Chapter 32: Everything begins

20:03 PM (Japan Time), Friday February the 24th…

"… Incoming transmission from Beyondard's Great Tower… It must be Tabuu, Hikari – hakase."

"Patch it through, Meijin."


"Good evening."

A close-up of Tabuu's face appeared on the Science Labs' briefing room's LCD screen.

"Good news: the recalibration was a success. There's nothing to fear for the time being. Worst-case scenario calculates that it wouldn't last longer than the first 24 hours, but I'm sure it ain't the case. However… As I said, it's not 100% perfect: there's a 5% error margin which can translate in the possibility of my little work coming undone." He reported.

"Hah! No competency can get a 100% perfect plan: only I could!" Tesla suddenly boasted.

"Tesla. Let the guy finish. He's ended up a war, so we're grateful to him, in case ya didn't know." Airstar dully told her.

"Hmpf!" She played the offended.

"Maybe you need to go heat up at Los Angeles?" Tabuu suggested.

"Los Angeles…? Well… They say it's fashionable, so…" Tesla muttered while looking interested.

"Useless, useless…" He grimly muttered.

"So? What are you gonna do, Tabuu? Didn't you say that you had a side-quest to take care of?" Netto asked.

"Yeah. But that can't take longer than two or three weeks. I'll leave my agents in place to watch out but nothing big should happen in such a short space of time." Tabuu confirmed.

"I don't really get it, but… I guess we're supposed to be happy with the outcome." Rokushakudama muttered while frowning.

"That's why thinking is bad for that head of yours, Nenji!" Napalm Man amusedly told him.

"Wha~t?" He growled.

"Hah, hah, hah!" He laughed.

"Not fair, Nenjirou!" Rokushakudama protested.

"MY NAME AIN'T NENJIROU~!" Napalm Man snapped back.


"Maybe you need an orange string of fate to tie you two together and have you two dancing to Raoul Ou – sama's tune?" Tabuu joked.

"No way!"

"Yeah! Shake this guy up and down! Hah, hah, hah!" Napalm Man seemed to agree with the idea.

Rokushakudama leant his head on the desk from the defeat while Napalm Man kept on laughing.

"Shah, shah, shah! One question… Are ya ugly?" Needle Man asked him.

"Needle Man! That's not something to ask." Yuriko scolded.

"Well… Aibou used to say I was dull and unimposing, so… I'm not sure if that means "ugly", too…" Tabuu trailed off.

"Maybe a lesser Oni hit you with the butcher's knife." Shadow Man came up with a joke.

"Very funny, really." Miyabi drily told him.

"Who knows?" Tabuu humorously shrugged.

"Miyabi does: he hides a kunai up his right sleeve which the guy saves up to deal with Naraku envoys to collect mournful souls." Shadow Man kept on sounding amused.

"Not again with the Naraku… What, you've been reading the Spider's Thread?" Miyabi growled.

"It had an interesting morality to it." Shadow Man chuckled.

"So… The Great Tower will remain there, in Beyondard?" Dr. Regal calmly asked.

"Correct. It's my HQ: I didn't just build it up for the sake of staging a show, I'll let you know."

"That "Dimensional Element" was interesting to analyze." Laser Man calmly commented.

"I hope it was useful. And beware of your own hyper matter core: a proton torpedo might blow it up." Tabuu joked.

"… Amusing." Laser Man drily replied.

"Funny." Dr. Regal also drily replied.

"Heh, heh, heh. Aibou taught me to joke with similar topics: they say it's popular." Tabuu chuckled.

"So it'd seem." Laika dully told him.

"I don't grasp the point." Search Man told him.

"Obviously: it's located three words to the right!" Tabuu joked.

"Ah. Very original."

"This one thinks he's funny." Knight Man muttered.

"By the way… A bird told me that royalty and army make up an interesting pairing." Tabuu let out.

"Oh? Maybe it's a prophecy?" Pride looked interested.

Laika blushed and looked at the ground while Tabuu chuckled and Pride giggled: the two Navis didn't seem to find the point to it.

"Oh! Another little thing: the panda will have eaten a lot of bamboo shoots by the time spring comes." Tabuu told Jasmine.

"Don't be silly! Bamboo shoots only grow in spring!" Jasmine annoyingly replied.

"Yeah! You're mixing up the seasons!" Meddy told him.

"Heh! This guy won't come out of fear that I'll beat him to a pulp with my tomahawk! Ta –dan!" Dingo grinned and took it out.

"Damn. You stole it from Maha's safe!" Tomahawk Man growled.

Everyone rolled their eyes and sighed in defeat except for Dr. Regal and Laser Man.

"And that tomahawk can cut through steel, neophyte?" Tabuu teased with some humor.

"I dunno what "neo-something" means but it can cut through that stupid Star Wars rip-off armor!" Dingo boasted.

"It'll cut your stupidity to pieces." Tomahawk Man drily told him.

Dingo looked dumbfounded while Jasmine and Meddy giggled at it.

"Ah. But the bird flies around a certain two persons' heads…" Meiru made a sinister smile.

"Yeah… So they'd be better off not trying to laugh at us." Roll made a sinister grin, too.

"Jeez." Netto rolled his eyes.

"Crap." Saito muttered.

Enzan and Blues merely looked elsewhere.

"Eh… Is the humor show over?" Enzan asked.

"We're starting to be fed up with it." Blues grumbled.

"The humor show is over but Raoul Ou – sama must be about to begin his new show. I sponsored it this time around and he's eager." Tabuu amusedly replied.

"Problems…" Meijin muttered.

"What problems?" Yuuichirou asked.

Tabuu's image was replaced by a live feed of Raoul posing for the camera: some DJ music began to ring in the background.

"Oh yeah! Little brother! Pick your disguise and let's go rumble all evening long! Take-off! Oh yeah! Blow 'em all and sweep the ground with those clever wannabes on it! We're gonna kick 'em out the Wiseman's Hall and we'll bring forth a revolution!" Raoul exclaimed.

Everyone looked on with baffled faces.

"Oh yeah! What public! Good! Have a close look at how a pro does this: it's a unique chance in life! Go! Masked Thunder!" Raoul exclaimed as he held his gray Link PET out.

Thunder Man's disguised hologram came out and he hung his arms down while looking at the ground: he had a defeated look to him.

"Volt those guys up! No – one stops 'till their legs collapse! This ain't any newbie stage: it's a pro stage! Only the best can be allowed to share stage with Raoul Ou – sama! Hah! Vermin… Let's call the bug exterminators and get rid of 'em!" Raoul continued.

"… Oi. Raoul. Listen to me, will ya? The latest fashion is hitting one's head with a hammer." Thunder Man told him.

"Oh yeah! Let's go for the fashion! Invent the Hammer Man next, you clever guys! Go! Hammer!" Raoul exclaimed as he held one with his left hand.

He hit his skull from behind and collapsed into the ground: Thunder Man let out a deep sigh.

"There. Finally… Let's hope this straightens him out." He muttered.

"Ouch… What the hell happened?" Raoul groaned.

"Dunno." Thunder Man shrugged.

"… Ouch… Ow… Hurts, hurts… Huh? Why the heck am I wearing this outfit? There's no undercover mission underway!" He gasped.

"Phew. It worked…" Thunder Man muttered.

"Huh? What's this camera doing here…? Let's switch it off… There's job to be done! I can't believe I was fooling around with this." Raoul muttered aloud.

The live feed switched off and everyone sighed in relief.

"Well?" Tabuu teased.

No – one replied and looked like they wanted him to disappear there and now.

"Guess you didn't like it… Well then… See you around and be careful of Hammer Man. Heh, heh, heh!" Tabuu chuckled.

The screen switched off and everyone stood up while looking like they were impatient to leave the place.

"Good evening." They all announced.

They began to walk out and talk amongst them.

"Really… Thunder Man was right: Raoul – san needed someone to hit him on the head to straighten him out!" Saito muttered.

"Yeah. It'd seem he'd gotten obsessed with it." Netto rolled his eyes.

"… Netto – kun. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" Saito asked in a hushed tone.

"Well… How about we go to Max's place? And we can call Enzan and Blues during the afternoon: we didn't get to meet during the week 'cause I got busy with the homework. Let's go home and sleep: I'm totally beaten and I need some rest." Netto suggested while repressing a yawn which threatened to come out.

"You little sleepyhead otouto…" Saito teased with a smile.

"Heh. Wait until you find yourself comfortable there and you'll want to sleep a lot, too, Saito – niisan." Netto grinned at him.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!"

09:19 AM (Japan Time), Saturday February the 25th…




Maha ran into the storeroom where Dekao had been yelling and pulled his ears.

"How many times do I have to tell you? You startle all of us!" Maha grumbled.

"But, Master…! I wanna do it! I must protect MY Meiru – chan!" Dekao pleaded.

"Huff! If you keep on rambling about that, you'll never be a true cook, Dekao! And Miss Sakurai doesn't belong to you: the miss can choose who she prefers! Now get to work! You don't need "Cross Fusion": you'd be beaten in one hit!" Maha growled.

Dekao sighed and dragged his feet into the kitchen: he began setting everything up while Wily looked on from his usual table and chuckled.

"Ah… This youth… They should be taught what "obsession" means and how to keep it at bay…" He chuckled.

"Yeah. We're not the only ones getting fed up." Hinoken looked annoyed.

"His Navi is such a show-off, really…" Fire Man muttered.

"Whatever! We save up job!" Madoi shrugged.

"Tee, heh, heh! He should be named Gorilla Man!" Colored Man teased.

"Gorilla Man! King Kong's revenge: that'd be cool!" Count Elec laughed.

"Really…" Elec Man rolled his eyes.

"What a ship of fools…" Magic Man grimly muttered.

The other four sighed in defeat while Wily chuckled and Dekao kept on growling.

09:28 AM (Japan Time)…

"… Tee, heh, heh, heh! So! Enzan is that mean of a person, eh, Meiru – chan? Thanks for the tip-off!"

"Don't mind it, Yaito – chan. We girls always make sure to stand our ground."

"Huh… It'd seem this will become a problem."

"Don't be so defeatist, Glyde!"

Meiru had told Yaito something over the PET: she looked amused and Meiru had a broad grin on her face: Glyde looked nervous while Roll looked up to something.

"What are we gonna do with that leech, anyway?" Yaito asked.

"Don't worry: I've heard that someone from B Class was hooked up by that leech so we have nothing to worry about." Meiru replied with a broad grin.

"Enzan! You're so determined to boycott me that you went and picked someone else! Tee, heh, heh! Whatever! Gabcom will eventually surpass IPC! Tee, heh, heh!" Yaito giggled.

"Yaito – sama…!" Glyde sighed in defeat.

"Saito – kun… You'll have to accept me one day!" Roll made a sinister smile.

"Netto… I always have a secret weapon up my sleeves!" Meiru muttered with a hint of amusement.

"No good…! This looks like a war declaration…" Glyde gasped and looked horrified.

"Don't be so dramatic: we're just making our position clear! Tee, heh, heh, heh! Saito – kun! I'll soon have set up our pink string of fate which will link us together!" Roll giggled and kept on looking up to something.

"The Girl Duo attacks!" Both Meiru and Yaito announced.

10:20 AM (Japan Time)…

"… Tee, heh, heh. How does it feel to have this tool up your insides, servant? Pay close attention to the sounds of those being punished with the highest degree punishment…"

Eva was sitting in a black leather armchair inside of her and Max's house basement: she'd opened the cloak to reveal her black gear and Max was sitting on her lap while being blindfolded, gagged and immobilized: Eva's strap-on was deep inside of him and she was toying with all the clothes pegs attached to his body with her left hand as she used the right one to tug a chain attached to his neck's metal ring.

"Tee, heh, heh."

Max's cock base had been tied with ropes to keep it hard and he was plugged: four small capsule-shaped vibrators were attached at different spots of his cock and balls while another two were placed slightly above each of the nipples' clothes pegs: the controls were strapped into his hips.

"Heh… Struggle."

The six of them were working so Max was arching his body forward and back.

"And over there…"

Eva looked past at him at the metallic triangular horse: Netto and Saito were strapped to it and sharing a deep kiss while being immobilized and blindfolded: they also had several vibrators on them.

"Tee, heh, heh. It's good to find men who get addicted to the thrill which comes with this and wish to be punished for their filthy deeds across History…" She announced for the camera.

Both of them kept on kissing and gasping for air while uttering moans due to the vibrations which made their bodies rock forth and back while tugging along the chain: Eva then had Max detach from her lap and dragged him along on his knees until he was next to the triangular horse: she removed his gag and had him lick the twins' cocks.


She tied them together by the base to aim for each other's mouth.

"Tee, heh, heh. Let's increase the level." She muttered.

She took out the anal beads strings and began to slowly insert them into their insides while placing the end ring in each cock: Saito got the end ring of Netto's beads and vice versa: both began to shake more and they were slowly sucking the beads in and tensing the ends.

"Tee, heh, heh. This must be the most agonizing part of all 'em, I'd rather say! Here: have a taste of them as well." She giggled.

She placed them on Max's insides as well before he forced him to stand up and pumped inside of him with her strap-on again.

"It must be painful! But that's to be expected: I don't hold back. I'm a pro and this is the proof!" She exclaimed.

She then picked a nearby candle and let some wax fall in Max's nipples as well as staining his cock and balls: he kept on arching his body and his cock was bulging with violence by now.

"Heh. All of you took all of the beads inside… Well then. This one goes first since it behaved better." Eva sounded amused.

She pulled all of Max's beads out at a mad speed and then unplugged his cock: he let out five or six vigorous spurts which stained his face, hair and upper body before he hung his head down and seemingly lost consciousness: she turned the vibrators off and then left him on the ground as she looked at the twins: they'd almost pulled each other's beads out and sounded like they were out of breath.

"Let's wrap this show up." She grinned.

She finished pulling their beads out and unplugged them: they cried as they released and filed each other's mouth their liquid: they remained conscious and shared a new kiss while mixing in and connecting their tongues with the white string: they then seemingly lost consciousness as well.

"That's all for today, my followers! Tune in for more tomorrow: I know you never get bored of Eva – sama's teachings! Tee, heh, heh!" Eva looked at the camera and grinned.

She took out a remote from the cloak's right pocket and switched the camera off.

"Well! Let's free these and let them nap for a while." She shrugged and looked amused.

"… Ah… It feels so good… Tooru – kun…"

"Shuuichi – kun… Do you like this?"

"Yeah… I like it, Tooru – kun!"

"I'm glad of it, Shuuichi – kun…!"

Hikawa and Eboshi were making out in Eboshi's bedroom: Hikawa was sitting on the bed and Eboshi was riding along his cock while looking ecstatic: Hikawa was rubbing Eboshi's nipples and Eboshi was rubbing his cock with his own right hand: both looked like they were totally enjoying the experience which they were in the midst of.

"Good idea… Sending Ice Man… to play with Aqua Man and Bubble Man for a while… This'll help us keep this secret… Tooru – kun…" Eboshi moaned.

"T-thanks, Shuuichi – kun…! Ah…! I love feeling you so close by and your heat…!"

"Yeah…! Tooru – kun is my most important person to me…! We're making love to each other, isn't that right?"

"We are, Shuuichi – kun…! We love each other!"

"Thanks… Ah…! I'm going off…!"

He released and his insides gripped Hikawa's cock: the other boy released as well and sounded like he'd shaken a lot of stress off him: they both panted and Ebosi detached only to turn around and let Hikawa's cock go inside of him again.

"Heh, heh!"

He inclined Hikawa's body backwards to be face-up on the bed and had a deep passionate kiss with him: Hikawa responded to it by closing his arms around Eboshi's middle body: they soon separated and eyed the white string linking them together.

"Wow… The white string of fate… Heh, heh, heh…" Eboshi muttered with a little chuckle.

"Yeah… It's here, connecting us…"

Eboshi began to move along Hikawa's length and rubbed his cock against Hikawa's stomach area as he moved his fingers to toy with his nipples: Hikawa moaned and looked like he was getting excited again.

"Heh, heh. Tooru – kun's nipples are very sensible because of that stuff you did to them… You get horny so quickly and start moaning in a tune which hypnotizes me…"

"T-thanks for the compliments, Shuuichi – kun…!" Hikawa moaned.

"I'm coming!"

He released and stained Hikawa's upper body and face as he triggered Hikawa's own release: they both panted and Eboshi quickly assumed the "six-nine" position: both began to suck and lick their cocks while using their fingers to tease the balls: they kept at it for a little while until they both released.

"Let's finish this, Tooru – kun…"

"Yeah… Let's end it, Shuuichi – kun… I feel refreshed enough. Heh, heh, heh… Here I come! Get ready!"

They hugged each other (Eboshi was a little shorter in height and his head reached more or less until Hikawa's chin) and began to rub their cocks together while kissing: they both released and cleansed their faces and upper torsos before going for another kiss: Hikawa rolled over and looked totally taken in: they separated and panted while looking at their white string of fate.

"Tooru – kun… We'll always be in love, right?"

"Shuuichi – kun… I promise. I'll help you."

"Thank you, Tooru – kun… You're my best friend. Let's work hard to keep it like this." Eboshi smiled at him.

"Let's nap for a little bit… And then we'll part. Come tomorrow for more stuff." Hikawa suggested: he sounded sleepy.

"Heh, heh!" Eboshi chuckled.

Hikawa covered them with their blankets and they began to rest.

"… Yo! Sleepyheads. Wake up. It's over."

"Ah… It felt refreshing!"

"Yeah. Now I feel ready to spend some time solving my homework."

"Uh… It'd seem my records are lifting up again."

The three boys woke up inside of the basement: they had the basic S&M gear on but the other stuff had been removed: they still had the marks on their bodies, though, and their insides hadn't totally closed yet: they stood up from their position of sitting in the ground and stretched while Eva looked on: she'd closed her cloak and hid her gear.

"I'm surprised you find this refreshing… I was sure you'd keep on disliking me for that earlier game." Eva commented.

"Well… I didn't have the intention of involving otouto into this: I thought this was something only I would like." Saito scratched the back of his head and looked somewhat unsure.

"Don't worry about that, Saito – niisan! I like sharing thrilling experiences with you: and I think of this as pain training. I know that Papa said that it's not shameful at all to cry out in pain, but… Since I have this chance to train, I wanted to make wise use of it." Netto grinned.

"That's a curious philosophy, I'd say. Heh, ehh, heh." Max lifted his eyebrows and looked amused at that.

"Anyways… Let's go upstairs and get dressed before heading back home: I know it's not even 11:00 AM yet but we want to be punctual." Saito shrugged.

"Yeah. We'll be here again tomorrow." Netto added.

"I'll dress up, too." Max shrugged.

"Good. I'll be storing the stuff." Eva shrugged as well.

The three boys headed upstairs through the stone ramp and entered the main room: they then stepped into the storeroom and picked each other's suitcase to get dressed with their clothes.

"Why did you decide to pick black, anyway, Max?" Netto asked him while he adjusted his bandana.

"Well… I thought it was an ironic color: it swallows up "light" and warms you up while it conceals anything." Max admitted as he put the coat on.

"Yeah. Nothing has been proven to be able to escape a black hole and even Star Wars ships try to stay as far away from them as possible: their massive gravity thugs could tear a ship apart even while travelling across Hyperspace…" Saito brought up.

"Speaking of Hyperspace… Boss told us he can travel through it, too. This helps him save travel time." Max recalled.

"Oh… So that's how he knows that he'll be back in two to three weeks from now… Practical!" Netto grinned.

Saito picked a black belt and adjusted it around his jeans' waist before covering it with his shirt and vest: he then straightened some of the folds.

"Really… Wearing clothes is a revolution! And I look catchy like that, I'd daresay." He muttered with a hint of amusement.

"Roll – chan must be about to jump into you, I'd say." Max teased.

"Uh… Yeah… I guess the "Devil Chip" didn't really condition Eva's personality… I'm sure she had a hidden side to her personality which came from looking up the wrong references." Saito muttered.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's the reason, too. Tee, heh, heh." Eva suddenly popped her head into the room.

"Then we'd be better off trying to keep that side of hers under control before we get a third sadist Roll." Netto grimly muttered.

"Yeah. And we should keep tabs on Meiru – chan, too. Her mother should try speaking with her or Mama should." Saito muttered.

"What a mess!" Max sighed.

"… Well… Now we get two or three weeks sans any supervision: I think we should think of something to do except for this routine: it'll eventually get dull."

"Hmmm… True, true… Maybe we could go have some adventure."

"…"Beyondard", you mean?"

"Yeah. And we could be back by the weekend. Tee, heh, heh."

"Sure. Why not?"

Max and Eva were talking about what to do a while later: Eva had put on her normal clothes and taken out the helmet as well while sitting on her favorite armchair.

"It's decided, then. And we could always camp out at the Great Tower's topmost room: there's gotta be a wonderful view from up there! I'm starting to look forward to it." Eva grinned.

"We'd have to properly gear up a bit and try to keep a normal girl's attitude just in case: we don't want to earn anyone's grudges. We should be glad Netto – kun and Saito decided that we're "allies" after all." Max told her.

"Sure. I don't mind taking a little break. Tee, heh, heh." Eva kept on looking amused.

"O. K. It's settled, then." Max shrugged.

"Yeah. It's settled. And now bring me a Bloody Mary."

"You're a minor, Eva – chan. You can't drink a Bloody Mary." Max drily replied.

"Come on! It's a joke!" She laughed.

"Man. This doesn't fare well." Max muttered.

He rolled his eyes under the sunglasses while Eva kept on laughing.

"… Good. I'll mail a password to Max and Eva in case they want to drop by but, otherwise, I'll keep the Great Tower locked up until the return of my little trip."

Tabuu was standing inside of the Great Tower's topmost room and typing into several of the screens.

"So… This artifact I'm supposed to look for turns out to be a lost planetary probe commanded by my Masters living in a surviving colony: the artifact made landfall on a remote extra solar planet 35 light years from Earth. But I should be able to get there in less than a week's time using my "Fossa Ambience" abilities to open up a Hyperspace tunnel… Luckily, since the probe went missing just two days ago, its core should still be functioning and I should be able to track its signature without too much trouble." Tabuu muttered aloud as he read a display.

He brought up a zoomed 3D image of a planet larger than Earth and almost all filled with barren plains, mountains ranges and a deep valley filled with vegetation.

"That valley… I find it curious that just that spot which barely makes up 8% of the planet's surface has greenery on it… Could this be the remains of a terra forming project went haywire? This mission suddenly looks way more interesting that it initially was… Who knows? Maybe something lurks in that deep forest…" He sounded intrigued.

He let the 3D image rotate around the room as if imitating its usual axis and orbit movements while Tabuu slowly tracked it up.

"It's decided. I will stay outside of the planet and use the "Eye" to scout given that it's a hologram, after all. Whatever is there can't attack it…"

He brought up new imagery.

"But the last report issued by the probe hinted at its own malfunction because it didn't brake well enough and its communications system with the orbiting probe was broken… Whatever… Let's have some fun and thrill 'long the way! Heh, heh, heh! I'll set off tomorrow morning after finishing wrapping things up. Heh, heh, heh… I'm a clever guy or so aibou used to tell me… Enjoy the end of this episode, folks!" He chuckled.

"… So. Forte. What is our purpose on life going to be from now on? Have you thought about it?"

"Yeah. More or less…"

Forte and Freeze Man were talking while standing in the balcony of the Old EM Waves Research Lab.

"We'll keep like we were: we'll round up menaces to the integrity of our allies and try to cooperate with the Net Police as much as possible. Incidents involving criminals can still happen: Twilight left the seeds dispersed around there to grow before he "escaped": they can show up anytime and they could be potentially dangerous. We've already seen the extreme ones right until yesterday." Forte elaborated.

"Ah. True. I wouldn't want Twilight to get away with it on the end. It's like he set a "curse" on all of us… And we must try to fight that curse back with all we have." Freeze Man agreed on it.

"That's my point. Remember: people like Nemenaya Mies or Atamane Tomoko aren't unique out there: there could be thousands like them ready to jump into stage and try to bring upon chaos to our lives. That's the worst thing which could happen so we've gotta avoid it from happening." Forte justified.

"I wouldn't want the Medusa's Hall Incident and the Sapphire Kingdom Incident to repeat again or what happened with the "Organization": we'll most likely act paranoid at any slight hint but it might end up being the only way to prematurely detect them and try to quarantine them before it can spread into something chaotic or deadly."

"Well. In short: our point in life will be protecting "stability": total "peace" doesn't exist but we must seek to keep things balanced and under control… We can't let "Chaos" destroy us." Forte summarized.

"I approve. Count me your companion, Forte." Freeze Man smiled.

"Thank you, Freeze Man." Forte smiled back.

"… Oh! Enzan – kun. Welcome."

"Good afternoon, ma'am. Hikari – hakase."

Enzan showed up on the Hikari house threshold: both Haruka and Yuuichirou opened the door.

"The boys are upstairs. They're waiting for you, Enzan – kun." Yuuichirou announced.

"Would you like to have a slice of my cake, though?" Haruka invited.

"Ah… Thank you very much." Enzan politely replied.

Haruka cut a slice off a chocolate cake and served it on a dish: Enzan sat on a chair and picked a fork.

"Itadakimasu." He announced.

He had a bite of it and looked surprised at its good flavor: he quickly ate the rest of it and looked delighted.

"It was delicious, ma'am." He admitted.

"Tee, heh, heh, heh, heh! There's no resisting my home-made chocolate cake!" Haruka giggled.

"So true…" Yuuichirou smiled.

"Well then… If you will excuse me, I'll be upstairs." Enzan politely announced.

"Enjoy~!" Haruka invited.

"You're always welcome, Enzan – kun." Yuuichirou smiled at him as he sat on the sofa to read the newspapers.

"Thank you very much."

"Oi! Enzan! Come up: we're itchin' for a Net Battle!" Netto called out.

"Netto – kun! Be a bit more patient!" Saito complained.

Enzan grinned and climbed upstairs to enter the room: Netto grinned while Saito looked somewhat annoyed with his impatience: Enzan closed the door.

"Sorry. Your mother treated me to some cake: it was delicious." Enzan apologized.

"I'm sure you must've felt something similar, Saito." Blues teased with a broad smile.

"Yeah. It's the first time I've had it and I think it's gotta be one of the sweetest things ever made!" Saito looked animated.

"Heh, heh! No – one can resist Mama's home-made recipes! I'm glad Papa dropped by, though. They already finished repairing the "Dimensional Generator". Meijin – san went to see Makoto – san at Densan University and came back with a lot of pre-made salads: it'd seem he's gotten into a salad regime even though he's a thin person!" Netto explained with obvious amusement.

"Laika also seems to be too much into this new "salad trend" and he admitted that his uncle, Commissioner Malenkov, already insisted that he drops it. Detective Misaki tried to hook Superintendent Manabe into it but Commissioner Kifune is rather skeptical about these "trends": he claims it was vegetables like 5 years ago." Enzan grinned.

"While you two solve this "trend" stuff, I'll go chase my own "trend" with Buruusu." Saito grinned.

"Yeah. Let's bring out the dictionary and come up with a new definition for "trend"!" Blues sounded amused.

Saito dematerialized and returned inside of the Link PET: Netto picked it and plugged it into the PC to then switch off screen and speakers: he and Enzan began to undress and stopped once they were on their boxers.


Netto walked over to Enzan and slowly pulled them down to reveal Enzan's slightly aroused cock.

"Heh, heh! I must be doing some cool job with my body 'cause you get aroused just by seeing me, Enzan!" Netto teased.

"Guess so… I should try working out IPC's emergency fire stairs to keep on shape, I guess." Enzan sighed and shrugged.

"Heh, heh! Get my stuff outta the way, too." Netto grinned.

"Yeah. I'll have a sneak peek." Enzan looked animated by now.

He lowered Netto's boxers and suddenly frowned: he then looked closer and spotted some marks left on the base and around the balls.

"Oh. I'd forgotten… You still do that hobby with those two. For a moment I thought you'd gotten harmed there." He smiled.

"Hobby… Guess you could name it like that, yeah. But let's quit the preludes and get to the business. I still find it amusing that you actually took out Shining Man when he was your tag partner in the N1 Grand Prix along with Whale Man and Break Man… You really were mean back then, Enzan!" Netto told him with a grin.

"Please… The old man's stupid lessons were all I knew." Enzan sighed and looked elsewhere.

"Sorry. Let's shatter the ice with a Zeus Hammer, then." Netto switched topics.

"That ain't a bad metaphor, really." Enzan smiled.

"And let's fry Beef Commander a la BBQ." Netto improvised.

"He'll have Higure – san be soaked in oil before that and then try to declare his "love" for your teacher." Enzan came up with another joke.

"You know… If Toni Soler, Polònia's show director, ever runs out of jokes, we could email ours: they'd be a triumph!"

"That'd be lovely to see. But let's get down to the stuff: I've felt a lot of tension which I need shaking off. Maybe I'll need Maha's exercises, too, even." Enzan stretched.

Both climbed into the bed with Enzan being above Netto and he covered them with the blankets before starting to make out.

"… Ah… Buruusu… I missed this feeling."

"Heh, heh. You'll be getting used to it soon enough."

Saito was being lifted up and then lowered along Blues' cock length: Blues was holding him by the armpits and setting a pace while Saito rubbed his own cock and nipples: he used his hips to propel his legs and looked ecstatic.

"I'm sure this must be better than your hobbies." Blues teased.

"Yeah… Those are just to handle pain… I just want to be strong: I won't let some guys force info out of me by beating me or let a bully believe he can threaten me." Saito admitted.

"No bullies are going to bother you as I am around, Saito. I promise you. Deal?" Blues promised.

"Oh… Buruusu… I'll always help you, too. You're my lover, after all… Please thrust more into me…!" Saito moaned.

"Sure. Get ready: I'm going to lift you by the sides now." Blues whispered into his right ear as he carefully licked the outer rim.

"T-tickles… It tickles…!" Saito giggled.

Blues lowered his hands across the sides of Saito's body and then began to increase his pace while Saito looked like he could go off at any moment given his closed eyes and clenched teeth: Blues began sucking and licking the skin around his neck next: Saito suddenly cried and released thus setting Blues off as well.

"Ah… Ah… Ah…! I feel a lot of stress… going off… And all of the anxiety fading away too…" Saito muttered while he sounded in ecstasy.

"Heh, heh, heh. My "therapy" is proving useful! Test me out, Saito: I want to feel you inside of me." Blues chuckled.

Blues assumed a face-up position and Saito detached to then open up Blues' insides with his coated fingers and stuff his equally coated cock into him: he started moving while Blues smiled.

"… Ah… Enzan… You love being fast-paced, don't you?"

"Yeah. I do."

Netto was lying face-down on the bed while using his knees so as not to be glued to the sheets: Enzan was thrusting into his insides as he toyed with his cock and nipples at the same time: he had a large grin on his face while Netto looked ecstatic.

"Ne – chan wants more of my stuff." He joked.

"Don't copy Tabuu's "Sai – chan"… They sound so girlish! Aren't we men to begin with?" Netto grumbled.

"If we use common sense, we're still boys." Enzan corrected.

"Guess so…" Netto chuckled.

"I'll go faster and you'll soon be begging at me."

"Sure… Vice President – sama." Netto joked.

"You wanna settle the score, eh? Gotcha." He sounded up to something this time around.

He gripped one of the still slightly irritated spots on Netto's balls and he didn't utter a sound but his cock got harder: Enzan then began to play with the head and Netto didn't even seem to notice it: Enzan increased his pace as well as he rubbed the brunette boy's cock at a quick rate.

"Enzan. Get ready to feel tightened up over there." Netto warned.

He released and didn't make any sounds as his muscles tightened around Enzan's slightly shorter cock and had him release: Enzan panted and closed his arms around Netto's waist as he collapsed on the bed.

"Wow. That's some self-control: you didn't utter a single sound." Enzan whispered.

"Heh, heh, heh! Two sessions and I've already improved this much… I'll clearly be like a guy in the movies soon enough!" Netto replied.

Enzan grinned and hugged him before rolling over to switch positions.

"… Ah… It felt good… The six-nine is fun!"

"Yeah. It sure is, Saito."

Blues and Saito had just seemingly playing the six-nine and had both of their faces and mouths stained with the white liquid: Saito then positioned himself and hugged Blues as he began a passionate kiss with him: Blues teased him by stuffing his fingers into his insides: they soon stopped and looked at the white string linking them together.

"The white string of fate… Sounds kind of ironic, even!" Blues muttered with a grin.

"Who knows?" Saito teased.

"You do, Saito. And I'm sure you'll tell me once you've had another round of checking me out." Blues teased next.

"Guess so…" Saito shrugged.

He lowered himself a bit and stuffed his cock into Blues' insides while he also teased his balls with slight rubbing from his fingers: he slowly pulled the foreskin back and massaged the head: Blues seemed to be getting turned on by Saito's play.

"Buruusu is somewhat sensible, too. Let's check it out! Heh, heh, heh, heh!" Saito muttered with a giggle.

He began thrusting while toying with Blues' balls: he gripped them and softly pulled them before teasing the head again.

"Enough teasing… Get serious, Saito…" Blues groaned.

"Heh, heh. Buruusu can be impatient when he wants to."


"Let's make sure to please him." Saito looked quite amused.

He began rubbing Blues' cock while leaning forward and licking his nipples as well: Blues quickly released and the usual chain reaction took place: Saito then took his cock out and began a new kiss with Blues while they hugged each other and rubbed their cocks together: they released and sounded relieved.

"… Whoa. It's already been an hour. Well then… I'll be heading back already... There's work to be done. Good luck next week with the Tuesday exam on History, Netto."

"Thank you, Enzan!"

Netto and Enzan were dressing up after cleansing the bed and Netto blinked Enzan an eye as if to indicate that he appreciated the encouragement.

"Oh! And Enzan… If Raoul invites you over, make sure to bring out the little brother costume: you'd scare off all of Heaven's Town idiots 'cause you two are the Hyper Duo!" Netto joked.

"Why not… It might work. Thanks for the advice." Enzan replied as he adjusted his sleeveless coat.

"Oh. One last thing… Have this: it's a present!" Netto picked a box and handed it to him.

Enzan undid the lace and opened it: he gasped and took out a red bandana with Blues' emblem drawn there.

"Whoa. You did this for me… You really are a kind person, Netto. I owe you a lot, really." Enzan looked emotional, for once.

"I'm glad that I could change your life for the better. And I also owe you a lot, too. We help each other, right?" Netto replied.

"Yeah. I'll definitely be using this when I can. Maybe to get tuned and feel modern…" Enzan grinned.

"Saito gave me a photo in which we both dress like grooms and look like we just married. Maybe he's foreseeing the future, even." Blues admitted with a slight blush, for once.

"Heh, heh, heh! Given how I once sported a groom's suit and Roll – chan pretended to be the would-be wife…" Saito giggled.

The four of them chuckled under their breaths: their friendship was bright and shining by now.

"… So… According to Max's mail… Tabuu set fire to both of those guys' Omicron caches?"

"Yeah. No – one else will get to use it."

Netto and Saito were speaking while they set the table for dinner while they both sported pajamas: Netto kept his usual ones while Saito's were colored chestnut brown like Netto's eyes.

"Number Man contacted: they've got 50% discount sales tomorrow at Higureya and he suggests that we should come. We may be able to infuse some "realism" into Higure – san so that he stops being a leech and chasing Mariko – sensei." Saito looked extremely amused.

"Really… Yuriko does well on protecting Mariko – sensei but Higure – san is sometimes rather stubborn! And I guess Dingo's tomahawk only led him to walk in circles 'round the district." Netto laughed.

"That's why knowing how to read maps or use a compass is important: or so they used to say…" Yuuichirou laughed as he came in from the ground floor restroom.

"Really… A tomahawk, they say? That's not good: that child must've ended up picking the wrong road the whole time! Tee, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!" Haruka giggled.

"… Achoo!"

"Jeez. Dingo. When will you pick up that winter coat?"

"S-shut up…! A true man doesn't… Achoo! Need those…"

Dingo was inside of a room and seemingly trying to heat up by sitting next to a fireplace: Tomahawk Man looked annoyed as he projected with the hologram.

"This guy… He's impossible." He grimly muttered.

"Hah! My tomahawk is back with me: the curse is broken!" Dingo grinned.

"… Yum! This meatball spaghetti meal is… supreme!"

"Oh. You're praising me, Saito."

"It's obvious!"

"They're delicious."

The Hikari family was enjoying dinner: Haruka had cooked her traditional meatball spaghetti and Saito looked overwhelmed at tasting such a variety of delicious things: Netto and Yuuichirou chuckled while Haruka looked amused.

"There's seconds. Who wants more?" Haruka invited.

"We do!" The three of them exclaimed.

"Like father, like son! Tee, heh, heh!" Haruka giggled.

"… Well! Tomorrow we go to Higureya to buy the Discount Day Chips and then we'll go do our hobby. I'll then work on Tuesday's exam for the rest of the day. I'm sure I'll get a good score!"

"That's the otouto I know: always energetic!"

Netto and Saito were brushing their teeth after supper and looked each other while having toothpaste ready on their toothbrushes.

"Ready?" Netto challenged.

"Go!" Saito replied.

They began to brush their teeth in a quick and efficient manner before they stopped, had a gulp of water, and then spat the resulting mix of water and toothpaste.

"Whoa. I guess Trill is synchronizing us!" Netto joked.

"Good Trill… He's working his hardest! We should contact him next week, too!" Saito grinned.

They finished cleansing their teeth and then left everything in order before stepping into the main bedroom: they looked out at the night skies and managed to spot a few stars.

"Maybe we'll get to practice amateur astronomy one day…" Netto muttered with a smile.

"Yeah. It's a fascinating thing to do, really." Saito nodded in agreement at the idea.

"And one day we'll have a pillow war, too." Netto teased.

"Sure. It'll be fun." Saito blinked him the right eye.

Both headed over to the bed and climbed on it: Netto picked the right side while Saito accommodated on the left side: they then slowly moved to glue their bodies together and looked animated.

"Netto – kun. Otouto. I'll always be by your side." Saito whispered.

"Saito – niisan. You'll always be my niisan, no matter what."

"Thank you, really…" Saito looked emotional.

"There's no need to: we're twin brothers! And now that this "arc" is concluding, I guess it's time to begin a new "arc" in our lives along with our friends." Netto suggested.

"Yeah. Together… We create infinite power." Saito smiled.

"And we fight for their sake. They'll always back us up."

"Good night!" Both told each other.

They then fall asleep with large smiles on their faces: a future of countless possibilities was ahead of them.