Hola everyone! Tonight's TVD was sorely lacking in Bamon so I decided to write a quick story to make up for it. I really liked this episode despite the lack of Bamon. I think the Tyler storyline was perfectly handled and the Caroline/Tyler scenes were so intense and heartbreaking. I hope you like this and please review! Love BamonTivaLove

"Bennett if you don't get that thing out of here heads will roll," says Damon, behind his bedroom door.

"C'mon Damon please open the door," I laugh, leaning my head against it. "Please."

"I told you that was not allowed in here, ever."

"Damon it took me a long time to find a good one so open this door before I give you a very painful migraine," I threaten, smiling in spite of myself.

I hear the door open slowly and Damon is standing in front of me, his eyes narrowed.

"You would do that to me on my birthday?" he asks.

"Of course not," I reply, rolling my eyes and walking in.

I place the chocolate cake on his desk and take out three candles from my back pocket along with some matches. I figured 165 candles was too much so instead I bought the number candles instead.

"Bonnie I don't even know why you insist on acknowledging this god forsaken day," he mutters, falling back against his bed so that he's on his back and facing the ceiling. "Stefan and I haven't celebrated our birthdays since…well for a long time."

"Your birthday may be the worst day of your life," I say, blowing out the match. "But it's the happiest day of someone's life. So you should celebrate it."

"And who's life would that be?" he asks, glancing at me.

"Your mother," I reply, leaning against his desk. "Or your father. Me."

He looks up at me and raises his eyebrows, surprised by this.

I walk over to the bed, the cake in my hands and sit down next to him. He leans on his elbow and looks up at me through those thick eyelashes, his blue eyes as penetrating as ever.

"When you've been around a few hundred years more than you should be," he starts, running his hand along my leg. "Birthdays aren't really anything to be happy about anymore."

I sigh and place the cake on the dresser next to his bed. I lie down parallel to him and lean on my elbow so that my face is only inches from him. I don't say anything for a few seconds and I can tell this makes him nervous, yet curious.

"When someone cares about you," I begin, "they celebrate every day they get to see you again. And every birthday, it means something because it means it's another year you get to talk to them and be with them and see them. So birthdays are something to be happy about for the people in your life."

"Well aren't we sentimental," he laughs, leaning over and kissing me on the mouth.

"It's better than being cynical," I reply, feeling my heart flutter as his lips went to my neck.

"I'm not cynical," he says, his lips moving against my throat now. "Just experienced."

I run my hand through his hair as he leans over and suddenly he's on top of me, kissing me along my jaw until his lips are brushing my ear.

"There are other ways we can celebrate you know," he whispers, causing goosebumps to form on my skin.

"I don't think so," I say, placing my hands on his chest and pushing him off. He sighs and I can tell he's frustrated but not surprised by my rejection.

I sit up and grab the cake, the candles still flickering in the dim light of his room.

"You have to make a wish now," I say, smiling as he rolls his eyes.

"Bonnie…" he starts, but I interrupt him.

"No arguing Damon," I say, grabbing his wrist as he tries to get up. "Do it."

He glares at me slightly for a few seconds before sighing and giving in. I see him take a breath and think about it for a few seconds. Finally, he blows out the candles in one swift motion and the room is darker than it was before.

"What did you wish for?"I ask, smiling.

"I thought it doesn't come true if you tell," he says, his eyes shiny even in the darkness of the room.

"Well," I say, placing the cake back on the dresser. "I thought since you don't believe in this birthday stuff you wouldn't mind telling me."

"Well on the off chance that this is all legitimate, I won't tell," he replies, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me on top of him.

I lean down to kiss him and my hair creates a curtain around us and for a few seconds, it's just me and him in the world. He reaches up tucks my hair behind my ear and I see his eyes searching my face, taking something in.

"What?" I ask, feeling self conscious.

"Nothing," he says, shaking his head. "You're just kind of beautiful Bennett."

I feel myself stop breathing for a few seconds. I'm still not used to this Damon. The Damon who throws compliments my way and the Damon who lets his guard down and the Damon who every once in a while, gets this look in his eyes as though he's genuinely happy and as though he genuinely loves me. I know he does of course, it's just hard to grasp at times. He sees the shock on my face and laughs, and I love when he does. His entire face lights up and the smile reaches his eyes and it comes from deep within him.

"I am capable of compliments," he says, and reaches up and kisses me again.