Once more Adrianna walked out of her night class heading toward her car. As she made her way through the parking lot she looked up toward the nearest building's roof smiling when she saw a winged shadow moving along with her. Ever since that night three weeks ago when her knight in shining orange armor had saved her he had been following her around whenever she went out in the evenings and kept watch by her bedroom window until the wee hours just before dawn. They seemed to have reached a sort of truce in their strange yet interesting relationship, she wasn't calling attention to his guarding her and he seemed quite content to continue to do so. At least until he thought Paul had decided to give up and go away. While she had not seen any sign of Paul physically there had been other outward signs. Like the notes being left on the windshield of her car, or the numerous rambling messages accumulating on her machine, it seemed to Anna that Paul had not just jumped off the deep end but had decided to hit every building and object on the way down.

Anna sighed as she approached her vehicle and spotted something yet again on her windshield being held down by one of her wipers. As she got closer she realized that it wasn't just a note this time, what looked to be a photograph was also taped to the driver's side of her front window. As she picked up both offending objects she looked to see what dribble he had again written when the contents of the photo caught her eye. It was a picture of her leaving her night class the week before, while that wasn't creepy enough she saw there was a second picture under the first, this one was a zoomed version of the other photo with a concentration on the roof of the academic building. Right on the left side circled in red ink was a fuzzy shape with distinctive wings and nose. The note simply said "I know". It wasn't enough to qualify as proof, but it did cement her suspicions that Paul's head injury hadn't taken away all of his memories of Brooklyn at her apartment. She needed to tell him and Goliath right away; if they were some way in danger of being exposed or being targeted by Paul they needed to know. Quickly getting in her car she threw the photos onto her passenger side seat and sped out of the parking lot toward the police station and more importantly the clock tower.

"And you're sure he saw Brooklyn when he stopped him from attacking you?" Goliath turned toward her his size and piercing eyes causing her to gulp in spite of herself.

"I think so, maybe, I mean he didn't get knocked out right away and we were in a small room, so its defiantly possible, Damm! I was hoping he would think it was a delusion brought on by a concussion, but now these pictures make me think otherwise, I'm so sorry Goliath I didn't mean to bring any unwanted attention to you or your clan." Placing his claw on her head in a caring manner he gave a stern shake of his head.

"None of this is your fault Adrianna, you did not ask to be attacked and I could not have asked Brooklyn to do anything different," Walking away from her he stepped over to a small frame holding a picture of Elisa, "especially when I would have done the same if I was in his place," Putting the photo down he again turned to her. "No it is this Paul who has been causing all the trouble and he is someone we will have to keep an eye on."

"I've already talked to Elisa; she said she and Matt would keep an eye on him during the day." Lexington had come up behind them without either of them noticing and at the sound of his high yet soft voice Anna jumped slightly. At this moment Brooklyn along with Broadway glided into the tower quickly followed by Hudson who had been sent to bring them back for an emergency clan meeting. Brooklyn cursed at having to be told that he had to come back like some hatchling because Anna had important information to tell them about Paul. Some protector he had turned out to be, but once he had seen her entering the station he had assumed she was visiting Elisa and would be safe, he had no idea that anything had been wrong.

At once seeing Adrianna there and the worried look on her face Brooklyn made a step to move toward her, yet he paused for once unsure of his next move. Ever since he had held her in his arms that night he had wanted to again, yet he wasn't sure where the boundaries were. I mean were they friends now, or more? A part of him knew he felt something special for this frustrating stubborn human, but what that was, was still a mystery left to be solved, and one he would defiantly enjoy unraveling.

Once the three were settled in the tower Goliath quickly got them up to date with the latest developments. Brooklyn almost growled his anger, the audacity of the human to not only continue harassing his Anna but to then also threaten her with possible exposure of him and his clan, and from the guilty look on her face he knew she felt that it was all her fault that they might be facing future danger. After debriefing them about Elisa and Matt's plans and telling them to keep a close but not too close eye on the human at night Goliath dismissed them telling them to try to enjoy the rest of their evening.

A few hours later after Hudson had fallen asleep in front of the TV, Broadway had gone off with Angela, Lexington was absorbed in a circuit board and Goliath was patrolling, Brooklyn glided down onto the tower after spotting Anna still there just looking out onto the lights of the city.

"Hey, thought you would be home in bed by now." Turning her head her strawberry red hair fell over her shoulders in waves mesmerizing him.

"Oh just didn't feel like going home yet, funny as it is I feel safer here in this old clock tower with a bunch of mythical gargoyles than I do in my own apartment, I mean I had the locks changed and put in a new security system but I still feel like he can get at me, its annoying except when I know you're there, then all the fear goes away, because I know, I know you'll keep me safe." Turing to him she looked at him her green eyes filled with trust. He could feel his heart pounding at the gift she was bestowing upon him.

"I am glad you have so much faith in me, more than I even have in myself, still it is getting late let me take you home and I promise to stay until you fall asleep." Nodding her head in acceptance she let him take her in his arms showing her faith in him yet again as he leapt off the building letting the undercurrents glide him in the direction of her apartment. Landing in an alley beside her building he watched her go inside promising to be by her bedroom window by the time she opened her door. Neither noticed the darkly coated man standing across the street, or heard the clicking of the camera he held, both were too enthralled with the other and had let the outside world fade away. The man quickly jogged from the scene grasping the camera tightly, his mouth turned up in a sinister sneer. The couple he had been watching continued their nightly activities not knowing their lives were about to be turned upside down.