Brooklyn Love

Adriana sighed as she began to walk back to her apartment from the library. She had spent the last three hours trying to find research on Gargoyles for her mythology class assignment and had found close to nothing. The only info she had been able to dig up was that they were mythical creatures that turned to stone during the day and that they were the models for the stone statues that adorned the many buildings of the city. She needed much more research or her project would be a flop. Remembering that her friend Elisa Maza a detective in the NYPD was working that night she decided to stop over at the police station to see her. Anything would be better than going home to mope about her soon to be failing grade.

It didn't take long to get to the station and once there she made her way to Elisa's desk. She didn't find Elisa but she did find her partner Matt Bluestone. Adriana smiled when she spotted Matt. She had known him almost as long as Elisa had and he was the epitome of an old twenties gumshoe. He always wore a suit to work, he always talked about a secret society call the illuminati, and he even wore a trench coat. Still even with all of Matt's kookiness he was one of her good friends.

"Hey Matt have you seen Elisa?" Raising an eyebrow Matt looked at the young woman in front of him.

"So just here to see Elisa huh, what am I chopped liver?" Adriana laughed as she gave Matt a hug.

"I'm sorry Matt it's just I am very frustrated and I needed to see Elisa for a little girl talk, so where is she?" Matt began to act very uncomfortable and even with his master cop face on she knew in her gut he was hiding something. It had to have something to do with Elisa. Knowing Matt and that she wouldn't get anything from him if he didn't want to tell her, she told him not to worry and that she would look for Elisa herself. The look of relief that came over his face didn't escape her and she became even more curious about what both Matt and Elisa were hiding. She was walking towards the rest rooms and was almost there when she spotted Elisa coming from what looked like a supply closet. Deciding not to ask Elisa about where she was Adriana waited until Elisa left and then letting her curiosity get the best of her she went to the supply closet that Elisa had come out of. Opening the door she looked to make sure both Elisa and Matt couldn't spot her and then quickly went into the closet and shut the door.

At first she couldn't see what was so special about the closet then she saw the trap door that held the stairs. Slowly going up the stairway after she had pulled them down, she made her way to yet another door, which opened before her in a quiet squeak. Adriana walked slowly into what looked like the clock tower on top of the station.

"Man I didn't even know this was here, cool." She was looking at the gigantic workings of the clock when she heard what sounded like a growl from behind her. Turning Adriana stood in shock at what she saw in front of her. It sounded somewhat like a dog but that was where the similarities ended. The creature was huge about the size of a large cow, it was bluish- green, with small webbed-like ears, and very big sharp looking claws on its four feet. She gasped as she looked at what she didn't know, and by the way it was looking at her she was scared she wasn't going to have anytime to find out.

"Bronx settle down she'll give us no harm." She heard a voice with a Scottish accent shout to the beast. It looked over at whoever had spoken whimpered slightly and then sat down with its tongue hanging out of its mouth. Adriana looked toward where she thought the voice was coming from.

"Whoever you are, ahh thank you?" She heard a gruff laugh and then the sound of heavy footsteps coming toward her. She stood in complete shock when she saw the owner of the voice.

"He didn't mean no harm lassie he was just protecting his home, don't give Bronx no never mind he is as gentle as a lamb at most times." The voice had come from what looked to be like an older male gargoyle. He wasn't alone either; besides the beast in front of her he had two other gargoyles on each side of him. Although shocked at the sight of the urban myth made urban reality Adriana managed to smile somewhat at the irony of the situation. Looking at the creatures in front of her she couldn't help say what popped into her head at the moment.

"Well it looks like I'll be getting that much needed research for my paper after all."

To be continued…