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One…Two…Here He Comes For You

The first thing I noticed, when I noticed I was in a dream, was that I was back in the pine forest and it was as silent as the last time I was here. I felt cold and I started reminding myself that as soon as I would get closer to this green crystal, I would feel lured and submerged in water. I looked around me to try and find Anna but I was alone. I didn't know if I should be but I walked straight ahead away from the cliff face and started whistling. It was a tune I recognised as a child but I couldn't be sure where it was from and continued to whistle to what I remembered. Then I heard a low mumble…or was it singing?

"Robin Hood….John….through the forest…Ooo-dee-lally…"

What, on earth, was that? I know that tune! I remember, but the surprise of the singing stopped me from whistling, and therefore the person stopped singing. I tried a different tune. And again, another voice…but I knew who it was and smiled.

"Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree…" I spun to my left, now facing the cliff face and ran toward the voice. I saw her spinning around and singing with her hands in the air and eyes closed. I stopped and tapped my food against the fallen pine and huffed at myself.

"I never knew you were an Annie Lennox fan." My voice rang in the silence and Anna spun around to look at me with a 'are you serious' look.

"What? No! Marilyn Manson made that song brilliant! Haven't you ever seen Gamer? Annie Lennox is just a whack job who thinks she's all that but it turns out she's just a weirdo." Anna placed her hands on her hips, faces the cliff and tapped her foot for about ten seconds, before she turned to me and started hugging herself. "Why do you always have to bring me somewhere cold? Or is that me?"

"Nope, it's cold, chilly, and breezy. Anything else you noticed?" I raised an eyebrow and test her to see her recon skills.

"There is a feeling in me that I should go towards that cliff face. I feel like I'm losing myself." That's an obvious statement, but it explained why she was hugging herself. She stopped rubbing herself and tilted her head. "There aren't any animals. There's no sound and there definitely isn't a single willing life here. Except us two." She smiled like a child who got an A in maths. I have to admit, she's good. Same old same old as usual. "What do you want to do? Find out where this place is or go and investigate the mysterious thing?"

"Find out where this place is heading. That way we will know where we are going and what we're aiming for." I nod away from the cliff face but Anna stops and turns towards the cliff. She points upwards.

"Higher ground, we'll get a view from there. There's no time in dreams so we shall be alright." She grabs my hand and we hold each others tightly, not willing to be separated. I knew that to my right is the cave entrance, so I turned left and went the other way instead, not wanting to know the future again.

We walked for so long, and the scenery didn't really change, the silence carried on for a long time. I started to slow down after a long time but Anna kept her pace. When she was about two cars away from me, she turned around and pointed towards the cliff face. "This is your dream, and I don't know if you're making this or if this is actually here but this place is eerily familiar. The whole silence of the place and the pines."

"Maybe that's the reason you're in this dream with me. I don't know". I shrug and walk past her. She didn't follow me and started tapping her foot.

"You're in such a mood you know."

"Tell me about it. You really think I haven't noticed that I'm in a fucking mood!" I shout as hard as I can, getting rid of all the pent up energy. Anna flinched and rubbed her left arm, looking hurt.

"You never swear. What happened to you?"

"These dreams. That's what happened. And I'm having a serious Oreo withdrawal." Anna started laughing and I couldn't help smiling. Anna caught up with me and put an arm round me shoulders.

"If you find any Oreos, I call dibs. On one of them at least."

"Nah, I called dibs on the whole box!"

"Kaitlyn?" Anna stopped and I thought she found or heard something and I turned around to see her looking at the cliff face. I didn't see what she was seeing, because I didn't notice how far away I had walked from her. Am I losing it? "How could you not see that? We nearly walked past it can you believe it!" I ran to join her and I saw it as I stopped next to her.

In front of us was a very small crevasse, and a small cool breeze came from it, and the feeling scared me. I noticed that I was extremely cold just looking at it. Was it this that made the whole forest cold? As far as I could see into the crevasse, I couldn't see any steps-

"But it's better than nothing." I spoke my thoughts aloud and lead the way into the crevasse, wishing I did have some sort of control over what happened in my dreams. If only this was like Narnia and I could imagine some big fluffy coats. What would I give for that? The crevasse was big enough for me to walk in freely, but I couldn't make out anything in the sky except what I could see straight ahead of me. The sandstone felt hard and fresh. I brushed my hands against I and no grains came free off. I heard Anna doing the same. The deeper we got inside, the more claustrophobic I became and it reminded me of that god awful chamber.

I stopped and sighed a breath of life and relief.

I could see a set of eroded stairs or steps of the sedimentary layers and ran to them, Anna close behind, but she gasped like she wanted to say something. I reached the top and stretched and fell on the grass.


"Land! Real land! Grass! Oh my lord! Thank you mind! Smell that Anna? Grass!" Was I having a hissy emotional fit about grass? Oh well, I never realized how much there wasn't any in that god awful forest.

"I definitely know this place."

I looked towards Anna from where I was sprawled on the ground and her face was full of sadness and her eyes squinted against the scenery. She pointed to my right side and I looked in that direction, and being on the ground, saw nothing, so I stood.

I saw a coast line. I saw the sea.

"Where are we?"

"This place is called Devils Breath. The cold feels abnormal and animals can't stand it here, because this place has a real bad history. People used to come here for the view of the ocean all the time, because there is nothing like it anywhere else in America. Since the sixties, a series of murders have been happening here. There were killings in 61, 71, and 81 and so on. Its 2011 now. People, as in severe religious types, believe this is the devils nest, and he creates the barren life here. Hence, Devils Breath." Anna walked over to the edge of what I noticed was a large roof of the cave. Her face was mournful. It felt like she hadn't finished, so I didn't say anything. Anna finally sat down on crossed legs and looked at me, gave a small smile, and started plucking the grass.

"Do you have a past or something? You just look horrible since you noticed where we were." I started plucking the grass, splitting it and blowing into it, like I used to when I was a kid. No whistle is coming out. Not even a sound.

"I had a friend up here. I was staying at her house and it was New Years Eve, we were about seven and we thought it would be funny because we didn't do anything for Halloween, to come in this forest. I came to the edge of the cliff face, and didn't follow the crevasse, but Lily did carry on going. I shouted for her to come back but she never did. Not alive anyway. I ran back as soon as I lost her and told mum and dad but…" Anna looked away and took a deep breath. I was sitting next to her rubbing her back.

"What happened in the end?"

"In the end, Lily was found on new year's day, all her blood gone and flies all over her. It was like something stripped all her dignity. She had slashes all over her like a whip or a knife." Anna picked through the ground for stones and gathered a pile. She threw a stone towards the ocean. No sound came back.

"She was murdered. I'm sorry." I took another stone and threw it towards the ocean. I didn't hear anything.

"She wasn't murdered. She was slaughtered. There was no way a human could do that damage to a girl." Another stone, no sound.

"You think it was the Devil?" I gave up on the stones and just focused on the grass.

"No, I think the stone did it." I frowned, my thoughts stopped suddenly.

"How could the stone do that? We don't even though if the stone has been around for that long." I lean on my knees and look at Anna as if she were crazy. That was the point where things in the dream started to change.

I started to hear a moan, like a man in pain, but it didn't feel genuine, it felt like a sick trick. Anna turned towards the steps and moved her hair away from her face. She scrunched her face. "What was that?"

"I have no idea."

"I don't want to stay here for too long. Anyway, like we learned, the stones can be alive in their own way. This one could really be alive and killing people. Like Lily." Anna pulled me up when she stood. The wind was becoming strong and even colder. I looked at the grass and saw frost building from the dew. That was left behind. The wind wasn't coming from the ocean, but the forest.

"Lilly was killed on new years eve of 2001. She was in the year 2000 when she died."

"No she wasn't. Coroners examined her; she'd only been dead for six hours. Lily was the first kill of 2001." I turned towards the crevasse again. Another groan.

"Is it me or is that getting louder?" I started shivering and Anna held my hand. Her breath was ragged, and she was freezing. She nodded her eyes wide with fear. I noticed she actually hadn't told me where this place was. But I had another question.

"Why is it called Devils Breath? I know it's extremely cold but hell is a pit of fire, not ice." Anna looked at me like I was stupid and shook her head.

"There are layers to hell. Each layer representing their crimes and sins. The deepest level is treachery. That was the first sin committed, ever, and why Lucifer was sent down, so therefore, it is the deepest and coldest sin. The whole entire level is prophesied to be completely covered in ice. It's fitting that it's here actually. This is said to be the coldest state in America." There…it clicked, why I didn't get it before.

"ALASKA! This place is Alaska? We have to go to the opposite side of Canada so we can go to Alaska?" I turned quickly and the groan became a shout, of rage, and fury. I saw something like darkness and shadows creeping in from the crevasse. It mad my skin crawl. I grabbed Anna's hand.

"Yes! It's Nome! You know, alien abductions and a dog saving the whole town…ever seen Balto?" Anna was walking quickly with me and then resisted my pull on her.

"Yes, yes, I've seen it, but we need to get out of this dream. We've been in it way too long. I think that crystal is holding us here."

"So what are we going to do?"

"We're going to get out of this dream. Inception style." I grinned at her and was near the edge.

"You mean we're jumping! Into the ocean?" Yeah, she got the jist quick. I stood now, at the edge and I felt the cold become unbearable, and I was afraid of looking behind me to see something I didn't like. But I was too tempted. I looked. Anna did too.

We froze, and we were so scared we couldn't scream.

The thing look like it just came out of Harry Potter or something. It was completely black, and gave a harsh shout that stopped my heart. It reached towards us and all I could see was blood covered hands. It looked like bad style monster and horror fest.

"Let's do it." Anna tugged and I nodded. We counted to three.

And we jumped, the falling feeling taking over-

"AHHHHHHH." I sat forward and breathed deeply. In the car, Gabriel looked at me with total concern and Anna slumped next to me breathing deeply.

"Are you alright? What happened? Do you know where we're going?" Rob asked as her drove on down a motor way.

"What direction are we travelling in?" I directed it to Gabriel.

"We're going straight west and we're in Canada. Why?"

"Keep going. We're going to Alaska."

"Why were you screaming?" before I could answer, Anna's head popped up.

"I'm never doing cliff diving again. Never ever. That was horrible." Anna made grotesque sounds that sounded like she was puking but I knew it was for jokes sake.

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