A big thank you to gloomy maiko lover, Tar Irene, NessaMahtar, Kimjuni2, J.J. Bean, Lord Shade, liesygirl, and Elfowlgirl.A Submission to Zai Week Day 7


Lots of little girls dream of being a princess when they grow up. The peasants even had dragon tales about princes falling in love with a commoner and taking her back to be his bride. In reality, that would never happen because the day before Koh would give all of his stolen faces back and the whole world would implode.

Peasants weren't the only ones who aspired to match themselves with royal blood. Mai's mother was a social butterfly who thrived on the attention and praise of others, to be recognized as someone greater than they and whispered about behind her back. Her father was a political man-whore. He'd never slept with anyone (that Mai knew about) but he'd do whatever, whatever, was asked of him if he believed it would further his goals. Imagine their pure ecstasy when the Fire Nation Princess chose their little girl as a companion.

She was instructed to do whatever the young (spoiled, EVIL) princess wished in order for her parents to gain favor in the court. When she showed interest in the prince, (he wasn't next in line, but [noble] beggars can't be picky about princes!) they were on cloud nine. Mai had never seen her parents so happy. They'd actually danced around the room with each other. She'd done her best to not show how embarrassed and freaked out she was by it.

After he was banished, her mother had locked herself in her room for a week without eating (although Mai had seen the maid go in with a plate of food and when she retrieved it, it was empty). Her father 'worked late' and came home smelling of liquor and a strange, sweet smoke. Their little girl's dream of being a princess had kneeled on the ground and been burned out of existence, and they were heartbroken over her heartbrokenness, you see.

Then he came back again. Honestly, this boy would have to be more considerate. Her parents simply could not take this emotional roller-coaster. And their daughter was officially being courted by the now war-hero, Avatar slayer, Crown Prince Zuko who was instrumental in bringing Bah Sing Se down.

Mai's father would like to take this time to say to his brother 'BOOYAH! In your face!'. (This would be his brother, not to be confused with Mai's uncle on her mother's side who runs the prison. It's her father's brother who owns the steel mines and refinery.)

Then he turned traitor and went to join the Avatar to teach him firebending so he could defeat the Fire Lord. And Mai went to confront him at Boiling Rock, attacked the guards, defied the (CROWN!) princess, and was thrown in prison.

Mai's mother cursed a flaming blue streak.

'Why the CENSORED do these CENSORED things keep happening to us? We are EXTREMELY CENSORED good people!'

Her father sat in a chair, staring off into space as his wife raged around him, throwing everything that was lighter than a table at the wall. He didn't move or blink, even when his wife collapsed from exhaustion some hours later in front of him.

And finally, miracle of miracles, the comet came, the Avatar actually defeated the Fire Lord, Zuko beat Azula and she went insane and he became Fire Lord. Joyous days, Mai was released from prison, too. Weeks after his coronation, they remained skeptical and didn't dare get their hopes up. In fact, they barely even acknowledged their daughter's renewed courtship.

'I'm so jealous!' some noble woman tittered. 'Imagine your daughter being engaged to the Fire Lord! Aren't you excited?'

'Whatever,' Mai's mother responded, her voice a dry, monotone, as she rolled her eyes.

'I'm not saying anything one way or the other until and if they make it past the honeymoon,' her father said.

She wasn't a princess, never would be now. They'd just have to live with Fire Lady. At this point, they couldn't really handle the stress of caring too much about it.

A/N: Hm, not really Zai-centered, but I hope y'all like it anyway. This is my favorite one out of these. If someone else gets inspired off of this and writes a fic about Mai's parents during everything that happened, I would love if you messaged me about it.

Most of these word prompts were taken from thatonereallycreepygirl but she got them from her friend May. The characters and Avatar aren't mine either. You people should know that by now ;)