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Beep beep beep beep

I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock, aiming to turn it off. Unfortunately, my aim was off and instead, I knocked it on to the floor. I groaned when I still heard the alarm going off, only slightly muffled by the carpet. I threw my torso over the edge of the bed and yanked the plug out of the wall.

I must've forgotten to turn off the preset alarm. It was six o' clock in the freaking morning on a Saturday. Well, now that I had been rudely awakened by my alarm clock there was no way I could fall back asleep. I rolled myself over and sat up on the edge of my bed. I ran a hand through my messy dark brown hair and sighed, staring down at my black Dead Hand t-shirt and black and white plaid pants I had worn to bed. Getting up out of bed I made my way to my bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror.

My jade green eyes stared back at me and I had an out of control bed head as well as rumpled pajamas. I laughed to myself…and at myself. I decided to get something to eat, and then maybe watch some television. I was supposed to meet Clare, who was now my girlfriend, at the Dot for lunch, but it was way too early to get ready for that.

I started down the stairs, but suddenly stopped when I realized that there were no lights on downstairs. My mom was usually up by this time, even on Saturdays, because of her work. However, it was as quiet as could be down there. I went back up the stairs and knocked lightly on my mom's door.

"Mom..? Mom are you awake?" I asked.

"Yes, Eli," I heard my mom say. I frowned. She didn't sound like herself.

"Um…why aren't you getting ready for work? Don't you have to go today?"

"Oh…" she paused. "Yes, I have to go. I was just getting a little extra sleep. I'll get ready now."

"O-okay. Um…I'm going to go get breakfast. Would you like some?"

"No, I'm fine. Go ahead and eat honey."

I went down the stairs, still frowning, and turned on the lights, walking into the kitchen. My mom didn't seem like herself and it was really worrying me. She was normally fixing breakfast for herself by this time, but she wasn't even out of bed. I decided that I was going to go check on her after I had eaten breakfast.

I pulled some Lucky Charms and a bowl out of the upper cabinet, and poured some into the bowl. And yeah, I know what you're thinking. Sorry I don't have any Goth cereal to eat. Then I grabbed some milk and poured it over the cereal while grabbing a spoon from the drawer with my free hand. I took my cereal bowl to the table and sat down, stuffing my mouth with a spoonful of Lucky Charms.

But my stomach still felt uneasy about my mom. I put down the spoon, still chewing my cereal, and bounded up the stairs and towards my mom's room. She still wasn't in the bathroom. I knocked on her door, but she didn't answer.

"Mom?" I called out. Still no answer. I turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. My mom was lying in bed, curled up in a ball and unmoving. I ran over to her and shook her shoulder.

"Mom? Mom! Mom, wake up!" I began to get frantic. I rolled her over and noticed the sweat on her face and that her chest was barely rising and falling. I felt her forehead, the heat practically scalding my palm. My mom was deathly sick.

I snatched the phone off of her nightstand and pounded three numbers. 9-1-1.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"My mom, she's really sick! She's barely breathing!" I screamed.

"Okay, calm down. What's your location?"

"My house!" I gave them the address.

"Okay, we're sending paramedics to your location." I hung up the phone, not bothering to say thank you, because frankly, my brains were too scattered to remember any manners. I held my mom's hand and squeezed gently, praying that she'd be okay.

I had been sitting in the hospital waiting room for three freaking hours without any word about my mom. I was still dressed in my pajamas, obviously not having any time to change. I leaned back in the chair and sighed, staring at the ceiling. I wasn't a very religious person, but I said a quick prayer, hoping that things would be okay. After ANOTHER hour passed, a doctor came into the waiting room.

"Elijah Goldsworthy?" He asked me.

"Yeah," I said standing up, and shoving my hands in my pajama pants.

"Well, your mom has a severe case of the flu. We'll have to keep her here for a few days and monitor her to keep her stable. How long has she been feeling this way?" I looked at the ground.

"Well, since this morning I guess. She was fine last night…but she did go to bed early because she said she was tired. And she had to go to work this morning and usually she's up way before me, but I got up and she was still in bed. And when I went to check on her, she was sweating and had a fever." I looked up at the doctor. "Is she going to be okay?" I asked him.

"She should be fine as long as she gets some rest. Does she have a husband?"

"Yeah, he's at work, I can call him. Um…can I see her?"

"I don't think that's a good idea. Her immune system is weak, and you may be bringing in some outside germs that could make her even worse. But be sure to come back tomorrow, or call and check on her. She'll be glad to hear from you." I sunk back down into the chair. The doctor leaned down and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Why don't you go home and get some rest?" I gave a small nod and left the hospital. I started in the direction of my house, not being able to drive since I rode in the ambulance here and left Morty at home. Once I got home, I trudged right up the stairs and to my room, collapsing into the bed.

As I rolled over and groaned, I looked at the clock. It was about eleven, and I was supposed to meet Clare in an hour. I forced myself out of bed and into the shower, knowing that my mom wouldn't want me to be fretting over her. I let the hot water roll down my skin and loosen my tense muscles. After I had washed my hair and body, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my towel around my waist. I combed the knots out of my hair and set the comb back down on the counter, sighing. I put on some deodorant, and walked back into my room. I pulled my black acid wash skinny jeans out of my closet along with a black button down. I pulled some boxers out of my drawer and pulled them on, along with my skinny jeans. I slipped my shit on and buttoned it, then took out my black suspenders and clipped them onto my jeans, letting them hang down. I stepped into my black Vans, grabbed the keys to Morty, and was out the door on the way to the Dot to meet Clare.

I pulled up to the Dot and cut Morty's engine, pocketing the keys and walking inside. I saw Clare, and she smiled at me and waved. I gave her a small head nod as my acknowledgement and walked over, sitting down across from her.

"Hey Eli."

"Hi." She frowned.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah…I'm...fine," I replied, not wanting to bother Clare with my problems.

"Um…okay. Anyway, I'm so excited. My parents have stopped fighting for a while, and we're going to dinner tonight. They said they're going to try and get along so that this day can be special for me," she said with a huge smile on her face.

"Why should today be special?" I asked her, confused. Her smile fell.

"You're kidding, right?" I shook my head no. "Ha-ha. Very funny Eli."

"I'm not joking." I said.

"Oh my gosh. I can't believe you forgot!" She yelled, standing up. People started to stare at us.

"Clare! Calm down, what did I forget?"

"You know what?" She said, grabbing her purse. "I'll let you figure that out." And with that, she stormed out. I sat there, watching her retreating figure with my mouth agape, wondering what in the world I had forgotten that could've caused that big of a reaction out of her. I rubbed my temples and walked outside, getting into Morty and driving back home.

I picked up the phone and dialed the hospital's number, asking for my mom. They put me through to her and when she picked up, I smiled.

"Hey mom. How are you feeling?"

"Eli. It's so nice to hear from you. And I feel like I got hit by a truck," she let out a small laugh. I laughed along with her. She didn't normally admit when she was feeling bad. "I hope you didn't stay home and mope around."

"No mom, I didn't." I said with a smile. "I went out to meet Clare at the Dot…but she got mad at me, but I have no idea why."

"What do you mean you don't know why?"

"She didn't know how I could possibly forget about this and when I asked her what the heck she was talking about, she told me to figure it out on my own."



"When is Clare's birthday?"


I forgot her birthday.

"Elijah, watch your language!" Apparently I had said that out loud.

"S-sorry." I sputtered. "This can't be good," I groaned. I had been preparing for her birthday for weeks, trying to find the best present and I finally did. And yet, somehow, I forgot.

"You do have a present, don't you?" My mom asked.

"Of course I do, I'm not THAT bad a boyfriend." I could practically see my mom smiling on the other end of the phone. "Mom, what do I do?"

"Make it up to her!"


"Eli, I know you're smart enough to figure that out! Now, you shouldn't be on the phone with me right now, you should be getting your tail over to Clare's house to apologize."

"You're right. Oh my god, thank you so much mom."

"You're welcome. Now go. Bye." I laughed and hung up the phone, grabbing the little velvet box off of my dresser and running outside to Morty. I gunned the engine and sped off to Clare's house.

Once I got there, I ran up the steps and rang the doorbell. When Clare answered the door, she looked at me, crossed her arms, and glared.

"Clare, I feel like the worst boyfriend ever. I'm so sorry I totally forgot your birthday. It's just that my mom got really sick and I had to take her to the hospital, but I still shouldn't have forgotten your birthday. But fortunately, I'm not THAT bad of a boyfriend," I handed her the box, breathless. She raised an eyebrow and looked at me curiously.

"Open it." I said. She opened box and gasped. Inside was a necklace. On the necklace was a medium sized, sparkly skull with hearts for eyes.

"Oh my gosh, Eli I love it," she said, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"I knew you would. And I have another gift, just in case you still don't forgive me for forgetting your birthday."

"What is it?" I swept her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers. I kissed her with all the passion I had in my body, pressing her gently against the door with my arms around her waist. She froze for a few seconds, surprised, but she kissed back, putting her arms around my neck. I licked her bottom lip, and she let me in. Our tongues danced and after a good five minutes, I pulled back.

"All is forgiven," she said breathlessly. I smiled and pulled her inside, closing the door behind us.

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