The Second X File

Hatochiisai aka Ahmose Inarus

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SLASH WARNING! Hotch/Reid, UnSub/Reid (Non-con)

Chapter 10

For the third time, Reid opened his eyes and found himself in the demon's lair. He was resting in a hammock of the black silken threads with Asmodai standing over him. The two stared at each other.

"That was a brave thing you did." The demon said softly. "Brave… but foolish. You didn't know the consequences, did you?"

Reid blinked at him. "I knew perfectly well that the plan might not work. I knew perfectly well that you might… take me again. So get to it. And get it over with."

"Oh no…" Asmodai hissed, his eyes glowing. "There is no getting it over with. Not this time. You summoned me back to you. You did it intentionally and of your own free will."

"… And?"

"In doing so, you gave yourself to me." The demon hissed, running a claw down Reid's face and throat… "Body…" down his chest… "And soul…" Down his stomach and over the front of his pants. Reid's eyes widened.

"… what?" He gasped.

"When I return home, you are coming with me." The demon told him as his claws shredded Reid's pants and boxers. Then he grasped Reid's shirt in his hands. "This is your Eternity." And the boy flinched violently as his shirt was ripped open and stripped away. The demon stared down at him, taking in his face, turned away with eyes closed, fear deeply etched into his every feature. Then his eyes moved down to the heaving chest, and he frowned.

"What is this…?" He murmured, and reached out to the pendant resting on Reid's chest. He seized it. Reid's eyes flew open as the demon let out a hideous shriek and leaped back, clutching his hand. The St. Raphael Medal was smoking slightly.

"YOU!" Aamodai roared. "YOU DARE…?" And in a flash he had taken on the hideous form that Reid had seen earlier on the beach. His wings were ablaze and the heat of the breath coming from his snout was scorching. The cloven hooves stomped towards him leaving flames in their wake, and cruel talons five inches long reached for him.

Eyes wide in terror, Reid scrambled away. But the black threads that made up the den wrapped around him and soon he was caught like a fly in a spider's web.

"NO! NO!" He screamed, thrashing desperately. "GOD PLEASE! NO!"

"YOU WILL NOT SPEAK HIS NAME!" The demon roared, his voice no longer human.

Reid's mind raced, and after a moment he began to recite the prayer that the priest had spoken.

"Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace."

"Be Silent!"

"You are a guide to those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted and violated, and refuge of sinners."


"I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as you once helped the young Tobias on his travels."

"I SAID BE SILENT!" The demon screamed, raising a hand and burying his claws deep into the agent's soft, unprotected belly, his talons lacerating his internal organs, slicing through flesh like a hot knife through butter.

Reid's prayer stopped, cut off by the excruciating pain. He stared at the demon, eyes wide. Flames dripped from the beast's jaw, and after a moment he jerked his claws back and Reid stared down at them, covered in his own blood. He whimpered, then grimaced slightly before coughing. And then he tasted blood… he could feel it trickling from the corner of his mouth.

"It's time for me to return home…" Asmodai hissed. "Before HE comes… And I am taking you with me…" And with that, he wrenched Reid's legs apart.

Reid threw his head back, mouth open in a silent scream, and tears ran down his face as his body was brutally plundered. He winced, and did the only thing he could think of; he continued the prayer.

"Because you are the… "medicine of God," I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of m-my soul, and the wounds that… that inflict my b-body." He whispered, coughing again as blood filled his throat. "I especially ask of you the-the favor of protecting me from the d-demon Asmodai… NNGH! And lending your s-strength to those who are… fighting against him."

The flames arose around them, consuming the black threads that made up the demon's lair. Even the ground seemed to begin to crumble and burn, and a horrible roaring sound filled Reid's ears... screams and cries of utter torture and misery... Hideous laughs and shrieks of evil delight... Reid stared up at the sky… the clouds parted, and he could see the stars. His vision was starting to blur, and the pain was starting to fade. And he knew that he was dying, and that the horrible noises he heard were the tortured souls condemned to Hell... and he was soon to join them...

"M-May you… bestow upon us the g-great grace of- of purity to prepare us to… to be the Temple of the… Holy Ghost." Reid's eyes fluttered as he stared at that one star… that one brilliantly gleaming star that seemed to be getting closer…

"… Amen."

Suddenly, the star was falling. Asmodai froze, and turned. His eyes widened, then narrowed. He moved away from Reid with a growl, staring at the star, and then roared a deafening challenge, a massive battle axe burning into existence in his raised fist. Reid watched in awe as great wings of silver unfurled from the star, which had taken on a humanoid form wielding a flaming sword. Reid had to close his eyes lest he be blinded by the intensity.

The black strands vanished and he crashed to the ground on his side. His eyes were still closed. He couldn't open them. But he could still hear.

"HE IS MINE!" Asmodai was shrieking. The answering voice filled Reid with a sense of peace. He did not know the tongue, but the voice did not seem real. It was beautiful and powerful, yet terrifying... it reminded him of both kettle drums and massive church bells. And then the demon roared his fury and Reid heard the sounds of battle. He didn't know how long it went on; it seemed like hours. But then suddenly, all was quiet.

He heard the sound of a blade being sheathed, and then footsteps approaching... the rustling of cloth and feathers... Then there was a hand on his shoulder, rolling him onto his back. He forced his eyes open, and though he struggled to focus, he stared.

And a beautiful face stared back. It was male, and surrounded by a curtain of wavy auburn hair and a halo of… well… light. Emerald green eyes stared down at him, and full lips were quirked in a small smile of comfort and ease. The being's very skin seemed to shine with a blinding light, and as quickly as Reid had seen the face, it was gone as he closed his eyes once more.

The being did not speak at first… but he laid his hands on Reid's body and began to stroke his skin. And with every touch, the pain began to fade, leaving warm comfort in its wake. The clear voice from before was no longer powerful and booming like kettle drums and church bells, it was now speaking soothing words, soft as wind chimes, and Reid relaxed. A moment later, he was being wrapped in what felt like warm silk, and he was being held in strong, gentle arms cradled close to a broad chest. This being was warm, and he seemed to pulse, but had no heartbeat, Reid mused, and a moment later they were flying. And that was the last thing he remembered…

The sun had risen, and as the world brightened, the team's hearts darkened as their hopes faded. Asmodai had always left his prey on the beach by now. But they had all beaches under surveillance, and still nothing.

Then, the clouds parted and light punched through the hole. The team winced and averted their eyes. None saw the winged being swoop through the opening in the clouds and glide over the water towards the beach. But they did see the flurry of movement when the being's feet touched down lightly on the sand and his great wings folded. They stared, eyes wide.

"… That's impossible." Scully breathed.

"So was the demon we saw last night." Mulder pointed out.

No one moved. They stared at the wings, gleaming silver and as bright as the sun. Slowly, the tall being, approximately seven feet tall, knelt and laid something down on the sand. A hand reached up and touched whatever had been laid down, and then the creature stood. The glorious swan-like wings opened wide, their shining light increasing in intensity until the team had to look away.

When they finally turned back, the being of light was gone, but something was lying on the beach wrapped in an emerald shroud.

"Spence?" JJ gasped, and bolted

"JJ! Wait!" Prentiss called, but Hotch was a step behind JJ, and within a few strides, was a step ahead of her. And Morgan was right on his heels.

Finally, Hotch skidded to a stop and dropped to his knees.

"Oh God… Spencer…" He gasped.

"It's him." JJ breathed, and sobbed in relief, then turned to the others. "It's him!"

Hotch reached out and laid his hand on Reid's cheek. It was warm, and Reid was breathing soft and even. He wasn't pale (any more than usual) and he didn't look exhausted. In fact, he appeared to just be sleeping.

Hotch heard the soft hiss of the rain on the sand as it swept up and beach, and then it was falling on them. And before their eyes, the shimmering emerald shroud dissolved and washed away in the gentle rain. And they were stunned at what they saw.

"Oh my God…" Scully murmured, staring down at the young agent's naked body.

"His bruises are gone." Mulder said, kneeling and running his fingers over a spot on Reid's arm that had been covered in a dark purple bruise only a few hours ago. "The gouges and scratches… the contusions…"

"His scars." Hotch gasped, eyes widening as he ran a hand over the boy's stomach, where there was once a scar from the knife wound that was left by Shane Harvey so long ago. "Everything…"

And sure enough, Reid's skin was smooth and flawless. While it was a pale lily white, it absolutely glowed in health.

It was Prentiss who finally took pity on the youth and removed her FBI windbreaker and draped it over his hips, preserving his dignity as the sound of the ambulance's sirens got closer.

And three hours later, the team stood as the doctor walked in. And she looked stumped.

"How is he?" Hotch asked.

"… He's perfect." She said with a shrug. "I mean… literally. Blood work, urinalysis both came back beautiful, all of his injuries are just… gone. Even the internal trauma."

"Is he awake?" Rossi asked.

"No. He's resting. But you may sit with him. Once he wakes, as long as he's mentally stable, he can go." The doctor said, and left after telling them where Reid was being roomed.

They all crept in quietly, and were surprised to find someone standing by his bedside. Two of the priests from the church were there. One had his hand on Reid's forehead, the other had his hand on the youth's chest over his heart. They were praying, and Father Marelli anointed Reid's forehead, and then both made the Sign of the Cross over themselves murmuring "In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti."

Then they turned and smiled at the Agents. Emily and Rossi went to greet them.

"I am glad he was returned safely. The Doctor said that he wasn't harmed… that he was, in fact… healed." Marelli said.

"Yes." Rossi nodded.

"… Then it is over." Marelli announced with a grin. The team stared at him. "He has been healed. The demon would not have done that."

"… We saw the creature who… brought him back." Mulder said. "A tall man with shining wings. The light that came from him was blinding. He was there, and then he was gone."

The priests both stared at him.

"He has been touched by St. Raphael himself?" Marelli gasped.

"… You're the expert." Mulder snorted. "You tell me."

The team then stared as the priests all but lost their minds, kneeling by Reid's bedside and praying at a rate that made them think of Reid on one of his excited rants. It took nearly half an hour to get them out (with Hotch howling "HE IS NOT A HOLY RELIC!") so that the team could watch over their youngest in peace.

And in peace Reid slept. All day and all night he slept quietly. His room faced east, and in the morning, the light of the rising sun crept in and fell across his face. Garcia was watching Reid sleep, and took in the sight of his hair glowing gold in the sunlight. She perked when his lips parted in a soft sigh, and then his eyes opened. She nudged Morgan beside her, and the man looked up.

"… Reid." The soft single word from the man's lips made everyone look up and stare.

Hotch reached the bed first, smiling as Reid sucked in a deep breath, then let it out in a strained groan as he stretched his arms up and his feet down and arched his back, joints creaking and popping pleasantly. Then he relaxed and yawned, nestling down into the warm bed. Then he opened his eyes again and smiled up at his team.

"Good morning." He chirped. They stared at him, and then Hotch grinned.

"Good morning to you." He said. "How do you feel?"

"… Honestly? I feel fantastic!" Reid announced.

"What happened?" Scully asked. Reid blinked and cocked his head, thinking.

"Well… um… I passed out under water." Reid said. "When I came to, I was in his lair again... And he looked at me, and I looked at him, and he said that what I did was foolish and brave. He told me that I didn't know the consequences of what I had done. I told him that I knew I was risking him taking me away and raping me again. And I told him to just get it over with. And that's when he told me… He said 'There is no getting it over with. Not this time. You summoned me back to you. You did it intentionally and of your own free will. In doing so, you gave yourself to me. Body and soul. When I return home, you are coming with me. This is your Eternity.' And then he ripped my clothes off. But he saw the medal." Reid said, reaching up and clasping the St. Raphael medal in his fist.

"He didn't know what it was… he touched it. And it burned him and he screamed. And then he changed forms… to the one he took on when we were on the beach… he was furious. I tried to get away, but the walls of the… whatever… His lair was made of what felt like black spider threads… anyway, I got caught up in them, and I screamed, 'God no.' And he told me, not to speak His name. And… And I started to pray. The prayer that the priest said to St. Raphael. And he started yelling and me, telling me to be silent… But I didn't stop. And he got angry and…"

Reid's eyes widened and he pressed a hand to his own abdomen. "He… ripped me open... with his claws… I tried to scream, but I couldn't… There was blood in my mouth… I was choking on it. And he said 'It's time for me to return home… Before HE comes… And I am taking you with me…' And then he… raped me." Reid said, frowning and rubbing his stomach, swallowing thickly. "I… I kept praying… I didn't know what else to do…" He managed to choke out, but this time he wasn't overcome with lust… he was shaking, and a moment later the tears fell. "The… the whole tunnel… or whatever you want to call it… it was burning. The ground was collapsing beneath us... I could hear... roaring flames and... and the most horrible screaming..." Rossi and Emily exchanged nervous looks. "And I could see the sky. I found myself staring at a star. And I was… I was dying. I know I was dying."

Hotch took Reid's hand and held it tightly. Reid scooted himself closer to his lover, seeking comfort. "Then the star was falling. And he stopped raping me. He was watching the star, and then he roared. And the star had… it had wings!" Reid fixed eyes on his team, wide in wonder and amazement. "It was the shape of a man and he had a sword and I was blinded. I had to look away… And then they were fighting. Asmodai said, 'He is mine.' And another voice answered. But it was no language I've ever heard before. It was strong and smooth and… incredible. Like I could feel it just as I could hear it. And it was angry. I could sense its authority. It did not fear Asmodai. They fought for a long time… And then Asmodai screamed and… everything got quiet.

Reid took a deep calming breath before continuing. "Then there was a hand on my shoulder. And I was looking up into his face. He had… green eyes and dark red hair. And he was smiling at me. And I knew I was safe. And so I closed my eyes. He touched me all over, and the pain went away. And then we were flying and he was holding me, and I felt warm and safe and…" He looked up and smiled. "And I knew that it was over… and that everything was okay. And that's the last thing I remember."

He looked around at the team, and smiled. "But it's true. It's over. Asmodai has no hold over me any longer. He's been thrown back down into Hell. It's finished."

"Are you sure?" Rossi asked. Reid nodded.

"Positive." The genius said, and everyone was silent for a long time. "… Sooo… I'm hungry. And can I get some coffee?"


"… Please?" Reid asked plaintively.

"… I'll get the doctor." Mulder chuckled, and left the room as the others burst out laughing and moved in to welcome Reid home with hugs and in some cases, kisses on his cheeks and forehead. When the doctor finally came in, Reid was sitting up in bed with a big smile and a great big dark red lipstick print on his forehead, a bright red one on one cheek and a pink one on the other.

"Alright people. Everyone out." She said with an amused smile, and watched them all file out. She did a final examination on her patient, and an hour and a half later, the team was sitting around a table at a local restaurant enjoying eggs, waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and of course… Coffee. And then they all went out and purchased swimming suits and spent the day at the beach.

The girls and Reid had a sand sculpture contest using the men as the templates. Reid buried Hotch, Garcia buried Morgan, Prentiss buried Rossi and Scully happily offered Mulder for JJ to bury. When they were done, Scully took Garcia's camera and snapped shots of what the girls had done.

Garcia sculpted Morgan a horse's body from the waist down, making him a 'damn sexy centaur'.

"Very nice." Scully said with a grin.

"He's hung like a horse." Garcia announced. Everyone stared at her in shock.

"… GARCIA!" Reid and Morgan both blurted, and everyone burst out laughing.

JJ gave Mulder a… well… a strange grotesque body.

"What is it?" Scully asked, and JJ shrugged.

"I dunno. I did what he told me to do."

"Can't you tell?" Mulder asked with an eager smile. "I'm a chupacabra!" Scully stared at him, then sighed and moved on.

"Did you know…" Reid began. "That the chupacabra was—"

"REID!" Hotch howled. "We don't care!" Everyone was silent for a moment, then broke into laughter again as Reid huddled down, blushing in embarrassment. "Love you, baby."

"So… um… you're a uh…" Scully said slowly.

"… I'm a hill with a castle on it." Hotch chuckled.

"STOP SHAKING!" Reid howled, and Hotch froze, eyes wide.

"Impressive castle, Spence." JJ said.

"PhD in Engineering." Reid reminded them with a grin.

"And barely a GED in creativity." Morgan laughed, and Reid gave him a look. Scully then moved to Rossi.

"And… wow." She said, trying to fight back the smile. "Look at you. You uh… you're uh…"

"I'm a mermaid." Rossi grumbled.

"You mean a merman?" Garcia asked.

"No." Rossi groaned. "Mer MAID!"

"And a busty one at that." Emily announced with a grin. "Sea shell bikini top and all!" Hotch sat straight up, and Reid's castle crumbled, making the boy howl in anger. But Hotch took one look at Rossi and burst out laughing. Scully snapped several pictures before Rossi bitched that he'd had enough and stood, brushing sand off of himself.

"You didn't even ask!" Reid was whining at Hotch. "You just… GOT UP!"

"Spencer… Scully has a photo on Garcia's camera." Hotch sighed, rolling his eyes.

"That's not the point!" Reid whined. Mulder and Morgan glanced at each other, and then Morgan leaned over and whispered to the X Files Agent. The other man grinned, and the pair of them walked up on either side of Reid and seized his arms. "Huh? Hey! Let go!" They turned and lifted Reid up off of the sand so his feet were hanging in mid air. Then they walked towards the sea. "Wait… what are you- No! Stop!" Reid cried, thrashing. "No! Aaron! AARON!"

Hotch just stood there, watching the man drag Reid into the water and toss him into the waves before diving in after him.

"Uh oh… I know that look on your face." Garcia said, looking up at him. "What's on your mind?" Hotch glanced down at her, and his smirk widened to a sinister grin.

"… Sex on the Beach." He announced.

"… As in the drink? Or…?"

"I'll let you come to your own conclusions." Hotch said, and headed down to the water with JJ, Scully and Emily to join the three other men in the water, and to save Reid from the merciless teasing from Morgan due to his white t-shirt sticking to his lanky body.

"Hey Reid!" He called, and the boy turned. "THINK FAST!"

"DON'T!" Reid cried, but he was tackled and both he and the Unit Chief disappeared under the water, splashing Morgan and Mulder. They surfaced a moment later, Reid gasping and smacking the elder. "You jerk! HEY!" He yelped when he was drawn in close to his lover's chest, but he stopped struggling the moment those soft lips caressed his own. "Mmmm…"

"Are you okay with this?" Hotch asked. "With… being touched?"

"Yeah." Reid murmured. "When he touched me, it wasn't just my body that was healed. I think it was everything." He smiled. "It healed my soul."

"… Good."

The team spent all day at the beach. They returned to the hotel and got cleaned up just in time to head out to dinner with a view of the sunset and took another walk on the beach, this time without the demonic interruptions. Afterwards, they all headed to St. Armand's Circle and went to a little candy shop/ice cream parlor and had sundaes and stocked up on bags of Salt Water Taffy to take home to Virginia. And the next morning they all piled onto the jet.

"Damn. Maybe I should join the BAU." Mulder said, looking around.

"We don't profile the chupacabra, Agent Mulder." Rossi said, and the group snickered.

The flight was pleasant, filled with easy conversation and laughter and card games, and Mulder and Scully learned very quickly that Reid would be able to beat them every time. And Mulder playing him at chess was a joke. When they landed, they finally parted ways.

"Thanks again for coming out." Hotch said, shaking hands with Mulder and Scully.

"Our pleasure." Mulder said with a nod. "If you ever need us…"

"No offense, but I hope not." Garcia said, walking by. Hotch chuckled, and Mulder grinned.

"What she said." Hotch shrugged, and Scully smiled this time.

"Thanks for everything." Reid said, and shook hands with the X Files Agents.

"Don't be a stranger, Dr. Reid." Mulder told him, and Reid nodded before turning and following Hotch to the car. And finally, they were home.

"FINALLY!" Reid groaned, stumbling into his loft. He fed his cats (which Kevin Lynch had been taking care of since Garcia flew down to Florida) and then his fish. Then he and Hotch fell into their routine.

Hotch got into the shower first, and while he was in there Reid emptied their Go Bags, tossing their dirty clothes into the hamper before repacking clean clothes and restocking their toiletries. He was setting them by the door when Hotch got out. They shared a quick kiss as they passed and as Reid stepped into the shower, Hotch prepared for his job; setting the mood of what they would be doing. If there was to be relaxing on the sofa with some television or reading, he would put on the coffee. But if he wanted to dive right into their usual… pre-sleeping "work out" he prepared the mood for that. And tonight, the mood he wanted to set… the message he wanted to get across… was that Spencer was his heart and soul, and nothing he had done on this past case made Hotch think less of him or love him any less. On the contrary, everything Reid had done had reminded Hotch of why Reid had been brought onto the team, and why he had fallen in love with him.

Hotch frowned, then slowly smiled.

"… Fuck it." He said, then stripped off his pajamas and slipped into the bathroom. He gently pushed back the curtain. Reid had his eyes closed and his head tilted back, washing the shampoo from his hair. Hotch's eyes ran down Reid's slender body, then stepped in. When Reid tilted his head forwards, he jumped with a surprised squeak as his mouth landed on another pair of lips. Then there were hands roaming all over his wet skin.

"Mmmm… ahnn… A-Aaron… Aaron, what on earth?"

"I don't want to wait any more…" Hotch hissed. "I just want to feel you… hold you… kiss you…"

"You couldn't wait another five minutes?"

"The wait was already excruciating."

"Why?" Reid laughed. "No. No, Aaron, stop." And he took the man's face in his hands and stared into his eyes with a little smile. "Why?"

"… Because you're mine." Hotch hissed, taking Reid's face in his own hands. "And he touched you."

"… Are you… being territorial?" Reid asked with laughter in his tone.

"Damn straight I am." Hotch growled with a grin, and moved to kiss Reid again.

"Aaron! Stop! No! No! ACK!" He giggled loudly, trying to fight the man off. "I have to bathe!"

Hotch groaned, snatched a washcloth, squirting some shower gel onto it and began to scrub Reid down.

"STOP! THAT TICKLES!" Reid squealed, wiggling about under the firm hands.

"I'm going to be doing more than tickling you, so hush." Hotch chuckled and captured Reid's lips. Reid giggled into the kiss and pressed his now soapy body up against his lover's, moaning when equally soapy fingers began to prepare him with a gentle, loving touch.

As soon as Hotch had finished bathing (and preparing) his lover, they shut off the water. Neither made a grab for the towels. They stumbled out of the shower, never once releasing the other from their passionate embrace. Reid stumbled backwards, his mouth being plundered by the Unit Chief's tongue, and he was moaning loudly in encouragement. His legs hit the bed and he fell back onto it, Hotch guiding him to slide up into the middle of the bed.

Reid placed his hands on Hotch's waist as the man nudged his hips in between Reid's legs, and the boy spread them obligingly.

"Really, Aaron… What's got you so eager tonight?" Reid asked, smiling as the man nuzzled his throat.

"You." Hotch answered.

"Me? What did I do?"

"You're simply you. And that's all the reason I need to love you."

"… And want to plow me?"

"That too." Hotch chuckled.

"Then get to it already." Reid purred. Hotch stared down at him, then smiled and laid a gentle kiss on his lips. Reid sighed, parting his lips in welcome as the elder's tongue slipped into his mouth to stroke against his own. And as the pair indulged in their kiss Hotch moved into place. Hotch made love to the youth, sending tingles up his spine and all the way down to the tips of his curled toes.

Reid's soft, breathy cries of bliss mingled with his lover's lower gasps and moans that he uttered between the kisses he pressed to Reid's face, neck and collar bones while his hands stroked up and down Reid's trembling sides, just as Reid's hands ran up and down his back. As Hotch bowed his head, kissing down Reid's throat, he felt lips on his temple, and then his cheek, and then a warm breath on his ear.

"I love you, Aaron…" Reid breathed, then let out a soft, thin moan that sent shivers down Hotch's spine. He smiled… he knew that Reid's eyes had fluttered and rolled back slightly as he made that sweet, sweet sound.

God, he loved the boy, and everything that came with him. The way his body quivered in pleasure as it was worshipped… those precious sounds that came from those delicious lips as they made love… his gentle hands with elegant fingers leaving tingles of pleasure in their wake… his long coltish legs, his creamy thighs, his thin hips that the elder loved to grip tightly in their more frenzied sexual encounters… his tiny waist, flat belly and the dusky nipples on his chest… pronounced collar bones, long bony arms like the wings of a bird, and his long slender neck that vibrated softly with every sound he made… His gentle childlike heart and shy, awkward demeanor… His fathomless mind and endless love of absorbing as much information as his possibly could into his young mind, no matter how trivial the information may be… And a pure innocent soul that remained untainted by the horrors of the world around him… immortal… incorruptible…

He was perfect. And that's exactly what he whispered into the boy's ear. Reid blinked and turned his head, catching the man's eye.

"What?" He asked.

"You're perfect." Hotch said again, grinning at the (perfect) blush that spread over Reid's cheeks and down his neck.

"A-Aaron…" Reid mumbled, averting his eyes in embarrassment. Hotch smiled, laying a hand on the youth's cheek, guiding him to re-establish eye contact.

"You are." Hotch said. "You're perfect. You're mine. And I love you." Reid smiled back.

"… I love you too…"

"I know." Hotch murmured, kissing his lover again as he ran his hand down Reid's chest and stomach. "Are you close, angel?"

"… A-Angel?"

"You're my angel… a gift to me from God…" Hotch smiled and bowed his head, nuzzling his face into Reid's throat, holding the boy's body close to his own as he closed his eyes and allowed himself to get lost in the sweet pleasure of his lover's body, and before he knew it, they were just clinging to one another, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

After a bit, Hotch stood and went to get a cloth from the bathroom. He cleaned them both and then lay down beside Reid, resting on his side and staring at the young man, who was resting on his side facing him and staring back. They both smiled, then leaned forwards and pressed their lips together in a quiet kiss before Hotch sighed and closed his eyes, smiling slightly.

Reid just kept smiling at his lover. And this time, it was Reid who watched over Hotch as the man fell asleep. And long after the man had set sail for dreamland, Reid was watching him in the silvery light that came from the moon through the window. And he knew that Hotch loved him, and that thanks to the touch of an Angel, a real honest to God Angel, neither of them had to go through the emotional trials of healing after the attack of a demon. They were just as strong as ever.

And his heart sang. There was no pain. No fear. No doubt. Nothing. And he sent up a small prayer of thanks to God and his Angels. And in particular, to Raphael. Reid smiled. Never had he imagined that the name 'Raphael' would bring him peace, rather than the sick fear he used to associate with the name. Just as he never thought that he, a previously non-religious man, would wear a St. Raphael Medal long after his reason for wearing it was gone. Or would begin to pray daily. But he did from that day on. Every night, he would clasp the Medal in his fingers and pray. And it all started that night.

He lay there in bed beside his lover, touched the Medal, then reached out, touching his beloved's face. And then, smiling, tears of joy came to his eyes. And as he slowly curled into his lover's chest, he closed his eyes and prayed, thanking God that he had Aaron, and the team. And his life.

Do not worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything… And you shall have the peace of God which surpasses all human comprehension.

Phillipians 4:6-4:7


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