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Tibbins lent me the book and I loved it so I thought I'd do a Fan Fic about it…

Also, I'm writing it in 1st person (Kaitlyn's POV). I tried in 3rd but I failed…miserably…

Here it is. Emerald Secrets.

My Own Business

The sun was in my face and I was lying back on some lush piece of wild grass. Gabriel was next to me, doing the same.

After the whole fiasco with Mr. Z, my group of friends (Anna, Lewis, Rob, Gabriel) decided to go to the fellowships new island. Well, it wasn't exactly an island. It was more remote, isolated woodland that no one entered because they were too scared. Actually, it was really nice place to be. There was a lake in the centre, a group of houses and a large meadow and oak tree's. The sun always shined unless it rained and you had amazing views if you went up the hills.

So, technically, this is the vacation me and co. were talking about and I like it. There was no one saying otherwise about us skipping a year.

Well…except Joyce.

Soon as we got here, she started her treatment. That was around 3 months ago. She's nearly herself and the parts of her personality that had to come back were the instincts of an adult.

In other words, she was pestering us to return to school. We all said no and she went off in a huff…

You annoyed about Joyce again? I looked to Gabriel to see he was looking directly into my eyes, the ones which I'm so famously named the witch for back in my hometown. Gabriel was speaking to me through the telepathic link that he formed which is stable because there are five of us in the link. We apparently can't get rid of it unless someone dies which none of us want to happen. It was the most intimate way a communicating. But me and Gabriel are alone.

"What do you think? We're on vacation and she's bugging us to go back to school. I was happy that she was getting better but she could've at least forgotten about being mature and grown up and…and…" I sit up. Gabriel sits up and rubs my back, sighing.

"Kaitlyn, you've just got to ignore her. She's a grown up. She'll act like that and we've told her time and time again that we're going back next year. Just don't think about it. Literally." Gabriel giggled at the end and a leaned into him, feeling the warmth of his neck.

"I know, I know. I just think that-"

"Kaitlyn." Gabriel said flatly.

"Yeah?" I look at him.

"Shut up. Zip it." Gabriel smiles his mischievous grin and looks out towards the woods. I watch as his eyes followed something. I turned to look at what he was seeing.

It was an eagle. A golden eagle. It was swooping and turning this way and that and it sang in pleasure. Look at a bird of prey always reminded me how humans were once so free a long time ago. Gabriel placed his hand on mine and squeezed.

"I promise, one day, we'll be as free as that eagle. We'll go everywhere and do whatever we want." He smiles gently.

"What? Even commit crimes?" I raise an eyebrow, hoping he caught the joke being aimed at him.

"So funny Kaitlyn. No really, my sides are splitting." I started laughing. The way he said it so sarcastically was just amazing. If I could, I would hire him for a movie. I stop laughing as I realize that Gabriel isn't finding any of it funny.

"I'm sorry. It was only a small joke. So…anywhere we want?" I leaned forward, trying to put my face in Gabriel's line of site. The act was unnecessary and Gabriel turned to look at me. He gives a short nod. "Well…I always wanted to go to Australia."

"Australia it is." Gabriel smiles and kisses the back of my hand. He stands up and brushes the back of his jeans. I stand up after him and brush the grass of my jeans. We hold hands as we walk back to the cabins.

"You sure?"

"Positive. I want us to have time to ourselves with no interruptions. Just minding our own business." Gabriel kisses me softly on the lips and we continue walking. My hand starts itching.

"Gabriel, can we quickly go to that sand pit?" I look at Gabriel and see he has full understanding. We run to our right and plop down next to the sandstone that has worn away. I put my finger in the sand and start drawing.

A rectangle was the first thing. Two circles to the right of the inside of the rectangle and a small square on top. A loop was drawn from a corner. I realised it was a camera. My hand instinctively moved to the right of the picture and I traced and explanation mark. The itching stopped.

Thing was, I realised that when I draw in sand, I make pictures that mean different things. I don't draw a scene; I draw a symbol that represents it. I had a feeling I knew what this was.

"Something to do with Lewis?" I look to Gabriel who is analysing the picture and he sighs, taking my hand again.

"I think so. Explanation marks can mean a number of things. The camera, my first thought was Lewis. So I think we're right on that." Gabriel starts walking away, pulling me along. We walked through the forest and listened to the birds and felt the sun on our faces in clear patches. The bliss was ended when we heard a shout.

"HEY GUYS!" Me and Gabriel looked to our right and saw the cabins we were now staying in. Lewis was shouting and waving his arms like a signal for a helicopter. He gestures for us to come over.

"Come on; let's go before he strains his voice." I tug Gabriel along and with an annoyed grunt, Gabriel follows.


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