell.

"There you are!" Kyon said in amazement.

Well, he had assembled the group who he needed for this dream. He was now ready to save the dream world! Ok, I know enough with the saving world crap.

"Ok now I got everyone." Kyon said. He looked at the three odd people in the group in front of him. "So?"

"So?" Itsuki and Tsuruya said in question.

"Wake me up! I like to be out of this dream!"

"We can't do that." Itsuki said. He soon gave a cool looking face about it. "But there is someone who always gets you out of all kinds of messes."

"Oh yeah, Nagato!" Kyon said in realization and also wanted to remind Koizumi one thing. "Don't do that face in that costume."


Kyon soon raise the phone up dramatically and faced the floating eggplant Nagato.

"Now Nagato! How do I get out of this dream?"

"Sleep in this dream and you will wake up in the other." Yuki said in a monotone voice.

"That's it?"

"That's it."

Ok, that was easy.

Kyon had no other choice. Somehow, a futon was just spread on the floor. He didn't bother asking seeing that in dreams, nothing ever makes sense anyway. He crawled into it and was ready to go to sleep. If only the three weren't standing above him watching him trying to sleep.

The Haruhi dog and Mikuru sheep came walking pass and they saw Kyon once again.

"Oh look, Kyon's trying to sleep." The Haruhi dog said. "Let's help him and count sheep."

The scene suddenly turned dark and soon a ring of fire was between the Haruhi dog now with a whip in hand and the Mikuru sheep who was now crying in fear.

"Now jump you! Jump so he can go to sleep!"

"No! Stop that!" Kyon screamed at them again.

He soon noticed that he's back in his room. The only thing now was to ask himself this. What in God's was that all about?

Kyonko's side

Kyonko finally got to her room, after getting the tiny terrors that is her younger siblings to sleep with the help of her twin brother. The kids always did have a lot of energy.

"Man I need to get some sleep." Kyonko said, falling straight onto the bed.

She, just like her brother, tried to count sheep. What she got was Haruki in a dog costume and the head of Mitsuru on a sheep body.

"Oh look, Kyonko is trying to sleep." Haruki said. "Let's help him out and count sheep."

I bet you're guessing it's going to be the ring of fire, isn't it? Nice try but I got my own ideas.

"Because Haruhi has the ring of fire, I'm going to use this."

The scenery suddenly turned dark and a double spike fence was going up and down in a momentum. Sheep Mitsuru, just like Sheep Mikuru, was crying in fear.

"Now jump you! Jump so she can go to sleep!"

"Don't hurt him!" Kyonko screamed dramatically only to be in a large room with her on a bed.

Kyonko looked around, trying to get her bearings straight.

"I felt asleep, counted sheep, felt depress…" Kyonko then finally figured it all out. "I'm in a dream… I'm sorry Sheep-san, I fell asleep."

"Wow Kyonko, I didn't think you're that cruel." Kyonko looked for the voice and saw Itsuko Koizumi on the opposite side of the bed.

Now, this wouldn't be SO bad if only she wasn't in her underwear.

"Wawawa-what the hell! " Kyonko said, backing away from her.

"It's me, Itsuko Koizumi. I'll be playing Mt. Fuji." She said slowly crawling up to Kyonko.

"How the hell are you supposed to be Mt. Fuji?" Kyonko continue to back away.

"Because of this underwear I'm wearing. It has Mt. Fuji on it." She said happily.

"That's not how this is supposed to go!" Kyonko got off the bed and quickly run out of the room.

"Hey wait!" Itsuko ran after her. "Let me explain!"

This was screwed up. Kyonko knows the pattern with this dream thing but why the hell in such a way! She ran until she bumped into someone along the way.

The daughter of the Tsuruya family stood tall over her. Just like Itsuko, she was in her underwear as well except she had wings on her back.

"Tsuruya-san?" Kyonko was surprised to see her. She quickly backs away seeing her. Itsuko soon crashed into Kyonko who backed up.

"Oh Kyonko, good to see ya!" Tsuruya greeted her with a huge smile.

"Um, what's with those wings?"

"It's to represent the hawk!"

Kyonko had a proper look at those wings. "Looks more like crane wings."

Tsuruya took this as an insult as she was trying to kick her. Kyonko ducked along with Itsuko to avoid getting hit.

"These may be crane wings but it's the heart that counts!" Tsuruya declared.

"But, those are crane wings right?"

"I guess…"

Kyonko sighed. She soon remembers something and saw Itsuko behind her. She placed her hand on her shoulder to stop her from running.

"Let me explain." Itsuko said. "We're not here to do anything to you. We're only here to bring you good luck."

"How is being in your underwear meant to give me good luck, and why girls no less?" Kyonko would really like to know the answer to that.

"I don't know the answer to that. But I think your real priority is to find the last person in this."

Kyonko only sighed about this. "Fine. Considering the order, Mt. Fuji, hawk… so that means the eggplant is next."

"Well he should be around here. He's not that hard to spot."

Speaking of scenery, Kyonko, along with the two odd girls next to her, were standing in a hall way, a small one though. It was red in colour and only had two doors. She knows that she came out of one door only to bump into Tsuruya. She decided to open the next door.

There sat Yukihiko Nagato, just like the rest, in his underwear. Of course, Kyonko knows that Yukihiko is rather impressive without his clothes. He was the eggplant as his boxers were had an eggplant pattern on it.


"Hello, I'm the eggplant." Yukihiko said.

"R-right…" Kyonko really have no clue what's going on anymore. "Ok, now everyone is here. Can I wake up now?"

"Well…" Itsuko pondered a little.

"Well what?"

"There is a way but, it's something you probably won't like."

"And what would that be?"

Itsuko ran up to her tackled her down and pressed her lips against Kyonko. Now, the shock of this should have wakened her up but it only got her to scream and kick Itsuko off her. She quickly backed away from her and hid behind the semi-naked Nagato.

"Guess it didn't work after all." Itsuko said with a smile.

"I should kill you for that!" Kyonko said, turning red.

"Now now." Tsuruya came in. "Calm down. It was just one of her ways we could have woken you up. We kinda hoped that it would work though."


"Don't worry! We still got Nagato-kun to tell us what to do!" Tsuruya said happily. "So, what do we do?"

"She sleeps in this world and then she would wake up in the other." Yukihiko gave the simple explanation to all her troubles.

"You could have told me that sooner!" Kyonko screamed at him. "Fine, I'll sleep but keep her away from me!"

Tsuruya and Yukihiko obeyed and help Itsuko away from her. Kyonko quickly got into the bed that was in the room. She really wanted to get out of the dream world and possibly get a physiatrist. This dream is way too screwed up.

Haruki dog came walking into the room, oddly enough, along with Mitsuru the sheep as well.

"Oh look, Kyonko is trying to sleep." Haruki said. "Let's help him out and count sheep. Because Haruhi has the ring of fire, I'm going to use this."

The scenery suddenly turned dark and a double spike fence was going up and down in a momentum. Sheep Mitsuru, just like Sheep Mikuru, was crying in fear.

"Now jump you! Jump so she can go to sleep!"

"Please leave him alone!" Kyonko shouted jumping out of her bed.

Just like her brother, she questioned her dream. Of course, her dream was more twisted than anything before it. How the hell was that supposed to give her good luck? If anything, it was all possibly foreshadowing!

Nevertheless, Happy New Year Everyone!

I know it's not New Year but what the hell? Let's just have fun.

I also know that Kyonko's dream was rather random. You try thinking of something in 1 AM in the morning. Well, that and I couldn't think of anything really good for her anyway so, here's some pointless crap.

Anyway, expect more craziness of this later.