Chapter 1

Poppy's POV

Ugh. I'm so bored. There is nothing to do! James was on a mission and would be back in a couple of hours. Nothing to do. Hmm I'm going to go see what Mary-Lynnette is doing. So I when I got to Ash and Mary-Lynnette's room I open the door. Mary-Lynnette is in her bra and shorts. And Ash was in his ripped jeans shirt-less and on top of Mary-Lynnette." Eww!" I screamed. Mary-Lynnette blushed and pushed Ash off her." Don't you knock?" Ash said irritated.

"Ash!" Mary-Lynnette slapped his arm." Say sorry to Poppy!" When Ash didn't she said "Now!"she said clearly getting mad."Why?" Ash asked." She walked in on us!"

"It's not like I wanted to walk in on you guys!" I was to grossed out to stay any longer. Grossed out I walked to go see if Maggie was busy.

Maggie's POV

Me and Delos were kissing. I was getting pretty deep in the kiss when someone opened the door to Delos and my room. "Hey Maggie want to-"I saw Poppy turn toward me and Delos.

"Bleh! Is anyone not doing this?" she exclaimed looking annoyed.

"Sorry Poppy."As I pulled away from Delos. Delos looked ticked off at Poppy." So what were you going to ask?" I asked her."Never mind I don't want to interrupt anything." Poppy said. She looked and and grossed out honestly it's pretty funny. But I felt bad, because James was still on a mission and Poppy must be bored and missing her soulmate. "Well I'm going to go bye." Poppy said.

"Poppy!" I called out. But she was already down stairs because of her vampire speed or decided to ignore me. I felt bad until I started to kiss Delos again. Then I totally forgot about Poppy.

Poppy POV

Ugh. So far I walked in on Ash and Mary-Lynnette, Maggie and Delos and I just walked out of Thierry and Hannah's room just finding them in the same position as the others. I didn't dare go in anyone else's room." Poppy! Sorry you had to see that." Hannah came rushing in to the living room where I was in. "It's all right. I've been disturbed a lot today." I said blandly. I guess I was just going to be dead bored until Jamie comes."Poppy what's wrong?" Hannah asked."I'm just so bored and James won't be back until late tonight and when I went to see you Thierry, Ash, Mary-Lynnette, Delos, and Maggie getting it on and its gross." I said bummed.

Hannah's face lit up." Poppy I have an idea. Why don't we all have a fun date night?"

"Umm Hannah there is two things wrong with that. One James isn't here. Second if you all go on a date night I'll just be here alone". I said kind of irritated that she wanted to go on a date night when James wasn't even here."I mean we could go dates with each other's soul mates.(A/N I know no one in the Daybreak house would actually do it if it were a real book, so that's why I just did it like that XD) not a date really just to get to know each other and to get closer."

"Hannah none of them are going to do it and how are we going to get them down here?" I asked. "We'll pretend I'm hurt and everyone will come rushing down." Hannah said triumphantly. "Ok Hannah. I'm going to use the microphone that you can hear throughout the house." I said kind of shocked she'd come up with this plan, and I was doing it."Everyone! Hannah's hurt! Everyone come to the living room now!" I yelled through the microphone trying sound scared.

"Hannah get down on the ground and act hurt before they come!" I told Hannah. I saw Thierry rush in and everyone else following him. "Hannah! Are you ok? What happened Poppy?" Thierry asked worried. "She fell over the coffee table and I think she twisted her ankle." I said. This is going to be fun. I thought mischievously. Thea rushed over to Hannah. "Maybe I can heal it." she said gently. And as soon as Thea's hands touched Hannah's ankle Hannah yelled "I'm cured! It's a miracle!"

Everyone looked at Hannah and then to me. "Hannah were you even hurt?" Thierry asked frustrated." Hannah hesitated."Of course Thierry." Hannah tried to keep a poker face. But she was failing." Well since Hannah's better and your all down here we have an idea! Date night!" I exclaimed.

"Umm sure Poppy but it's not that big of a deal we go on dates all the time." Mary-Lynnette said. " Well we're going to go on dates with each other's soulmates." When everyone looked like she and Hannah were idiots for even asking it Hannah said" Well not like a date more like getting to know each other. And besides what I say goes right Thierry?" she batted her eyelashes and did a sweet smile.

"Hannah. . . . ." when she just started to pout he said" fine everyone listen to Hannah and Poppy." "Thierry you're kidding right?"Ash exclaimed. When Thierry just stared he said "Thierry you have to be kidding!" "Ash calm down. It might be fun. I've always wanted to get to know James." Mary-Lynnette said. "WHAT!" Ash screamed. "I was kidding! Goddess you take things to serious!" Mary-Lynnette said to her soulmate. Ash looked like he could murder at the second but was calming down his eyes were now a sapphire blue. "It's not funny. . . ." he mumbled but Mary-Lynnette had already turned back to Hannah and Poppy.

"So this what were going to do" Hannah said excitedly." You guys are going to put your names in this hat" Pointing to an old cowboy looking hat. "And we'll pick the names at random. Oh and don't worry if you happened to pull out your soulmate's name you have pick again." Hannah said with a wicked smile. "And there will be one safe couple. So everyone put their names and there soulmate's name in the hat. Thierry will you do the honors?" Thierry walked over and pulled a name out of the hat. He raised his eyebrows. "Thea and Eric."

"Haha! In your faces!" Thea yelled to everyone. All the guys groaned except Eric.

Ash's POV

I'm seriously going to hate this. I don't want to go out with anyone except Mare. "Ash you're up!" Poppy called my name I reached in the hat and pulled out one. I opened the crumpled up paper. "You've got to be kidding!" I yelled everyone crowded around me to read the paper. Damn it. This is going to suck.

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