So, I got a review on the story 'Gracie' I had written way back when.

And I'm really, absolutely sorry that I offended the person who read it. Or anyone else who is offended by it.

I don't know if you're even reading this but the last thing I wanted to do was offend you.

I would've have messaged you if it were possible, but it was anonymous.

I want to explain the story;

First, it's fanfiction - therefore, it is fiction. I meant that Adam actually had a duel personality, rather than just being transgender

if that makes any sense. So I wasn't trying to offend, I really wasn't.

So, again, I am really super duper sorry that I offended you.

And I am very non-judgmental person, I have no issues with transgender, gay, lesbian or bisexual people - I'm actually

a bisexual person and I'm damn proud of it. I really am sorry, and I hope you won't be as offended. :|