Sailor Moon: Devil's Requiem

Well... this is a beta of the story I have planned... I am finally writing it out... if it gets enough reviews I will continue making it... until then it will be a one-shot

Mission 1: Misunderstandings

"Damn shit" Dante said as he hang up his phone for the 14th time

"What's the matter? Wrong number?" a woman said

the lady walked out of the corner... she had short hair and two different colored eyes

"no... it was a job... our kind of job?" Dante said

"So... why so glum? Need I remind you... you still owe me a hefty sum" the woman said

"can it Lady... I will pay you... I am good for it" Dante said as he drank a bottle of tomato juice

"Anyways, what is the job about?" Lady said

"Well... monster have begun to appear... the major asked for me to personally put a stop to it" Dante said

"where is the job?" Lady asked

"Japan..." Dante said

"Really? I heard Japan was a demons paradise back in the day... no so much now... what changed?" Lady said

"Not a fucking clue... but I guess I am going to find out" Dante said as he packed for this trip

" you are taking Rebellion and The Sparda?" Lady asked

"remember what happened last time?" Dante said

Lady remembered... the (almost) second coming of mundus

"Anyways... I am leaving tomorrow morning, so I guess I better pack a bit more of clothes rather than my awesomeness" Dante said smirking

"Yeah yeah... any clue as on when you are coming back?" Lady asked

"Dunno... the president is subsiding my stay... or is it the emperor? I dunno... All I know is that I am gonna have my hand at flirting with some asian chicks" Dante said with a smirk

"heh... boys" Lady scoffed

Dante begun prepping his "travel bag" in it included and was not limited to

Cerberus, Ebony & Ivory, The Sparda (on it's Force edge form, meaning it was sealed) and of course the briefcase of Doom... the Pandora along with Agni & Rudra and his best weapon of choice Nevan and Lucifer

He put a change of clothes as well... a set of his original outfit as well as the one he used when he meet the Order of the sword

He then looked at his pendant... he put it on... he sighed

He then walked up to the desk and sat on his chair... and fell asleep... he had to wake early tomorrow

The next day

Dante arrived at the airport on his motorcycle... he put his baggage as carry on... the emperor had made an arrangement for him as to not to draw international turmoil... since his "tools of the trade" involved WMD to the purview of the human race in order to eradicate those...things...

The trip was hell... 14 hours of having his ass on a seat... waiting for the damn thing to land

well... it helped he was in first class... away from the crying baby of doom... and the idiot who wouldn't shut up about his trip...

He was sure he would loose it if that had happened, consequences be damned

Dante decided to do something productive while on the plane...

he studied Japanese...

That's right, contrary to popular belief Dante is not a dead brain moron who can only use weapons... he is in fact quiet smart... his devil may care attitude, his flippant style, they are part of who he is... in order to make his enemies underestimate him and get a sneaky victory... both him and his brother where geniouses... only that Dante was not as much of a showoff as his brother in the intellectual department

After his long flight he stepped out... the weather was nice... it looked like spring has begun, it wasn't too hot, nor was it too cold...

Dante walked out... costumes detained him for a second until they saw his picture... there was a sign on it in Japanese... Dante didn't read it cause he only learned how to talk Japanese... but it said something along this lines "Do not fuck with this guy... working under the emperor"

yes... they used a curse word...

they immediately let him go... he walked out of the airport and looked at the bright sun...

He decided to get to know the area... he was hungry as well... unfortunately for him they did not have neither pizza or strawberry sundace in the flight... they did have a lot of beer... and sake

He decided to wonder around and look for a good place to eat... and a hotel to crash at, he was given quiet an advance for his job...

He found something to get his mind off his hunger... he found an arcade center

He entered... his bag slung on his shoulder... he entered...he took a bunch of bills and put it on the change machine and sat down on a fighting game he enjoyed back in America... only this one seamed to be more advance... graphic-wise and the game looked freaking sweet

Dante stayed playing the game after he got the all time highscore... and decided to try his hand on an action game...

The new addition on this place was a game called "Sailor V"

He sat down and played for a while... the game was simple as it was complex... but his demon hunting reflexes helped him get the all time high score...

He sighed... he decided to eat something now...

He entered to the cafeteria section of the arcade

He sat on a corner when he felt something...

he turned around and saw a young girl, she had blond hair, tied up in a bun... and a black cat following her he smirked...

"Nah... way too young for my tastes" Dante said, but something bugged him about her...

He decided his stomach emptiness was to take priority... he had the time...

He ordered a large pizza and a couple of strawberry sundace, he then realized something... a lot of the girls where staring at him...

He was out of place, he was tall, he was handsome and his hair was white as pure snow

He grinned... he loved the attention...

he noticed then that the girls where giving him loved stares

the waiter came with his order and ate his food

he grinned and winked at the girls who sighed as he passed by... yeah, this is his kind of town

He walked out and noticed the strange black cat staring at him... it had a crescent moon in its forehead

Dante stared at the cat... and then the cat went on its merry way... weird

"Well no matter... I'll just go and find a place to crash..." Dante said

He walked the streets and saw the different shops... he couldn't feel any demonic activity... was this a hoax?

"Then again... is not like demons just go out and start killing all willy nilly... this fuckers are smart... otherwise it would make my job all to easy" Dante thought

He then walked past a temple... he looked up and saw a shrine...

"uhmmm maybe immersing myself in the culture a bit wouldn't hurt" Dante said

he walked upwards and saw the place... it looked old but it had a dignified look to it...

He then saw a small looking old man... his first reaction was to reach for Rebellion.. but then realised he was a real human

"Hey there sonny boy... how about working for this shrine?" said the old man

Dante looked thoughtful... he decided to accept, it would save him a lot of money on room and board

"Sure old man... what's there to do?" Dante said with a grin

"Well... the only thing you need to do is just clean the temple and help my darling granddaughter... speaking of witch... Rei-chan! Where are you?" the old man called

A young girl with long flowing hair came down... two crows acompanied her...

"Grandpa! Did you rope another cute person to work here to boost the popularity of the temple?" Rei said with her eyes closed

she oppened them and looked at the new guy... she blushed but did not want to relent...

"Y... you can't just go and asking people out of the blue" she said as she huffed

Then Rei felt something... a powerful dark precense... it emanated from the man... it came in such a powerful strong force it made her sweat cold and shivers

"Something wrong honey... or am I just too much for ya" Dante said with a smirk

Rei looked at him... there was something that man was hiding... and it was demonic in nature

Dante was shown around by the old man and was shown his room he was to stay for the job

After taking a tour Dante sighed, he put his bag down and took down his demonic guitar his sword was stashed in his guitar case... he put Pandora in a corner, since it looked like a briefcase it passed inconspicuously...

"Well is not the first time I stayed in a place like this" Dante mussed

He wanted to sleep... but he could feel someone was looking at him

"Hey babe... if you want to come in then by all means... I am a fair game" Dante said... making the person outside crash on the floor

The girl was dressed as a miko... a shinto priestess

"oh? So we are playing dress up with me... I don't mind... kinda kinky if you ask me" Dante said with a smirk making the miko maiden blush and grind her teeth

"AWAY DEMON!" she said as she threw the sutras

"WHAT THE!" Dante said... he was not expecting eastern sorcery nor eastern exorcism techniques at such high level from a young lady

"Uhmm now from dress up to bondage... my... you have really good tastes..." Dante said playfuly

Rei was about to loose her head... this guy... he was so cocky that it enfurioated... did he not know he was about to be sent to the hell he came from?

Dante checked his strenght... and paired against the sutras... since he was not going all out... it was still slightly on his favor

"Say lady... what you got against me? I done nothing... well maybe oggle you a bit, but I don't think this is gonna go well... I don't think they let S&M ladies to become full-fledged mikos" Dante said

She then begun praying as she prepared the exorsise him

"Sorry love... but you need to take your nap about now" Dante said as he disappeared

"EH!" Rei was taken back... he tore throught the sutras and vanished... then she felt a sharp pain... then... everything turned black

"Sweet dreams" Dante said as she fell into his arms

The next morning

"AH! DEMON!" Rei yelled as she woke up... she blinked...

"Uh... what a weird dream" Rei said

She woke up and saw Dante working out... she blushed as he saw his body glistening on sparkly sweat... his hair was messsy and he slicked it back to wipe the sweat... he looked like a king with his hair slicked back

he shoock his head and made it go back to normal

Dante grabbed a garden hose and cleaned his body with it... he looked at the girl and did a little "show" for her

her nose bleed a bit

"That...that man... he is going to be the death of me" Rei thoght

Somewhere in hell... Vergil was laughing

Dante begun cleaning the place... after a few hours he was done... he didn't like cleaning... but the free room was something he decided not to pass out on... after finishing he decided to look around for a good pizza joint to eat his nourishment of choice

He wondered about as he saw Rei on her school cloathings... she still looked at Dante with suspicion...

However Dante has taken precautions... he placed some of the sutras on his stuff... while sealed his power for later use

He walked around and wondered around town... until he saw a jewlery store having a huge sale...

He passed by and then he felt a powerful wave...

he looked at a babe... she probably was a MILF... yeah... she looked good...

he knew what to do tonight

He took his guitar case with him and wandered the streets... he had a pizza on his hand as he walked the streets...

it was night... then... he saw another figure... it was a girl with blonde hair he saw the other night... or so he thought... she looked... different... she was dressed in a skimpy school uniform... and knee-high boots with a tiara on her... she entered and confronted the person inside... it was the MILF... holding her daughter

Dante wasted no time... he immediately grabbed Rebellion and threw it towards the monster

*Insert Tuxedo Kamen theme here*

The monster dodged the huge sword... however in the process she released the girl...

"Eh... here I was hopping to have some fun... looks like I came to the right place... how about you show me a good time?" Dante said as he smirked...

The woman then turned into a hideous monster...

"Woah... from a MILF to a MILK (Mother I'll Like to Kill) in a few seconds fast... I preffered your first form better" Dante said as he jumped dodging the monster's attack

The monster than swatted Dante away trought a concrete column and grabbed the girl... she was Sailor moon as she introduced herself

The monster grabbed Sailor Moon and tried to choke the life out of her

"SAILOR MOON!" the black cat yelled... she was worried


The monster yelled in pain as she saw trought the holes in her body the white haired man

"Jackpot" he said as his guns glowed in a red light

the cat jumped at the monster's face and scratched the hell out of it... making it release the girl... the gun then emitted a powerful blast that completely eliminated the monster

"See ya in hell" Dante said as he walked by and grabbed his sword

He looked at the girl and the cat... the girl blushed as the cat looked at the man...

"Who... who are you?" Sailor Moon asked

"me? My name is Dante... and I am a demon hunter" he said

"Remeber my name... you might scream it later at night" He said with a smirk

This made Sailor Moon blush profoundly as wel as her cat

Chapter end