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John resisted the urge to stretched out and sigh. This game was not even close to how things originally happened.

For one, the Insurgency was MUCH stronger.

He was being sent to Harvest, apparently they feared Insurrectionists there, but John knew that was only half of the truth.

It was February 2nd 2525, in a few days the Human Covenant War would begin on the eleventh.

They were meant to finish their training for good on September 11th.

But, the Insurrectionists nuked another city. One more then last time around, poor New Harmony and Emerald Cove.

The second nuking cased ONI to rush the Spartans a little, they already received their augments and were going to receive their armor in a month. For now they were given these bullet proof skin tight suits and some black coated Marine Armor, not the ODST armor, they were going to put them on for this engagement.

They were given standard issue weapons and equipment, and a company of ODST and two companies of Marines.

John had all of the Spartan's from Class 1 with him, fifteen of them failed augmentations, and five died in training.

John was unsure about if this was easy or not, the training was so much harder, but the augments were better.

They first worked on their eyes, they gave us a drug called 88947-OP24 "retina-inversion stabilizer" drug. It improved our color sharpness significantly, and night vision is adapted. Then we had a surgery on our brains, on the occipital lobe of the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. The Visual processing center of the brain, containing most of the anatomical region of the visual cortex.

The surgeon performs a procedure on the capillaries, the smallest of the body's blood vessels, to reverse the direction of blood flow in each capillary to boost the blood flow beneath the rods and cones of the subject's retina.

We could see more, he was now personally able to watch bullets fly though the air, they were still fast looking, but they were not blurs anymore.

They stuck to the original way of augmenting his muscles, which allowed him to lift 3 times his weight, a total of 690 pounds, and he was only 13 years old and would grow further.

They used a drug called 8942-LQ99, a Carbide Ceramic Ossification catalyst, and the original surgery.

The drug all by itself was almost as good as the surgery, and in a way better. It covered more of the bone then the surgery, but was weaker.

It made the outer layer of the bone a tough Ceramic material that was created chemically, which was almost as durable as good as grafting the bones themselves with an already made, tougher Ceramic material.

This was all to make their bones nigh unbreakable, but as they were doing that, they quickly performed the surgery to make a good amount of his bones nigh unbreakable, anything that they may have missed was covered by the drug to be almost as tough.

Then we got a memory/cognitive augment that was risky, but the majority of us pulled though.

We then received a the original surgery that was called "Superconducting Fibrification of Neural Dendrites"

What it did was alter the bioeletrical nerve transduction to shielded electronic transduction. It increased our reflexes by 300%, and there was a marked increase in our intelligence, memory, and creativity.

Then we took yet another drug, 87556-UD61, it improved our Colloidal neural disunification solution, which would have improved our reflexes yet another 300%, but when coupled with the surgery to the bioeletrical nerve transduction, and augments to our eyes and memories, our reflexes went up to yet even higher incalculable rates then the first time this happened.

The main draw back?

Colonel Ackerson had to help to get this done, and he got the other 75 Spartan candidates for Class 2. 20 failed the augments, 5 also died.

They didn't like Dr. Halsey, casing a major rift between the Spartan classes. They worked together just fine in combat simulations, but they tended to act even less human then Class 1.

When asked what they are here for, they answer, "To eliminate all enemies of the UNSC."

When Class 1 is asked, they say "To defend earth and all of her colonies."

Class 2 was put to fight the insurrectionist in the Inner Colonies, Class 1 for the Outer Colonies.

This was their first real engagement, advanced Intel told them that John that Two Staff Sergeants were training a small group of Militia, and have already engaged a small group of Insurgents on the ground, two wounded trainees, twenty three dead Insurgents, over half by one Avery Johnson.

They managed to take out a Modified Cyclops, and a Majolir Mark III suit. It seems the insurgency was for real this time on Harvest. They were there in force, hoping to take the whole damn planet for its resources.

ONI stepped up its war ships in response to the new emerging Insurrectionist ships with their odd slapped together weapons.

They were quite frankly pitiful, but managed to take down one UNSC ship when they pitted 10 against 1 cruiser. They were extremely lucky, but it happened. It was a huge wake up call, and made a lot of people's blood boil. The UNSC started mass producing ships, and there were record amounts of people volunteering.

So far ONI was hiding the fact that covenant attacked a civilian carrier, and so far one human has died. That was all John knew, thanks to his previous life. But this time they blamed it on the Insurgents, but there was video proof that was transmitted from the carrier that ONI received and locked down quickly, before anyone could watch it.

Right now the two staff sergeants were going to the carrier in an ONI ship, to make first contact, which would have been out of the way for the two UNSC ships. The ship they would contact would look like mostly like a normal Covenant Ship, but very small when compared to their normal ships.

The crew would be Jackels, and they would have these explosive crystalline sabers.

After that one Brute ship would come for the first official contact, to retrieve a forerunner artifact. The kind of ship the brutes used was almost never seen in the war, replaced by the normal covenant ships.

John was shaken out of his thoughts by Kelly.

"Sir. Requesting mission status."

John almost sighed, but flashed his light green. All of the Spartans stood at attention.

John walked over to a holographic projector, and images started to show, starting with an image of the Planet in question.

"At 2300 hours, January 12 2525, a group of Insurgents assaulted the only group of Militia on UNSC outer colony world, designated: Harvest. There is a large Insurgent presence on Harvest, they have several ships on Harvest that we will be destroying."

"Do we know what kind of ships?" On Spartan asked.

"16 Ships in total, all but four are Class D, destroying those will be easy. We just need to over load their reactors. As for the other four ships, two of them are Class B, one class V, and one Class S which we will be capturing, but have permission to destroy if capture is not possible. We have 6 tac-nukes for this, four of them will be for these ships, one for the refueling station, and one for the base."

The holographic projector then showed Intel and satellite images of the ships, then a basic blueprint of the ships before the modification and in theory what the Insurgents did to the ships.

It was subtle, but all of the Spartans straightened.

A Class S was a Colony ship, like the Spirit of Fire. Massive. They converted that for warfare?

The Class V was an odd duck, it couldn't enter Slipspace. It was meant for mining. Did they convert the mining impact launchers, large drills that latch onto the object they hit, to space warfare? That would rip though a ship easily, if it managed to hit its target.

"It seems that the Insurgency is trying to start to officially claim worlds, starting with Harvest. Over half are docked right now fifty miles north of the capital; we are to destroy the ships and the dock the insurgents made. We will destroy the refueling station they made there."

"Sir, what will the terrain be like?"

"A meadow, and light forest terrain. Slightly rocky at some parts."

The holographic projector then shifted to show the area controlled by the Insurgents.

"The Militia that fought the Insurgents have given us valuable intel on the weapons, tactics, equipment, and Armor they have to bring to bare."

John then went over the weapons that were collected from the insurgents. Weapons grade, some custom or old guns in the mix, electrostatic, white phosphorus, and oddly enough liquid nitrogen.

The ingenuity of the Insurgents was impressive, one grenade that was really a converted small gardening drone with a plastic explosive. The thing locked on to vehicles rather than gardens, and then exploded upon getting within two inches. It took out a warthog.

He then talked about the various vehicles, mostly armored civilian vehicles with machine gun turrets. One had a magnetically accelerated impact hammer (Like a jackhammer.) modified to launch handmade explosives filled with nails and screws. Then you had the modified, old, rusty tanks. Those were handled rather smoothly, but more were likely to come.

Lastly, John got to the point that he wanted to talk about.

"We are going to blow up this place, but we must be careful. The facility they took over was full of empty warehouses, but we believe that they using a select few of them to store nuclear grade material to make more nukes. They got this from asteroids as far as we can tell."

He let that sink in for a moment.

"They will be expecting an attack, back up to arrive. We are to capture three targets, and rescue the governors family and a scientist, Dr. Jokobs. He knows how to make the nukes. They are being held hostage. I will be assigning a strike team for each target."

"Sir, it seems that we will be split up by quite a lot."

"That is why we have the ODST's and Marines. They will be supplementing our forces. We go in to collect the targets, rescue the hostages, secure the nuclear material and/or nukes if any, and destroy the ships with tac-nukes, with the exception of the S-class. The ODST and Marines will be fighting the enemy troops gathered there. But that is not our concern. Our main concern is that in the fight between the Militia and the Insurgents, they had Mark III Majoilr and HRUNTING Cyclops."

The whole groups tensed. The Spartans didn't have their armor yet.

"One Avery Johnson with the help on two Militia, that got injured, managed to take both of them down. But it was confirmed that they have more of these guarding our targets in unknown numbers."

"I will give you some background information, the Mark III Majoilr was the prototype armor for the current Majoilr, and Cyclops/Project HRUNTING. The Mark III Majoilr was made back in 2510, it incorporated a wireless power transmitter and receiver so that power could be transmitted directly to it, much like the orbital defense platforms that are currently being discussed in Parliament. This design was quickly rejected for two reasons: first, the armor has a limited operational range as it had to remain within range of the immobile generator. Second, if the generator was disabled or destroyed, the suit would be disabled, leaving its user trapped inside a useless shell, helpless against enemy attacks. We will be using that to our advantage, our first target is to power supply."

John got a green light of confirmation from all of his Spartans, and he moved on to the Cyclops.

"The HRUNTING Mark III (B) Exoskeleton, commonly known as the Cyclops, was derived from the Mark III Majoilr prototype and was introduced in 2513. It is much larger, and has both a battery and a power transmitter. It has auto cannons and a impact hammer for a melee weapon. It doesn't augment their speed, just their strength, but have much better protection then the Mark III Majoilr."

After going over some minor details, they were told to prepare for launch. They would be dropping in thirty minuets before the ODST's.

They went over the plans and back up plans, and warned them of odd tactics that they could expect like gravity plates being converted into traps.

Once they were done, they got suited up and ready for combat.

I hope Johnson is ok…

John pushed that thought aside, Johnson just took out a Majoilr Mark III suit and a Cyclops with minimal support from two green Militia, even if Johnson trained them.

He focused on the weapons load out while everyone was gearing up for the coming battle.

This always bothered him, because after he selected the gear, it would appear on him as if expertly done. But it threw his mind a bit into the future to after he geared up, aparently it took the time that he would have spent gearing up.

He just scrolled though the equipment lists, no one noticing that he was just standing there waving his hand though the air.

John didn't unlock most of the goodies yet, he was able to use the heavy machine gun with armor pricing bullets thankfully, and selected that.

He selected his armor, one of three available to him, and went to his drop pod. He had an RPG with him.

The RPG's were easy and cheap to make, and more powerful then the SPanKers. But they fell out of style due to the insurgents using RPG's, and managing to remotely scramble targeting locators to make the UNSC missiles miss. They couldn't do that with the SPanKers.

He had a while to wait, and decided to hang out with Linda. She was a bit of a Lone Wolf, but would work with John no problem, even preferred him, Sam, and Kelly over other Spartans for one reason or another.

He had already divided the teams, he had 55 Spartans. 16 ships, 5 warehouses, the refueling station, the main base, 3 leadership targets to take as prisioners, the governors family, and Dr. Jakob to rescue.

He would send a two man team to each D class ship, that was 24 Spartans right there. He would send a three man team to the three ships, 9, that was 33 right there.

He would send one spartan with a team of ODST to the wear houses, and a few teams of Marines to sweep the other Warehouses with some ODST to supplement.

That was 38 Spartans, the refueling station and the main base would each cost five Spartans with ODST and Merines to hold the areas they capture.

That was 48, that left 7 Spartans.

One with a team of ODST for each target, that left two Spartans to take out the Generator which powered the Mark III Majoilr armors and supplemented the Cyclops.

John felt wrong though, the ODST hated the Spartans still. IT was very fresh, John didn't kill the ODST's, but he beat badly enough that they had to stay in the hospital for a while.

They didn't like, nor trust the Spartans. Hopefully they will not cause any trouble.

The drop pod blinked green, it was time to drop.

John punched the button, and felt gravity do its wonders.


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