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Planning is everything

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Anyway, the SOS Brigade is up for another meeting of some kind.

"Hey Haruhi, you got the schedule ready?" Haruki asked his sister.

"All done." Haruhi said.

"What are you two doing?" Kyonko asked the two. Knowing them, it's probably something that's dangerous.

"We just finished the schedule foe what we do at home." Haruhi explained. "Planning is everything after all since time is very precious. Here, this is what we do. Use it to re-evaluate your own time."

Kyonko had a good look at the schedule that they gave her.

7 PM: Break

8 PM: Tutoring

9 PM: Study

10 PM: Black Magic

11PM: Meditation

12 PM: Summoning

"What the hell are you guys doing at home?" Kyonko shouted in fright. I don't blame her. What the hell are they doing?

After a week has passed, the Suzumiyas have begun setting up something outside on the school field. The Kyons and Itsuko were just standing there trying to understand what was going on.

"It took a long time but we finally did it!" Haruki said wearing a black robe.

"That's right! We finally can create all sorts of potions now!" Haruhi smiled also wearing a black robe. "If guys have any request on potions, let us know."

"Oh, I want a love potion!" Itsuko said quickly.

"Oh no you don't!" Kyonko tried to stop her. "I want a potion to cure it!"

"Sorry Kyonko, there isn't a cure. You just have to settle with it lasting for 2 hours."

Kyonko slumped to the floor in defeat while Itsuko ran up behind her and hugged her in glee, saying things of what they would be doing together. Kyon on the other hand went up to them.

"How do you plan to make it?" Kyon has to ask. "I mean, do you even know what ingredients you need to use?"

"We do thanks to the Tsuruyas." Haruki pointed at the green-haired twin.

"Yo!" Tsuruya-kun greeted them.

"We're in charge of getting the ingredients as thanks to what says in this book!" Tsuruya-chan showed the book. It said 'Black Magic for dummies'… Why am I not surprised?

"And to make it easier for us, we have our assistants over there to help to set it all up!" Haruki pointed over to the last group working.

It was the Taniguchis working hard at setting up wood and a large pot. How the hell did they get them to take part of this?

"We got it ready!" Taniguchi-kun said.

"More like I got it ready you idiot!" His sister said in annoyance. "So why did I have to do all this for anyway?"

"For this." Haruhi passed a memory card to Taniguchi-kun. "It's the scene of Mikuru changing."

"Thank you!"

"You mean I had to do all the work for that? I'm going to kill you!"

Taniguchi-chan began to slowly strangle her brother for everything that had happened to them. The Suzumiyas were pretty happy.

"Ok now that that's all done, time to bring in the rabbit!" Haruki called out.

"Well, we couldn't get an actual rabbit so we got Mikuru-chan instead." Tsuruya-chan said. "Will she work?"


"What's going on?" Mikuru asked.

"What the hell are you guys planning to do to her?" Kyon asked.

"The best we can do in this case is making her into a bunny girl instead!" Tsuruya-chan showed us.


"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" Mikuru was really worried.

"Oh, all we're doing is trying to understand the healing properties of hot springs and you're going to be the test subject." Haruhi lied through her teeth.

"Oh ok." Mikuru soon smiled as she went into the large pot.

"She fell for it…" Kyon was just too surprised.

This is starting to get really out of hand her. That's a hell load of work to make a love potion. And to make it worse, the Nagatos came in, wearing cloaks… Oh dear god.

"We're back." Yukihiko called out.

"Oh hey guys. Did you get the rest of the ingredients?" Haruki asked.

"Yes we did."

"You read the book as well huh?"

"It was interesting." There are sparkles in their eyes. That's never good.

Yukihiko handed the book to Kyon while Haruki took the bag of the rest of the ingredients.

"Now to dump them in." Haruki dumped the stuff into the pot.

"Um… Suzumiya-san, the colour of the water doesn't look nice." Mikuru was feeling really unsure about it.

"Oh don't worry about it. What's the worst that could happen?"

Kyon had a closer look at the book that the Nagatos gave him. It said 'The explosive handbook'…

*Insert overused explosion meme here*

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