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That morning, Rukia stood by her locker with her back facing her classmates. She had searched for Ichigo outside, but hadn't been able to spot his bright orange hair (and it was really hard to miss). She didn't want to admit it, but she was beginning to grow a little concerned. After all, Renji wasn't a person you wanted to mess with in a fight. He may not be as strong as some of his friends, but he could certainly hold his own and she didn't know Ichigo well enough to know if he could handle a situation like that if it came up.

Stupid, she thought to herself and glanced over to her right to see Renji walking down the hall. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she noticed he didn't seem affected in the least bit by the day before. Did he even meet with him? She shifted her eyes back to her locker when she heard him walk over and begin talking to Nnoitra. She reached into her locker and grabbed a stray piece of paper and crumpled it up in her hand.

He didn't do anything? She bit her lip and felt her hand shake slightly. She had to admit it, she hated Renji. The feeling hadn't always been there, but he had created it. That story she had told Ichigo was only part of the truth, leaving out the harsher details to reduce her own pain. The truth was, she had grown to love Renji and the bastard had broken her heart.

Two Months Ago

Rukia sat at her desk waiting for the professor to finally stop talking and end their first class. She was worried about Renji and noticed he had been more quiet than usual this morning. He did not greet her with a kiss or a hug, and when she smiled at him he turned his head away. It had been only three days ago that they had been intimate with each other and since then, he hadn't called or wanted to see her. She knew some of the things she was into were on the…odd side, but that was just how she was. Besides, Renji was someone special to her and she'd wanted her first time to be a night she would remember.

"Okay class, we're all done for the day, make sure to study chapters four and six!" the professor finally called, causing books to slam shut and get shoved into book bags. Students raced out the door, Rukia among them. Renji's first class was near her locker and she hoped to catch him before he left for his second one. She rushed through the hallway, not paying attention to some of the weird looks she was receiving or snickers from her fellow classmates. She ignored them, her mind focussed on finding Renji.

She smiled when she finally saw the redhead talking with Ikkaku and Nnoitra across from their classroom and slowly approached her boyfriend. It wasn't until she saw Nnoitra snicker and whisper something to Renji that her boyfriend turned and stared down at her. Her smile faltered the slightest when he scowled down at her and rolled his eyes.

"What the fuck do you want?" he snorted at her, stopping her in her place. She stared at him in confusion and noticed Ikkaku and Nnoitra grinning from behind him.

"I haven't seen you in three days and this is how you greet me? Some boyfriend you are," Rukia muttered, shock running through her at his words. He had never spoken to her like that before and she was a little thrown off. Did I say something wrong? No…the last time we were together we…she thought, not helping her confusion.

"I'm not your boyfriend you little slut!" He shouted the last word loud so the entire hallway could hear. People stopped passing by and stared at them while others halted their conversation to find out what was going on. Eyes were on her and she felt her face go red in embarrassment. "Don't you guys all know?" He smirked as he looked around. "She sleeps around with anyone. All you got to do is buy her dinner and then she's an easy lay!" he barked and a few people in the crowd started laughing. She heard someone comment how he would like to 'get her into bed' and an 'I'll take that bitch anytime'.

"Renji," she whispered, her face red with humiliation.

Renji stepped closer to her and bent down. "Now you know how it feels," he whispered in her ear, brushing a stray tear that rolled down her cheek. She narrowed her eyes before slapping the hand away and took a step back.

"You're nothing but an asshole. I asked you if you wanted to do that, and you said yes. It wasn't until we started that you starting crying like a-" she snapped at him before she felt him slap her across the face. It wasn't hard and didn't sting, but she felt more of her dignity being slapped away. She raised a hand to her cheek and glared up at her now ex-boyfriend.

"Why?" she whispered and he looked down at her mockingly. It seemed everyone around them had grown tired of the small show and continued to their next class. "Why did you go out with me? Why did you…sleep with me if you hated me this much?" she muttered under her breath and saw the bastard smirk.

"Truthfully, I only went out with you because I wanted to go out with your brother. I've wanted to get with him for a long time, and you seemed to be the perfect person to bring me closer to him. If I had known he was dating someone I wouldn't have bothered," Renji answered, looking down at the black haired girl who had disgust and anger written all over her face. He knew by breaking up with her and treating her this way he was blowing any chance of ever getting together with Byakuya, but after finding out the older man was engaged, he knew there would never be a chance anyway.

"You with Byakuya? You have to be kidding, he is way too good for you and so am I!" Rukia went to slap him, but he caught her hand in his. She tried to pull her hand away, but the redheaded jerk kept a hold of it until he shoved her away and caused her to fall to her knees.

"Hehe, hey Renji, that position look familiar?" Nnoitra laughed from behind Renji. Rukia bit her lip, but failed in keeping the tears in her eyes away. Tears started streaming down her face and she could feel everyone's eyes on her. Never had she felt more humiliated than she did at this moment.

Trying to save the last bit of her dignity, Rukia quickly got to her feet and wiped her tears. Her violet eyes glared daggers at her now ex-boyfriend before she took off towards the bathroom to try and compose herself. She spent the entire day there, unable to find the strength to leave the safety of the bathroom stall until the end of the day. She had gone home after everyone was gone and hadn't told her brother what had happened. She felt embarrassed that she had allowed Renji to use her as he did and didn't want to see the disappointment in his eyes.

That was when she began thinking a strategy to get back at Renji. She would not sink to his level; she was a Kuchiki, and they were supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard than everyone else. However, Renji could not go unpunished.

End of Flashback

Rukia sighed as she sorted through her books once more and heard the bell ring. There was no use waiting around for Ichigo to show up. Maybe he was already in class. If so, she was going to drag him to the janitor's closet and find out what happened the night before. She wanted to know why Renji looked as if nothing had happened!

She closed her locker and it was at that moment that Nel leaned against the lockers with a huge grin on her face. The black hair girl raised an eyebrow, wondering what had Nel all happy and giddy, but knowing the other girl; she'd tell her eventually if she waited. She watched as Nel glanced down the hall and noticed Renji had already left for class before she finally spoke to Rukia.

"You are so lucky! Ichigo got Renji good," she giggled as she pulled out her phone and started pushing buttons. Rukia's eyes widened slightly and she looked down the hall to where Renji was opening the door to the classroom. He didn't seem different than any other day.


She smirked knowingly. He's hiding it, she predicted. She knew Renji had a bad habit of hiding things from others to try and make himself look big. Of course he wasn't going to come out and admit that he got screwed over.

"Here." Her thoughts were interrupted when Nel shoved her phone into her hands, and she looked down to see a YouTube video. She pushed the play button and couldn't hide her smile.

There on the screen was Renji, tears in his eyes and crying like the little bitch she knew he was. She couldn't hold back a chuckle as he even said the words. The video was short, but it didn't matter. It could have been two seconds and it would have been the best two seconds of her life. Renji finally got what he deserved.

She scrolled down and almost dropped the phone at what she saw. The video had over 15,000 hits, and it had only been uploaded the night before. Her mouth fell open as she read some of the comments. Many of the viewers said the video was so funny they were going to place it on their Facebook page, and one even said he was going to make t-shirts that read "I am a good little bitch".

"I knew that would brighten up your day." Nel smiled at the other girl as Rukia handed her phone back.

"It certainly did," she said with a smile as the two girls headed off to class. She had to hand it to Ichigo, he was good.

The final bell rang and everyone was either sitting in their seat or was at least near it. Professor Hirako stood in front of the class and gave a cough, hoping to get the students' attention. A few straightened up quickly, while others chose to ignore the professor and instead continued to indulge in their conversations and other activities.

"Okay that's enough," Professor Hirako spoke up but drew the attention of only a handful of people who were actually listening. He narrowed at his eyes at the brats. It was times like these he wondered why he became a professor. It would be so much easier to find another profession that didn't require him to deal with these brats. However, he knew if he abandoned his position then Sosuke would most likely take over and try to become head of the history department. It would be a cold day in hell before he would allow these kids to be taught by that man.

"Quiet please," Sosuke finally spoke up and finally the classroom quieted down. Rather than thanking his student-teacher, he shoved a handful of papers into his hand to be passed out.

"Now then, since our test is finally out of the way, we shall begin on the history project that I told you all about at the start of the semester," Professor Hirako explained and as expected, many groans followed. "After we go over the test, I shall assign you partners and the project will be due next week. And no, I will not take any excuses from any of you. If your dog died, then I want papers this time." He looked pointedly towards a boy in the front who twiddled his thumbs and pretended he wasn't being singled out.

Ichigo looked down at his test and gave a small smile when he saw he had done pretty well. He flipped through the pages of the test, and a small piece of paper fell out when he turned to the third page. He quickly looked up at the professor who was now going over the test and noticed everyone else was either following along or off in their own little world before opening the note.

I saw the video, so I assume your night went well. As for your next victim, I have already set it up for you.


Ichigo read the note and raised an eyebrow at the bottom of the page where a little butterfly was drawn. At first glance it looked as if it had many heads, or maybe he was just imagining it. Not going to ask, he thought as he put the note down and noticed everyone was done with the test and Professor Hirako was now going on about their projects.

"Okay, when I call out your name, find your partner and I will assign you your project title," the blond professor instructed and began reading off names.

"Psst, hey berry," Ichigo felt his eye twitch when he heard Nnoitra whisper to him.

If I ignore him, it will encourage him. If I hit him it will encourage him, Ichigo thought as he dug his nails into the desk.

"Berry," Nnoitra tried again. Ichigo finally gave in and glanced over his shoulder, and immediately wished he hadn't. Nnoitra was licking his lips with his long tongue, though it was mostly to show off his new tongue ring. Far from finding it interesting, Ichigo found it repulsive, but he was careful to hide it. He knew he had to make nice with Nnoitra and the others he had yet to get his revenge on; after that he'd have no problem flipping the asshole off.

"Uryu Ishida and Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo turned when he heard the teacher call his name. He was silently thankful that Aizen had partnered him up with Uryu instead of Nnoitra or even Ikkaku. He didn't want to deal with any of the perverted idiots at the moment but he figured he could handle Uryu's I-am-better-than-you attitude.

"Damn," he heard Nnoitra mutter as he got up from his desk and walked over to sit by Uryu. The other boy didn't even bother to acknowledge him, and instead continued reading the stitching book in his hand.

What to do with him, Ichigo thought to himself as he looked over at Uryu. He could screw up the project and lower Uryu's grade, but then again, that would also lower his. No, that wouldn't do. It had to be something better than that. Maybe spilling ink on his clothes or hiding his sewing kit? Come on, you can do better than that, he berated himself. Lost in his thoughts, he paid no attention when Professor Hirako told them what kind of project they were doing. Luckily, Uryu caught it.

"Kurosaki, are you okay?" Uryu asked as he lowered his book and Ichigo blinked, realizing he had been staring at the other teen.

"Uh, yeah. Just a long night." Ichigo gave a small laugh as he scratched the back of his head. His only response was a 'mph' from Uryu.

"I know you are new and I am sure you will appreciate this since it will greatly improve your grade," Uryu began and Ichigo's smile faded into scowl at the insult. "I will do the entire project myself so I know no mistakes are made on your part. I cannot afford to get a low grade like you or some of the others. Don't worry, I'll put your name on the project," he said and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose just as the bell rang.

Ichigo scowled at the little nerd as he grabbed his bag and left the classroom. Oh, he would pay. He would wish he had never crossed paths with Ichigo Kurosaki if it was the last thing he did. Of course, he first needed a way to make Uryu pa. Throwing ink at him or stealing a sewing kit was out of the question; it had to be bigger!

Ichigo sighed as he went back to his desk and grabbed his stuff. He had just made it out of the classroom when Szayel came up behind him and wrapped an arm around his own. "This is perfect; you have him right where you want him. Or maybe I should say I have him where I want him." A sadistic smile spread across the other nerd's face with glee.

"Well nothing is going to happen until I figure out what to do," Ichigo muttered, feeling a little annoyed with Szayel. He wasn't the most popular guy (and Ichigo could see why people avoided him, it came with being crazy) and he was a bit creepy at times (such as now) when he went into mad scientist mode.

"Oh you don't have to worry, I have everything all planned out for you so you won't screw it up." Ichigo scowled at the comment.

Asshole, maybe I should set you up on a date with him. That would be punishment enough for Uryu, having to date someone who is identical to him, Ichigo thought to himself bitterly. Images of Uryu dating himself entered his head and he shuddered at the thought, especially when the two Uryu's found a bed and started making out. Damnit, now I'm not going to sleep tonight.

"Just follow my instructions and by the end of the night, Uryu will be ruined." Szayel began to laugh as he left Ichigo's side. "Totally ruined!" he shouted and received worried glances from other students who thought he may be hopped up on something.

Meanwhile, Grimmjow was inwardly smacking himself in the head. He had his chance. Ichigo was all alone and he could finally talk to him. Why the hell did he hesitate? He never hesitated with anyone else he ever wanted to date before, so why him?

No, he knew why: he had gotten lost thinking about him again. Wondering if his skin was soft all over or if it was rougher in certain areas. He fantasized about running his hand across the other teen's cheek and staring into those beautiful brown eyes while Ichigo ran his hand through his hair. He could almost picture Ichigo arching his back and crying out his name…

But it was only wishful thinking and he had blown his chance. Instead of him talking with the cute teen, it was the science nerd. He wanted to rip Pinkie's head off when they linked arms and left the classroom. He was tempted, so very tempted to do something about it right then and there, and would have if an unfortunate pain in his ass hadn't stopped him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Ulquiorra said quietly as he stepped in front of him and blocked Grimmjow's view of Ichigo.

"What the fuck do you want?" Grimmjow muttered, slightly surprised that Ulquiorra had spoken to him. He hadn't made contact with the black haired teen since they were little and they generally avoided each other in school and on the streets.

"I am not going to go into long detail, mostly because your brain cannot comprehend big words..." Grimmjow sneered at the teen and clenched his hand into a fist. If the little goth freak wanted to pick a fight with him, he preferred fists over words and would have no problem sending Ulquiorra to the nurse with a cut lip and missing teeth.

"Stay away from Ichigo Kurosaki," Ulquiorra said in a neutral tone. There was no hint of any emotion in his voice to clue Grimmjow as to what he was thinking.

"And why the hell should I listen to you? Ya wanting to get a piece of his ass for yourself?" Grimmjow said before he could stop himself. Just the thought of Ulquiorra going after the teen that Grimmjow wanted ticked him off, and he might just have threatened him if he wasn't so certain Ulquiorra was straight.

"Don't be disgusting, trash. I gave you a warning, do what you want with it," Ulquiorra replied before leaving the blue haired teen to himself. He didn't know why he had bothered wasting his time with Grimmjow, nor did he care if the idiot took his warning seriously. He knew who Ichigo Kurosaki was and he didn't trust him. The others may be idiots, but he wasn't. He recognized the piece of trash that he went to kindergarten with and he wasn't fooled.

Ichigo slung his bag over his shoulder to walk home from school. Everything was going according to plan. He was partners with Uryu and all he had to do was convince him that he was sincerely grateful to be partnered with him before asking him out. Unfortunately, he didn't know much about the plans Szayel had suggested. He would have to find out from the pink haired teen later on. He just hoped the other teen wasn't planning to go too far. He didn't want anyone ending up in the hospital, just their egos smashed to bits.

"Hey!" His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a voice call from behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Ikkaku walking up behind him with a grin spread across his face. Ichigo felt himself stiffen slightly, but did his best not to show it. He hadn't expected to encounter Ikkaku until he was ready to go ahead with his plan, and he hoped the other teen wouldn't throw him off.

"Uh, hey," Ichigo muttered and stopped so the other could catch up. He didn't want to ignore Ikkaku; otherwise it could look suspicious later on when he tried to get closer to him. His mind raced trying to think of a conversation starter, but he had been so wrapped up thinking of the plans for Uryu he didn't know what to say to the bald teen. He didn't know much about Ikkaku other than he was an ass, he loved to beat him up, and he had an obsession with his dick (thanks to Nel for the information).

Luckily, the other teen had a topic already in mind – but it was one that Ichigo had not been prepared for. "So, have you seen Yumichika lately?' Ikkaku asked casually and watched as the orange hair teen's face remained passive.

Although he looked calm on the outside, Ichigo was panicking on the inside. Did the other teen know what happened to Yumichika? Had Yumichika somehow contacted Ikkaku and told him what happened? If it hadn't been for Aizen's tutorial the other teen would have been able to read panic on his face and it would have been a dead give away, but Ichigo did his best not to break.

"Yumichika? No, I haven't seen him in class for a while," Ichigo said casually. He began walking again in hopes that the other would leave off, but unfortunately, the bald teen did no such thing. He could see the other teen walking next to him with a smirk on his face and a hand scratching the back of his bald head.

"Yeah I know, I've been worried about him. I tried calling him the other day, but I only got his voice mail," Ikkaku sighed, reaching up and placing a hand on Ichigo's shoulder.

The orange haired teen stopped to glance down at the hand on his shoulder, and that was when he really looked at Ikkaku for the first time. The other teen was not smiling, and Ichigo saw that the bald teen's other hand was in a fist and shaking. Shit, he knows. Ichigo panicked and slowly backed away from Ikkaku. He didn't know what the other teen was capable of and he didn't want to find out – today or any other day.

"Listen, I hope you find him. I have to-" Ichigo started making his excuses when he was roughly slammed into the building behind him. His back hit the brick hard and his head slammed against it with a force that made him see black spots for a few seconds.

"I wasn't done talking, though perhaps we should go somewhere more private," Ikkaku said darkly as he dragged the partially dazed orange haired teen with him to the side of the building right by the dumpster so no one could see them. As soon as the two of them were alone, Ikkaku threw Ichigo against the dumpster and watched the other teen sink down to the ground.

"As I was trying to say before you tried to sneak away," Ikkaku spat at the other teen, "I got a call from Yumichika last night. He told me about your guys' night out. How you took him to a biker bar and he's so embarrassed because his hair is ruined and he got a tattoo. I don't know who Yammy is, but Yumichika is not his bitch!"

"Listen I-" Ichigo tried to defend himself, but a kick to the gut stopped him from saying a word. Damnit, why didn't I listen to Tensa? I knew something like this could happen, but I didn't listen, he thought sourly. He heard a low click and looked up to the horrifying sight of Ikkaku pulling a Swiss army knife from his pants pocket. It was at this moment Ichigo knew he was not going to walk away from this encounter unscathed.

"I am going to make you regret coming to this school," Ikkaku said as he bent down next to Ichigo, holding the knife at the orange haired teen's eye level. A sadistic smirk spread across the bald teen's face, one that broke Ichigo's composure and allowed fear to leak into his eyes. "Then, well, I think then I'll win my little bet with Nnoitra. I'll be the first one to fuck your ass – if there's anything left." Ichigo flinched and his heart began to pound in his chest when the blade pressed against his cheek.

"And if you tell anyone about this…" Ikkaku continued when a hand shot out from nowhere and grabbed his wrist. The bald teen's eyes widened and he turned around as the knife was yanked from his hand. He growled at the newcomer as he got to his feet.

He stood at five-ten and had short silver hair, brown eyes, and piercings in his eyebrow, ears, and nose. He wore black pants and a purple tank top along with brown fingerless gloves, and in one of his hands he held the knife he had taken from Ikkaku. The newcomer looked past Ikkaku as if he wasn't worth his time and glanced down at Ichigo, who had never looked so relieved in his life.

"Who the hell are you?" Ikkaku muttered as he stood to his full height and clenched his fists. He hadn't planned for anyone to interrupt them until the paramedics wheeled Ichigo to the hospital.

"You okay Ichigo?" the silver haired man asked, ignoring Ikkaku so completely that he seemed to look through him. Ichigo's heart was still racing from his encounter with Ikkaku, but he managed a smile and a small nod.

"It would be nice if ya gave me a call sometime. Instead, I hear about you from Shiro who said you were in trouble, and look, he was right. You know how often that happens?" The silver haired teen crossed his arms over his chest.

"Excuse me-" Ikkaku got into the other teen's face, which was his second mistake of the day. First, he'd messed with Ichigo, and second, it was never a good idea to get into Kensei Muguruma's face. Before he could get out another word, Ikkaku found himself slammed against the building with the silver haired teen in his face.

"I wasn't talking to you," Kensei said in a dangerously low voice. Slowly, he raised the knife that had been in Ikkaku's hand only moments ago. Ikkaku froze when he saw the knife, never expecting it to be turned against him. "You're nothing but scum. Having to use a knife on someone who doesn't have a weapon ... I fucking hate people like that," Kensei spat in Ikkaku's face as he threw the knife into the dumpster.

"I don't know why you wanted to hurt my ex and I don't really give a damn, but consider yourself lucky I got here when I did because if you had so much as nicked a hair on his head, I would have given you a beating so bad that the fishes wouldn't even want your body when I was done with it. Though, maybe I should do it anyway just for even thinking about raping Ichigo, you sick fuck. I don't know how the hell you sleep at night," Kensei growled as he punched Ikkaku in the stomach, finally letting loose some of his rage. This was not how he had been expecting his next encounter with Ichigo to go, but he just was glad he got there when he did.

Ichigo watched as Ikkaku slowly slumped to the ground while holding his an arm over his stomach. He could see fury in the bald teen's face and his shoulders were shaking with rage, but for once Ikkaku remained quiet and didn't lash out against Kensei like he expected.

"I'll tell you what, I'll let you go," Kensei said as his eyes cast down at the teen at his feet. He was still very tempted to beat him to a pulp, but he wanted to make sure Ichigo was alright. "But," he continued as he grabbed the back of Ikkaku's collar and hauled him to his feet, "you ever come near Ichigo, even look at him wrong, there ain't nothing that is going to save you until I'm done. Got that, boy?" he sneered and released the younger teen who slowly slinked away after a quick nod.

"Thanks," Kensei heard from his right. He turned to see Ichigo climb to his feet as Ikkaku ran off. A small smile graced his lips. It was good to see someone familiar, even if it was his ex. He hadn't realized until this moment how much he missed his old friends and he felt his chest ache for a moment at the thought of Chad, Orihime, Tensa, Shiro, and all the others.

"It's good to see you again," Ichigo said. He walked closer to Kensei who gave him a small rare smile and folded his arms across his chest.

"So, that my competition?" Kensei asked and Ichigo snorted in disgust.

"No, that is-" Ichigo began to explain before Kensei raised his hand to stop him.

"I know, Shiro told me all about your revenge scheme. Honestly, if you wanted payback you should have just called. I'd love to beat the crap out of them." Kensei smirked sadistically and Ichigo could see a small fire ignite in his eyes.

"The idea isn't to beat them up, it's to humiliate them," Ichigo explained with a wave of his hand. "How long are you going to be in town?" he asked before Kensei frowned.

"Only for tonight, Mashiro is still in the car or at least that was the last place I left her. Why? You suggesting something?" he asked, and Ichigo scowled at him and shook his head.

"Actually I was wondering if we could just hang out and you could tell me what is going on back home. Shiro doesn't really talk about it and Tensa is so reserved..." Ichigo shrugged.

"Yeah, I got time before we leave," Kensei replied as they exited the alley.

Ichigo's Ex-Boyfriend Take 2

"And if you tell anyone about this…" Ikkaku continued when he heard a little girl giggling. He paused and turned his head to the side but didn't see anyone. The last thing he wanted was for someone to witness this, especially a little kid. He shook his head and turned his attention back to Ichigo. He must have been hearing things.

"Now, if you tell anyone-" Ikkaku started again when he felt something jump on his back. Tiny hands covered his eyes.

"Peekaboo, Ichi doesn't see you," a little girl's voice laughed and Ikkaku immediately shot up from the ground and swung around, hoping to knock off the little brat that had jumped him. He knew in his gut he should have checked to make sure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him, but what were the chances a little girl was going to attack him?

"Get off," Ikkaku yelled. He made a swipe at the kid but she jumped off. The bald teen turned to see a little girl who couldn't have been more than six. She had pink hair and rosy cheeks and was smiling at him innocently, seemingly ignorant of the danger she was in.

"Hi, I'm Yachiru, and I don't like you messing with Ichi. He's important to Kenny and Kenny doesn't like it when other people play with his things," she said in a cheery voice.

"I don't care who you are kid, get lost," Ikkaku growled before he heard the jingle of bells coming towards the alley.

"Kenny! I found him!" the little girl shouted. Annoyed, Ikkaku turned and nearly lost control of his bladder at the size of the man stepping into the alley. He was huge! He stood at least four or five feet taller than himself, had broad shoulders, and his muscles were clearly defined through the thin white shirt he was wearing. The scar running down his face, the patch over his right eye, and the bells attached to the ends of his hair only made the man seem even more terrifying.

"Hey, Ichigo." The tall man grinned down at Ichigo, and the teen's eyes widened at the sight of his ex.

"Kenny, Baldy here was going to hurt Ichi," Yachiru ratted the teen out, and Ikkaku felt himself involuntarily take a step back when the man looked down at him.

"You couldn't take this weakling, Ichigo? Tch, you got weak," 'Kenny' said, snorting derisively as he took a step forward towards Ikkaku. "Let's see if you're any fun." He grinned down at the teen and smashed his fist into his hand.

"Don't worry Ichi, Kenny will take care of everything," Yachiru said happily as she sat down next to Ichigo to watch Kenpachi beat the crap out of Ikkaku.

"Please," after three minutes Ikkaku finally spoke. "Let me go, I won't go near him again," he said as he felt his back tooth crack from the punch to the face he received. The taller man picked him up by the back of his collar and he found that his feet were barely touching the ground anymore.

"What a disappointment. I was hoping to have some fun, but you barely even defended yourself," Kenpachi sneered as he glared at the teen. He dropped the bald teen on the ground and watched as he pathetically whimpered and ran away.

"Bye Baldy! Come play with Kenny again when you get better!" Yachiru waved to the retreating teen. Ichigo stood next to her and looked at Kenpachi who turned to look at him with a grin.

"Uh, thanks Kenpachi. I-hey!" Ichigo started when the taller man walked over to him and grabbed him into a hug.

"I can think of some ways ya can repay me," Kenpachi whispered into his ear, and Ichigo went red – not from excitement, but from anger. Apparently, the other hadn't changed. Ichigo's foot connected with Kenpachi's stomach, making the larger man release him.

"We are not doing that!" Ichigo growled as Kenpachi placed a hand on his stomach. Ichigo knew he hadn't kicked that hard though; knowing the other man, he probably didn't even feel it.

"Don't worry Ichi, you and Kenny can play. I can turn around," Yachiru suggested, and Ichigo felt a sweat drop run down the side of his head. Kenpachi really had his niece trained well, way too well.

"No, because first of all, you are six. You shouldn't be hearing that sort of stuff!" Ichigo yelled, but that only made Kenpachi chuckle, which was never a good thing.

"Hehe, this is what I've missed. Come on Ichi, fight me!" Kenpachi grinned and smashed his fist into the hand again, and Ichigo closed his mouth and took a step back. There were two reasons why he and Kenpachi were no longer together, because the man only ever had two things on his mind: fighting and fucking.

"Uh, you know on second thought..." Ichigo gave a small laugh before dashing out of the alley as quickly as he could.

"Ichigo, come back and fight me you coward!" Kenpachi screamed as he ran after him, Yachiru jumping onto his shoulder.

Ichigo's Ex-Boyfriend Take 3

"And if you tell anyone about this…" Ikkaku continued when he felt something tap his shoulder. Ikkaku turned his head with a glare and almost dropped his knife at what he saw – not out of fear, but out of shock. A young-looking teen that stood only five feet tall and had black hair that reached down to his shoulders was looking at him with his hands clasps together.

"Excuse me, but could you let Kurosaki-san go?" he asked so quietly that Ikkaku almost didn't hear him. Ikkaku cracked a grin as he stood up and hovered above the small teen.

"Hanatarou," Ichigo yelled, recognizing his ex immediately. He knew Hanatarou would be in danger if he interfered and the last thing he wanted was for him to get hurt. "Get out of here!"

"No, you protected me all those times Ichigo, and it is my turn to protect you! Besides, I think we can settle this without anyone getting hurt," Hanatarou said determinedly.

"You got to be kidding me, this little shit? I could beat you into the ground with one hand. Run off kid and come back when ya stand a chance," Ikkaku snorted and couldn't hold back the chuckle that escaped his lips.

Hanatarou narrowed his eyes at the teen in front of him. He'd come here for one reason, and that was to protect Ichigo. He knew that if he walked away and something happened to his ex he would never forgive himself, and he knew Shiro wouldn't let him forget it either. He curled his fingers into a fist, marched up to Ikkaku, and jabbed a finger into the taller teen's gut.

"Listen here, asshole, you leave him alone right now or a storm is coming!" Hanatarou yelled as threateningly as he could, but coming from someone of his size and demeanor, that wasn't much. Ikkaku's lip curled as he finally started laughing so hard he was holding his stomach.

"Hanatarou…" Ichigo whispered as he got to his feet. Back then, they had started going out mostly for protection on Hanatarou's part. He was one of the nicest guys in the school but because of that, he got picked on a lot. Ichigo spent most of their time together beating up anyone who dared to pick a fight with the smaller teen until finally everyone grew too afraid to go near him. Even after they broke up, he still defended his little 'flower' and it looked as if he'd have to do it again.

"Stay out of this, Ichigo. This guy is mine," Hanatarou shot at him. He roughly grabbed a hold of Ikkaku's shirt and yanked him down until they were at eye level. "I don't know what you're laughing at, cue ball, but your ass is mine for threatening Ichigo!" he yelled as he slammed Ikkaku into the ground. Before the bald teen could get up or even process what had just happened, Hanatarou jumped on Ikkaku's back, grabbed his head, and smashed it into the cement.

"How do you like it, huh? Do you like that? Come on, eat the dirt!" Hanatarou yelled as he continued to rub Ikkaku's face into the ground.

Ichigo's mouth fell open at the sight of little Hanatarou taking on one of the toughest kids in school. He reached down for his phone in order to take a picture because no one would ever believe him otherwise. Unfortunately, by the time he grabbed his phone Hanatarou had gotten off of Ikkaku and was circling his prey and even allowing Ikkaku to get up.

"You little shit, you're going to regret that," Ikkaku growled as he wiped the dirt off his face. However, Hanatarou didn't seem intimidated by the threat and didn't move, even when Ikkaku grabbed a hold of him.

Ichigo took a step forward in order to help Hanatarou. It seemed that his ex's reign of terror had ended and things had gone back to how they usually were. He watched as Ikkaku grabbed Hanatarou by the shirt and brought his other arm back to punch him. However, Hanatarou's next move surprised him, and it sure as hell surprised Ikkaku.

"Come on, do it," Hanatarou whispered with a smile on his face. "Punch me!" he yelled and it was at that moment Hanatarou grabbed a hold of Ikkaku's crotch and squeezed.

"Damnit," Ikkaku muttered as he let go of Hanatarou, but Hanatarou didn't let go of Ikkaku.

"You leave Ichigo alone or…" he paused and gave another squeeze that caused the other teen to gasp. "I'll rip them off."

"Fine, just…let go," Ikkaku whimpered and felt relieved when Hanatarou finally let go. The bald teen immediately grabbed his crotch, making sure nothing had been squished.

"Now get out of here," Hanatarou kicked the dirt at Ikkaku as the other teen made his escape while his testicles were still in one piece. For his part, the small teen was celebrating inside his head, cheering that he had finally been able to repay Ichigo for all the times he had defended him.

"Hanatarou…since when have you fought anyone?" Ichigo asked, breaking the other's thoughts.

"Well," Hanatarou turned and gave a small chuckle as he scratched the back of his head. "When you left for here, people knew you were gone and started picking on me again. Shiro and Chad helped, but it didn't stop all the wedgies and swirlies. Shiro told me about this self defense class at the gym and I took it, and now I am a powerful woman who can defend herself! Uh, I mean man!" Hanatarou laughed to himself as Ichigo walked over to him.

At least he is able to defend himself, though I wish I had gotten that on camera. The people on YouTube would have loved to watch Ikkaku get beaten by someone like Hanatarou, he thought to himself. "Thanks." He smiled down at his ex and wrapped an arm around him as they left.

"No problem, Kurosaki-san." Hanatarou grinned as they left the alley.

Unfortunately, Gin didn't make the cut of being Ichigo's ex-boyfriend as he was originally planned. I started writing the scene, but it didn't seem write and deleted the whole thing. So for Ichi's first boyfriend, if it is up for the reader to decide which one is his first boyfriend.

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