The Second X File

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SLASH WARNING! Hotch/Reid, UnSub/Reid (Non-con, and a lot of it)

Chapter 1

"Hotch. We have a bad one." JJ said, walking into Hotch's office before the man even managed to sit down. He blinked up at her, coat in one hand, coffee in the other, and a donut hanging out of his mouth. He sighed and straightened from his half sitting position and tossed his coat into his chair, following JJ out. He knocked on Rossi's door as he passed, eating his donut.

The team all trooped up into the round table room at JJ's call and settled down. JJ began handing out case files and everyone glanced up when Reid scuttled in, coffee in his hand. As he ran past Morgan, the man grinned and snagged the end of Reid's purple scarf.

"Sorry I'm late, I – HRRGK!" He stumbled back as he was choked by his scarf. Hotch and Rossi both spun their chairs. Hotch reached an arm out and caught Reid around the waist, and Rossi managed to roll out enough for Reid's head and shoulders to land in his lap. Amazingly enough, Reid didn't spill a DROP of coffee.

"NICE save!" Garcia applauded.

"… Morning, Rossi." Reid said, blinking up at the man. Rossi quirked an eyebrow as the others snickered. Hotch smirked and grabbed Reid's jacket, pulling him upright. "Thanks!" Reid gasped, then gave Morgan a look.

"That was SMOOTH, kid." Morgan announced, grinning.

"Just remember." Garcia snorted, giving Morgan a look. "Karma's a bitch." Emily and JJ chuckled.

"Anyway…" JJ said, as Reid settled down in his chair. "We have a serial rapist in the area of Long Boat Key and Sarasota, Florida. So far, seventeen victims." She said, and a moment later the screen was filled with faces… both male and female of all different types. "This guy doesn't seem to have a type." JJ pointed out needlessly.

"SEVENTEEN?" Prentiss repeated.

"Why are we just not getting the call?" Hotch demanded, looking furious. JJ ignored that query for the time being.

"All of them were found unconscious on the beach, naked. All were taken to the hospital and treated for exhaustion and sexual assault."

"Exhaustion?" Hotch asked, looking up with a frown.


"How long were they missing?" Hotch asked.

"… the longest? Eight hours." JJ said.

"… How is that poss- Wait. I don't think I wanna know." Garcia said, making a face and bending over her notepad, scribbling away.

"What's the timeline?" Reid asked.

"… Random. Literally." JJ said. "Some happened only a day apart, some a week. There's not a pattern showing escalation or devolution… It's literally just… random. The only thing in common we've found so far is they all disappeared while outside, and they were all found naked on the beach. But no abduction location or dump site is the same. There's literally no rhyme or reason."

"What do the victims say?" Rossi asked.

"That's another thing." JJ said. "They've stopped talking."

"Why?" Emily asked.

"… Because… the ones who talked were raped again." The team stared. "The ones who told what happened disappeared and were found hours later on the beach again. There are seventeen victims… but there has been a total of twenty three attacks. One victim has been attacked three times. Now, none of them are talking."

"… Wheels up in thirty." Hotch growled, his eyes dark in more than just color. "This has to stop now."

"… Checkmate in five." Reid said, and the team all looked up, grinning as Hotch cursed under his breath, staring at the chess board.

"… Next time Jason is in town, I'm gonna punch him."

"For what?" Reid asked, smiling.

"For making you this good at this game."

"Honestly, since he's gone, I've kind of gotten rusty." Reid confessed. Hotch glared at him.

"Little smart ass." The Unit Chief muttered, and glared at the team when they started laughing.

When the plane touched down, the team headed straight for the Field Office, where the Case Agent was waiting for them.

"… Are all these Florida women gonna hit on Morgan?" Emily murmured to Rossi when the busty Agent De Leon went straight for Morgan.

"I'm just waiting to see if his is the only name she'll remember." Rossi mumbled back, and both of them fought back a laugh as they thought back to the detective in South Beach on the case where JJ finally admitted that she and Will LaMontaigne were an item.

"Derek Morgan." Morgan said, and she smiled at him.

"Adelina De Leon." She greeted, and they shook hands.

"These are SSA's Jennifer Jareau, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, Dr. Spencer Reid, and Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner." Morgan introduced, and everyone headed inside.

"Why weren't we called in sooner?" Hotch immediately demanded. Agent De Leon ducked her head down and mumbled something about someone not co-operating with her on wanting to call in the BAU.

"So, there were no witnesses?" Rossi asked, trying to distract everyone from the GLARE that De Leon was getting from Hotch.

"None." De Leon said, shaking her head and tucking her long curly hair behind her ear.

"There's something that I found odd about the files you sent us…" Reid called.

"Yes?" DeLeon asked.

"… The victims' statements weren't included." Reid pointed out.

"… That's because I didn't think they were reliable." DeLeon snorted.

"Why?" Prentiss asked.

"… Because the story they told was ridiculous." DeLeon said, leading the team into a conference room that had been set up for them. "One of the reasons you weren't called in sooner." She picked up a piece of paper and held it out. Reid took it and ran his finger down it.

"… That's impossible." He muttered. She nodded.


"What does it say?" Hotch asked, as Reid put the paper down and picked up the others. DeLeon watched him glance at each page, then look up.

"They all tell the same story." Reid said, frowning. "A great beast swooped down on them, snatched them up and carried them away. It raped them. Then everything gets fuzzy and they wake in the hospital feeling sore and drained."

"Rape kit results…" Morgan murmured, leaning over some other papers. "This wasn't included either."

"Look at the results and you'll see why." DeLeon said, frowning. "Another reason for the delay in calling you in."

"… You gotta be kidding…" Morgan exclaimed, eyes widening.

"What is it?" Prentiss asked.

"The semen recovered in the victims couldn't be identified."

"So the DNA isn't on file." Rossi said. "That's nothing new."

"No man… it's not that they couldn't find out WHO it came from… they can't identify WHAT it came from." Morgan said. "It's not human. Or any other species on file." Everyone stared.

"… How is that possible?" JJ asked, looking nervous.

"… Maybe the victims' stories are true…" Reid said, and everyone looked at him. "They all have identical stories. They were snatched by a well built humanoid creature with claws. They all describe it as a handsome male approximately seven to eight feet tall with the horns of a ram and large, bat-like wings with a long, thick tail. One of the victims said that he walked on the ball of his foot and hard large talons. He had tan skin, golden eyes and long wavy hair. Some said it was brown, some said dark red… and apparently he was uhm… very well endowed and not circumcised. And… he had a deep voice with an accent. None could place it."

"He would swoop down, grab them and fly away… He would strip them naked, touch them… and they found themselves unable to fight back and growing aroused against their will… And…" Reid frowned and trailed off.

"… Reid?" Hotch called. Reid blinked and shook his head, looking up.

"Huh? Oh. Sorry."

"What's on your mind, kid?" Rossi asked.

"Nothing… Just a theory." Reid mumbled.

"So spit it out." Morgan said.

"… Not yet… I wanna look into this." And Reid scurried away. Everyone watched him go.

"… Riiiight." DeLeon drawled. "So… Where you wanna start?"

"… I'll take the latest dump site." Morgan announced.

"Okay." Hotch said. "I'll come with you. Prentiss, Rossi, go check out the latest abduction site. JJ, get Garcia to work. I want her going through the victims lives, find SOMETHING connecting them."

"Sure thing." JJ said, and the team moved out.

Morgan slowly moved around the taped off area of the beach, ignoring the curious beach goers, several of which were trying to hit on him. Hotch smiled slightly. Morgan might be a ladies man, but when he was on the job, he was professional.

"Hey Hotch!" Morgan called. Hotch walked over, resisting the urge to take off his coat and tie in the sweltering sun. "Take a look at this."

Hotch and Morgan knelt. Beside the depression that the victim's body made in the sand were two large prints.

"… They look like dinosaur prints." Morgan murmured.

"Too bad the sand wasn't wet." Hotch pointed out. "It would have been much more clear. This isn't proof of anything."

"But look… Here, see? Four toes and it looks like maybe the ball of a foot… Like one of the witnesses described."

"Hm." Hotch said, frowning. "But still… In the sand there is nothing definitive. Sand is NOT good for prints unless it was wet."

"But it's something. And it backs up what the witnesses describe." Morgan argued.

"… Let's go back and see what Reid has." Hotch finally sighed, and the pair stood.

When the team got back to the station, Reid was in the conference room. He was sitting at the table, leaning back and staring off into space while tapping his fingers on the table. His expression was one of deep contemplation.

"Reid?" JJ called. Reid blinked, and looked up.

"What's on your mind?" Morgan asked him.

"… I think I know what this thing is…" Reid murmured, and removed his glasses. "… I think this thing is an Incubus."

"What?" Morgan asked. "You mean like the band?"

"No." Reid said. "A male sex demon."

"… What?"

"Incubi feed off of sexual energy. And they create that energy by copulating with humans, and/or giving them erotic dreams that often result in nocturnal emissions. The original explanation for the existence of these creatures was as an excuse for having dreams that were sexual in nature. Nuns would claim that they were attacked by an incubus, monks and priests would claim that they had fallen prey to a succubus."

"A what?"

"Female sex demon." Reid clarified.

"… They blamed their wet dreams on demons?" JJ asked, sounding amused.

"Yes." Reid said with a nod.

"But that's impossible." Emily said, shaking her head.

"We've seen the impossible before." Rossi announced. Everyone looked at him. "Nagi Naoe."

"… There's a big difference between Telepaths and sex demons, Rossi." Morgan snorted.

"And yet we thought that a psychic murderer was impossible." Rossi argued. "Until we all fell victim to telepathic and telekinetic assault. He nearly killed Reid, for God's sake."

"Yeah, but… Sex demons?"

"Incubi and Succubi…" Prentiss mused. "But… The male victims were sodomized."

"Who says that incubi and succubi are strictly heterosexual?" Rossi asked.

"Hotch?" Reid called, and everyone looked at the man who had been silent through the entire conversation. "What do you think?"

"I think that Nagi Naoe gives us reason to consider all the possibilities. But maybe we should consult with someone who is a bit more familiar with… so-called impossibilities." Hotch said, slowly.

"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies…" Reid mused to himself.

"… Isn't that what what's-his-name said on the Naoe case?" Emily asked.

"Yes it is." Reid said, and pulled out his cell phone. "Hotch?"

The man stared at Reid for a moment, then nodded. "… Call them."

Reid dialed and held the phone to his ear.

"This is SSA Reid with the BAU." He said after a moment. "I need you to put me through to Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully… Thank you… Agent Mulder, Dr. Spencer Reid… I'm well, thank you. Listen, we're working a case in Florida and… I think we could use your expertise… Sarasota. Actually… I think this shouldn't be discussed over the phone. Alright. We'll see you first thing in the morning."

He looked up to the others and nodded.

"Who did he just call in?" Agent DeLeon asked, frowning.

"Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully." Hotch sighed.

"… More profilers?"

"No." Rossi said. "They deal with more… unusual things than simple rapists and killers and what not… They work the X Files."

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