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Pairings: GrimIchi, RenIchi, UryuIchi, NnoiIchi, and others TBA

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Warnings: strong language.

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Nobody wants him
They just turn their heads
Nobody helps him
Now he has his revenge

Iron Man -Black Sabbath

The five-year-old boy in the blue raincoat ran, not caring that his pants were getting wet from the puddles left over from the rain. The only thought in his head was the need to get as far away as he could from the bullies that had been harrassing him ever since his first week of kindergarten. He still had no idea what he had done to any of them, but these seven boys constantly picked on him and made his life a living hell. He had told his parents, but that had only turned into an argument. His mother had told him he should tell a teacher and had made phone calls to the other boys' parents, but that had only resulted in them picking on him even more. His father had encouraged him to fight back and had even enrolled him in karate classes, but against seven other boys he didn't stand a chance.

"There he is!"

He looked over shoulder and saw his enemies: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Nnoitra Jiruga, Ikkaku Madarame, and Renji Abarai. Grimmjow considered himself the leader of the small group, but all four mostly just did what they wanted. Grimmjow had blue hair that made it easy to see him coming from far away. Nnoitra, on the other hand, was tall and skinny with shoulder-length black hair and always wore an eye patch because he liked to pretend he was a pirate. Ikkaku was a rough kid but was very sensitive when it came to his hair. Kids who pointed out he didn't have any soon regretted it. Last, but not least, was the redhead Renji. He wasn't the smartest boy in the group, but he was good at fighting for a four-year-old and liked to pull Ichigo up by his short locks of strawberry blond hair before punching him in the face. For the four of them, beating up the "crybaby" was the best game recess had to offer.

As the boy risked another glance back he ran into someone and fell to the wet ground. An extremely pale boy with black hair and green eyes turned and looked down at him. His face was expressionless as he muttered the only word he ever used when referring to the other boy.

"Trash," said Ulquiorra Cifer, bully number five. He flexed his hand as if he were debating whether or not to beat the small boy for running into him.

"Oh my, are you alright?" Yumichika Ayasegawa asked Ulquiorra with concern. He was a preppie who had disliked the blond simply because he only liked beautiful people, and he didn't deem the boy beautiful enough. He had chin-length black hair and always taped red and yellow feathers to the side of his face. He was a snob, but he wasn't as bad as the boy standing next to him...

"Really, that raincoat was outdated last year. You really should update your wardrobe, Crybaby," Uryu Ishida muttered, pushing his glasses up his nose with a disgusted expression.


The boy was suddenly yanked up by the back of his jacket and slammed into a flagpole. He turned his head to the side and saw Grimmjow grinning evilly at him moments before the larger boy twisted his right wrist until he cried out in pain. "What's the matter, Crybaby, mama isn't here to comfort you?" he taunted, laughing as he shoved Ichigo back down to the ground.

"What do you think we should do to him this time?" Ikkaku asked, toying with a stick he had found on the playground.

"I suggest disposing of that insult to clothing he is wearing," Uryu suggested before walking off. He wasn't friends with the other boys, but none of them liked the boy they called "Crybaby."

"Nah, that's too easy," said Nnoitra as he crouched down next to "Crybaby" and pulled the boy's head up by his hair. A grin spread across his face when he saw tears forming in the other boy's large brown eyes. "Aw look, he's gonna cry," he laughed. The boy was suddenly pulled from his grasp, and Nnoitra looked up in irritation to see Renji smirking down at him.

"Don't talk so loud or the teachers will come," the redhead told the others as he started pulling on Ichigo's sleeves, intent on ripping the coat like Uryu had suggested.

"Stop it!" the boy cried. He tried to break free from his tormenter's hold, but Ikkaku hit him in the stomach with the stick. The boy winced as another ripping sound tore through the air and Ikkaku hit Ichigo again on his right side, adding another tear to his coat.

Not wanting to be left out, Nnoitra and Grimmjow stepped forward and simultaneously punched him in the stomach, Grimmjow following it up with another punch to the face. The boy finally broke down and allowed fresh tears to fall from his eyes as the other boys beat him up. He swung his arms at them blindly, but it wasn't very effective and they soon shoved him to the ground and started kicking him.

The seven boys heard a whistle over the sound of their victim's sobs, and when they looked accross the schoolyard they spotted a teacher running towards them. Deciding it would be better to run and face the consequences later rather than sooner, all of the boys took off with the exception of Ulquiorra. The black haired boy stayed behind and coolly observed the boy curled up on the ground. He lay in the fetal position crying, but when he realized Ulquiorra wasn't moving he slowly looked up, fearful of being hit again. However, Ulquiorra merely stared at the other boy, his face as emotionless as ever. He glanced up and saw the teacher coming, but he knew the blond man had seen them all so there was no point in running like a coward.

"Trash." Face still turned up to his tormentor, the boy felt spit hit his cheek.

"Oh my god, Kurosaki-kun, that's horrible!" Orihime Inoue exclaimed, clamping herself around the arm of a seventeen-year-old with bright orange hair named Ichigo Kurosaki. The teen sighed at the interruption and glanced down at the big-chested girl that always clung to him every chance she got.

"I think your story is a bunch of bullshit. I've beaten ya up lots of times and ya never cried," sneered Shiro, another of Ichigo's friends. He leaned back in his chair, resting his arms behind a head of snowy white hair. He was considered one of the "freaks" at their school becase he was an albino and had yellow eyes. It didn't help that Shiro actively encouraged the other students to dislike him with his rude, childish, and sleazy behavior.

"That was twelve years ago and he was against seven people, not an albino idiot," said a teen sporting wavy black hair and a dark trench coat with white fur around the collar. Tensa was one of the smartest kids in their entire school and had become close friends with Ichigo when they started secondary school. He had introduced him to Shiro, who was mooching off of Tensa and his father, Zangetsu, since his parents had abandoned him.

"No one asked ya, polefucker," Shiro snarled at Tensa, who narrowed his eyes and slowly stood. The action only made Shiro smirk and pull his chair back as well.

"Should I separate them?" asked Chad, the first friend Ichigo had ever made. Chad had curly dark brown hair with long bangs that covered his brown eyes. Unlike his albino friend, Chad was very quiet and said little.

"No, let them settle it," sigh Ichigo as Shiro tackled Tensa across the table.

"So Kurosaki-kun, your hair wasn't always orange? It was more blond? I bet you looked adorable," Orihime gushed with stars in her eyes.

"Yeah..." Ichigo looked at his friend with concern. Sometimes she would go off in her own little world and sit there for hours on end daydreaming about god-knows-what. He figured that some things were probably better left unknown. "It didn't turn orange until I was about eight years old," he finished with a shrug.

"So what happened then?" Chad asked, encouraging his friend to continue. Muffled yelling was heard from the teens brawling in the background, but the three did their best to ignore it.

"They continued to beat me up, rip my clothes, spit, bite, punch, and kick me until my dad got a job out here two months later," Ichigo replied, feeling a twinge of old anger for all the pain those kids had put him through. He had never brought it up around his new friends, having no desire to relive those dreadful memories, but that was before he'd found out he was moving back to Karakura Town. His dad had gotten a job at the hospital and they were willing to pay him more than what he made here.

"I'm so sorry, Kurosaki-kun. Maybe you won't see them again," Orihime said hopefully just as a white blur flew across the room. The three friends glanced over to see Tensa sitting down quietly like nothing had happened. Shiro lay sprawled on the floor inches from the table with a heated glare fixed on the black haired boy.

"I already checked it out. They're all still there." Ichigo pulled away from Orihime and folded his arms on the table before resting his head on them. Those punks had given him nightmares for years, and now he was going to face them again. He had been so happy when he found out he was moving. It meant a new beginning and it had gone even better than he'd dared to hope. Unlike in Karakura Town, he had made new friends almost instantly; first with Chad and then with many other kids. Before he knew it, he had become one of the most popular kids in school. Everyone liked him: the jocks, the cheerleaders, the chess club, the goths, both the popular and the unpopular. Now he was going back to zero again.

"Hm, well, aibou, there is something you could do." Shiro grinned as he scooted closer to Ichigo's other side. He wrapped an arm around his friend and pulled him close. "Ya could get revenge," he suggested, and watched as a scowl formed on Ichigo's face.

"And I could get the shit beat out of me again, no thanks," Ichigo muttered, shrugging Shiro's arm off his shoulder.

"I'm not talkin' about beating them up; I'm talking about getting them where it hurts. Ya can make them fall for ya, and then you can humiliate them," Shiro told him, an insane grin spreading across his face.

"No, that wouldn't-" As Ichigo shook his head, Shiro finally lost his temper. He grabbed his friend by the shoulders and spun him so they were face to face.

"Don't give me none of that crap. Aibou, you're a knockout. Have you not noticed everyone in the school eye-fucking you? Everyone, man or woman, has been trying to get your number. You could really do this, and then you can have the last laugh." Ichigo stared into Shiro's golden eyes. It was a bit scary when the albino started making sense, and even scarier that he was actually considering his suggestion.

"Ichigo, you're listening to Shiro. When was the last time he said anything intelligent?" Tensa muttered, ignoring the glare Shiro shot at him.

"No, he might have a point," Ichigo whispered, a small smile forming on his lips.

"Won't they recognize your name?" Chad pointed out, feeling a little concerned that Ichigo was seriously considering going through with this. If those boys figured out what Ichigo was doing they could leave him in a coma.

"Not really; they never used my name. They always called me 'Crybaby'," Ichigo muttered, spitting out the old nickname with distaste. Just saying it made him burn with the desire to get revenge on the boys who had made his early childhood a living hell.

"See, there ain't no problem, and if ya ever need some help ya got my number on speed dial and I can be down there in two hours," Shiro told his orange haired friend, delighted to see him slowly coming over to the dark side. He didn't have any doubt that the plan would succeed. As he had said earlier, Ichigo was sex on legs. That soft, unruly orange hair that didn't hide those deep brown eyes; the smooth skin of his jaw that was still without a hint of stubble; those kissable pink lips that made even Shiro's heart melt when his friend's tongue ran over them ... Shiro closed his eyes and crossed his legs as he felt himself developing a hard-on just from thinking of Ichigo. And that was only the teen's face.

"Hey," Orihime interrupted once again, "why are we all sitting around like this when it's Kurosaki-kun's last night here? After all, I made a catfish sponge cake!" she exclaimed cheerfully, oblivious to the way her friends' faces went pale at the mention of her cooking.

The conversation about what Ichigo would or would not do was soon forgotten as the boys sat in front of the television and started playing a game on the PS3 while Orihime sat behind them on the couch cheering Kurosaki-kun on. There was a surfeit of swearing, name-calling, and even a few punches on the shoulder here and there before it got late and the boys had to leave. Ichigo caught a ride with Tensa and Shiro after saying goodbye to Chad and Orihime.

"So, what's it gonna be?" Shiro asked Ichigo, looking behind him into the back seat where the orange haired teen was sitting.

"Ichigo, remember: 'Those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves'," Tensa recited in hopes that his friend would come to his senses.

"Yeah well, there's also 'don't get mad, get even'," Shiro shot back. Looking into the rearview mirror, he saw hesitation in his friend's face. "Come on, Crybaby, are you a man or a pussy?" he barked.

Ichigo's eyes narrowed. "They'll be the ones crying when I'm done," he muttered, crossing his arms over his chest and looking out the window. He heard Tensa sigh, but he ignored it. His anger towards those bullies had been building up all these years, and now it was time for some payback!

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Those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves. - Phaedrus

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