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The night was as dark as the deed itself. Prince Eric almost turned back as he walked down the deserted streets of the city. It felt as if some unseen eyes were watching him and he kept checking over his shoulder hoping to catch sight of this hidden being.

This is foolish. He thought as he passed the market. No one knew what he was set out to do and no one would know that it was he who had done it. He had covered his tracks well, just like all the times in the past. No one would suspect, no one would be watching, and no one would ever find out.

As he neared the right street, Eric pulled his hat down lower, making sure to conceal his face from anyone he may meet along the way. The hard rain continued to come down; the resonance of its roar kindly concealing the sound of his footsteps on the cobblestone street. He soon got to the door and tried his key. It opened almost instantly, and he closed it quietly behind him, shutting out the noise of the storm.

The apartment was silent. Eric breathed a sigh of relief.

The sound of his rapid breathing soon became his companion as he tiptoed across the kitchen and to the back stairway that led to the second floor. He instantly headed for the bedroom. Mr. Dare would be sleeping; he wouldn't hear him when he entered.

Reaching the correct room, Eric was pleased to find that the door was already open. He pressed his back against the wall and peered into the bedroom beyond. As expected, young Mr. Dare was asleep on his bed. Eric watched as his chest rose and fell and became familiar with its rhythm: up, down, up, down.

Eric came around the doorjamb, carefully removing the derringer from his leather belt as he did so. He moved towards the bed in several quick movements and soon stood above his victim, watching him, hating him, and waiting for the right moment.

He never understood why Annamaria loved him so. Anthony Dare was nothing but a pauper, a mere commoner, worthless in the eyes of society. He wouldn't be missed. Sure, some of the townsfolk would notice the absence of the violinist, but nobody would truly miss him. He was kind, yet foolish. Gentle, yet brash. Nobody really needed him. Anna only thought she was in love with him. After all, who could love a mere simpilton? Who could love someone as nice as Anthony Dare?

It was time. Eric glared down at his victim and lifted the gun. Very slowly he brought it down to the young man's temple and pulled the trigger. Gunfire rocked the apartment and Eric hastily made his escape. He leapt out the window, and hurried up the fire escape, climbing up to the roof, his thin frame disappearing into the night as the rain and the wind, continued to batter the sleeping town below.