Cooler than me

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"Amu, you ready for high school!" A girl with orange brownish hair asked in the student parking lot. To be quite honest I wasn't too thrilled. I had jut transferred to a new school over in Japan called Seiyo High School, it was the top school known with high expectations. They had intelligent kids from all over the world came here, but not all of them were the best everyone had a class. Cool kids were at the top as the notorious and party type while the other class's you didn't want to be caught in.

"A little excited I guess. What about you Yaya?" I turned to look at her friend who was chewing on a tootsie roll. Why am I not surprised. I thought.

"I'm happy to be going to high school! We'll get to meet some really cute boys, Amu maybe even date some seniors or juniors." Yaya bounced happily alongside me with Pepe mimicking her. She was getting cocky about the boys part. "Having all AP classes for ninth grade must suck."

"Why are you talking? You have them too." I pointed out. She could be a dunce when it came to remembering things, but that was my Yaya.

"Hey!" Yaya folded her arms with a pouting face. A boy with long black hair tied back in a ponytail and glasses on running towards them. He shoved right past them to only trip in the process and landed on his face. "Are you okay?" Yaya asked helping the boy up.

"I guess." The boy shook his head and patted off his clothes. "My name is Kairi Sanjo. Thank you for helping me." Kairi bowed and by the look of it Yaya was totally flattered while I on the other hand was sitting there. I really was just sitting there staring off. Yaya caught my gaze and followed it to a group of teenagers hanging near three cars I guess that were theirs.

"Amu, you spot someone over there you know or did you already call dibs?" Why is it that whatever I'm looking at Yaya also has to peek in to see?

"No!" I said. But the look on her face was telling me she didn't believe it so I changed the subject. "So Kairi, are you new here?"

"Why yes. I just moved here with my sister, I'm a rising tenth grader." Well that's a shocker. I thought to myself. "By the looks of it, you two must be apart of the ninth grade class, am I right." Kairi was looking at me now. Why ask me? Ask the one who's happy to be at this hellish place! As if noticing I didn't want to answer he turned to look at Yaya.

"Yup, we have all AP classes!" Yaya answered taking a jolly rancher sucker out. Watermelon.

"How much candy are you carrying, Yaya?" I asked as she pulled another out of her big brown purse and handed a blueberry to Kairi and for me a cherry. She knew me so well. "Did you buy the whole bag from Wal-Mart.?" Yaya gave me innocent looking eyes and I could already tell she did. "Just don't get caught or I hope you're ready to share with the class."

Yaya put a grip on her purse and spun around looking for anyone who might want her sweets. "Uh-uh, they better go get their own. It cost two dollars for two bags, and I refuse to share with them." Yaya pouted as we walked inside the building into the beautifully clean halls of Seiyo high school. "Its… it's… its beautiful." She said.

Kairi was the only one still stuck on the lollipop situation. "So wait. Why did you give us one?"

"Consider this my friendship for the whole school year. By tomorrow these are all my sweets." She pointed at Kairi tapping the tip of his glasses. "Like a symbol for us to stick together and not get caught up in drama and all that dilly dally crap. Like guys, catfights, getting suspended, statuses, and all that other stuff that I don't remember." Yaya said tapping her chin. She had gotten it from a book she read over the summer. Why she was reciting it, I'm not sure.

"Anyways…" I interrupted trying to keep all the other students from looking at us as Yaya kept saying quotes and all that from the book. I especially didn't want that group from outside that was now sitting in the gym talking once more from spotting us. 'Shouldn't we head up to the entrance so we wouldn't have to worry about getting trampled all over to get to our lockers?" Yaya and Kairi were giving me odd looks before agreeing. By the time we made all the way past the cafeteria the bell rang and Kairi and Yaya looked like they were in a race to see who get into their lockers first.

Yaya's was on the opposite side of my locker and we both ended up with bottom. Don't you just hate that? I was really curious to know who my top was, but I was already packed and ready. Carefully placing my character eggs inside my locker, Ran's egg rolled out of it. I had four character eggs, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia, each representing what I wanted to be. They were pains but I liked them, Yaya finally noticed and tried helping me catch her.

I was the only one who kept running after and realized why Yaya stopped. I ran into a person falling back hard on my butt. Rubbing it while I was sitting a hand reached out to me and I looked up to see a handsome boy with a grin on his face. He was really handsome like godly, his hair was dark blue and his eyes were almost the same color, I really hadn't noticed that I was too busy taking in his features he had to basically take both my hands and pick me up off the floor. "Are you okay?" His voice was husky, and beautiful.

"I guess." I tried to hide the blush creeping up on my face.

"Is this yours?" The boy held out Ran's egg case. I had completely forgotten about Ran! Quickly I grabbed it and put her inside my pouch. Guess Ran going to be roaming around with me, I just pray she doesn't do her normal routine. Hop, Step, Jump! Here we go.

"Hi, my name is Amu Hinamori! What's yours?" That little brat! She was supposed to be asleep! The boy was taken aback and everyone was looking at us. I look like a complete fool already!

"Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Amu, is your head okay?" Ikuto was towering over me like a building. He must be a senior by the look of it. "I bet all the girls are after you!" Did I just say that? I felt like people were sending me these thoughts (mostly girls) of what they wanted to do to a puny freshman like me. Before I even had a chance to make myself look any worse in front of a guy that I already had a crush someone grabbed me and pulled me to the side. We made a turn to the left and into the girl's bathroom where I heard shuffling and everyone went back to what they were doing. Whoever pulled me I owe them my soul. The girl I was looking at was cute she had blonde hair and golden eyes kind of like mine.

"Uh, thanks I guess." I said after Ran's character change whore off.

"What the hell were you doing out there?" The girl asked me. Wow not what I saw coming especially from her. "You allowed a character change in front of the high schools prince himself and now you're going to look like a total idiot walking out there. You're wanted by the freakin fan club!"

"Who are you?" I asked eyeing her with hate building. Who is she to talk to me like that?

"Rima Mashiro."

Oh great Public Enemy Number 1.

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