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Now, this is a RAPE, so if you don't like that, don't read.

A battle yowl made Spottedleaf jump while applying the poultice of cobwebs to Runningwind's wounds. "ShadowClan, attack!"

Runningwind growled and shouldered past Spottedleaf. Flicking his tail briefly in goodbye, he lunged out of the medicine cat den and into the chaos that was going on outside.

Spottedleaf wished briefly she could be of some help, but she knew that even though she had basic fight training, as all medicine cats did, that it wouldn't amount to much if she faced a well-seasoned ShadowClan warrior. Besides, where would the Clan be if it was without a medicine cat? No, she told herself, I must stay here.

But still, she found herself pacing and flicking her ears nervously as she shakily prepared poultices for after the battle. What about Firepaw? she fretted, anxious about the ginger apprentice.

A growl voiced behind her, and she spun around, fur bristling ever so slightly. Was it a warrior, who'd been hurt so badly in the battle that they couldn't continue fighting? In the dim light, she could just barely make his form out.

No, she realized, drawing in a quick breath of air. That wasn't ThunderClan scent. That was...

A dark brown battled-scarred tom shouldered his way aggressively towards her, and Spottedleaf took a timid step back. "Who are you?" she challenged. "Surely ShadowClan need their warriors outside, where your Clan is currently viciously attacking my Clan without any good reason," she meowed pointedly.

"Oh, I think ShadowClan can last without me... if only for a little while," he said gruffly, taking another threatening pawstep closer.

"Well, surely you have no business being in here. I'm no threat to ShadowClan; I'm a medicine cat. StarClan don't take kindly to cats who attack medicine cats..." she hissed. Her voice was thick with anger, but inside she was shaking with fear.

"StarClan is the last thing on my mind right now..." growled the tom.

"If you thi-" Spottedleaf's mew was cut short as something barreled into her, knocking her to the ground. In the dark, all she could see were his two gleaming eyes.

But they weren't focused; they were clouded with an unreadable emotion.

"Stay down," he hissed in her ear, his hot, smelly breath causing Spottedleaf to gag.

She began to thrash, but her breath caught in her throat as she felt an indescribable jolt of pain in her right leg, and she looked up to see the dark warrior's claws buried in her foreleg.

"They call me Clawface for a reason," he hissed in her face. "Why do you think my mother named me Clawkit?"

Clawface raised a paw, unsheathing the claws, and Spottedleaf choked when she saw the length of them. They were black, long and hooked, and sharper than even Tigerclaw's claws.

"Now, are you going to listen to me, and keep quiet? Or will this be harder than it has to be..." He put pressure on the claw he had pressed against her throat, and a small drop of blood welled up where he had it pressed.

Spottedleaf would have shaken her head, but she didn't want to risk Clawface's claw being driven into her throat, so she simply widened her eyes and remained silent, hoping he'd get the idea.

"Good," he growled. What was he going to do to her?

The weight suddenly left her body, and she began to stand up, when something cool and wet pressed against her most secret parts. "Oh!" she gasped, her legs wobbling and collapsing to the floor. "Ohhh..."

Clawface raised his head, his eyes gleaming, and licked his nose. Plunging back down, he lifted a paw, placing it carefully on her core, and began to slowly move it in circles. Just when Spottedleaf thought she could take no more, he pulled it away, and she hissed softly. But before she could say anything, something warm and wet pressed against her steaming, dripping center, and she dug her claws into the ground, yowling in ecstasy.

Clawface smiled to himself, swirling his tongue in circles. Pulling his tongue away, he extended his head forward. Using his nose to gently caress her core, he lowered a paw and softly stroked his quickly growing length. It will come, he reminded himself. Soon, soon. For now, he would just enjoy playing with her.

Spottedleaf clawed at the ground, tearing up bits of dirt and ripping the herbs scattered on the ground to shreds. His slow, precise movements were killing her, and she gritted her teeth, trying not to give him the pleasure of her cooperation. But she couldn't hold back a moan when he plunged his tongue inside her, licking hungrily at her innermost walls. "Oh, Firepaw!" she moaned, writhing. She could just imagine the flame colored apprentice standing over her, pleasuring her, his beautiful green eyes gleaming with love.

The blood roaring in her ears, Spottedleaf cried out, and white, milky liquid spurted out onto the ground behind her. Clawface greedly lapped the steaming liquid up, his eyes gleaming with lust, and lifted his head. Bits of white were tangled in his long whiskers.

Spottedleaf's sense returned, the pleasure of the orgasm leaving her, and she growled, trying to struggle to her paws. "Oh no, sweetheart," Clawface growled. "I'm not through with you yet."

Advancing slowly, he pushed her head to the ground, using his claws to hold her flailing forelegs down. Positioning his rear over her head, and his head directly above her belly, he paused, savoring the moment.

Spottedleaf drew back in fear at the tom's member directly above her face. A mouse-length long shaft of pink flesh had ermeged from its furry casing, and was pulsing rapidly. She could practically feel the heat emanating from it, begging for attention.

Clawface, thoroughly enjoying her fear, decided he couldn't wait any longer. Not wasting another heartbeat, he plunged downwards, into her mouth, and backed up so that he was practically sitting on her face.

Spottedleaf gagged on the long, fleshy length, trying to spit it out, but claws digging into her legs quickly removed that idea from her head. She choked, swirling her tongue around it experimentally. Maybe if she gave him what he wanted, she'd get out of this alive...

Clawface growled in pleasure, automatically thrusting deeper into her mouth, causing her to cough in a muffled sort of way. He grinned evilly to himself, enjoying every second of it, his eyes shut in bliss. Thrusting once more, harder than he thought possible, her head smacked against a rock, and she fell unmoving on her side. He slid off of her, exhausted, onto the floor, and landed on his back, his length sticking straight up in the air.

((A/N: Spottedleaf got knocked in the head hard enough to not knock her out, but... sort of knock her out. She's doing everything in the italics, but it looks different to her than to Clawface, obviously.))

Spottedleaf's mind spun, stars dotting her vision. Cracking her eyes open, she saw Firepaw before her, Her eyes filled with lust, she approached him carefully. In her mind, it was Firepaw she saw laying there, not Clawface.

"Oh, Firepaw," the tortoiseshell medicine cat purred seductively, approaching the fiery ginger tom slowly. Her tail curled over her back, and she carefully weaved her body, showing off her pretty tortoiseshell features, purring all the while. Firepaw's green eyes gleamed in anticipation, filled with love and lust, as she bent over his rear. Lying on his back, her length stuck up in the air, at the perfect position for Spottedleaf to achieve her objective. She carefully flicked the pulsing tip with her tongue, slowly at first, and Firepaw gasped beneath her.

Next she licked it hard, rubbing her rough tongue on it and causing Firepaw to dig his claws into the ground beside taking the end in her mouth, she began digging her tongue into the tiny slit on the top, slurping loudly. Firepaw yowled, writhing beneath her, and began thrusting forward into her mouth. Finally, the tension climaxed, and sticky white fluid shot out of his penis. Most of it landed in Spottedleaf's mouth, but some fell to the ground, where Spottedleaf quickly licked it up. Turning back to Firepaw, he meowed, "You're my best she-cat yet. I can't wait to get into that tight hole of yours!"

Spottedleaf took a step back. This wasn't like Firepaw at all. Blinking, her vision cleared, and standing before her was Clawface, not Firepaw. She hissed at him, angry at herself for being fooled.

Clawface growled, lunging at her, and pinning her to the ground again. Forcing her to crouch, he stood behind her, and rubbed his member against her opening, making her shake with anticipation and fear. Biting onto her scruff, he plunged into her, moaning.

Spottedleaf cried out in pain, feeling her inside walls being torn up. Why her? The pain grew, then turned into a numb, buzzing feeling. It still hurt, but in a different way now.

She didn't know how long it had been when she finally heard Clawface yowl in ecstasy, and when she felt him fill her up, but from the way her insides burned she knew it must have been a while. As he exited her, she fell to the ground, exhausted. "Please," she begged. "Is it over?"

Clawface chuckled evilly. "Yes, it's over. For you, anyway." Leaning forward, he grabbed her by the scruff and flipped her over. She tried to swipe at him, but before she could land a blow his claws met the flesh at her neck.

Choking black darkness overwhelmed her, and her last thought before she was swallowed up by the wave was, I'm sorry, Firepaw.

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