All Hearts Can Melt

Ch 1

A Discovery

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. Lydia/Sailor Rainbow, Lucky and Madam Indigo are my characters. This is a continuation of "Over The Rainbow" and "Promises, Flowers, & Farewells"

Something appeared behind the moon in outer space, a giant comet out of ice. Upon it was the Snow Princess Kaguya. She smiled evilly.

"The beautiful planet Earth." She commented. "With the touch of my cold hands, I see an icy future." She held out her hands, as if she was holding the Earth. "I shall perfect its beauty, and then, it will be all mine. Hm hm hm ha ha ha!" She sent out six pieces of the ice comet and they fell to Earth

Thinking she was alone and was going to take over earth, she laughed out loud. However, she was not the only person in outer space. A male alien was floating in a bubble, asleep. But once Kaguya laughed, his slumber was disturbed and his opened. He had long green hair and pink streaks in a green and gold outfit. In his hand he was hold a certain treasure, a prism in the shape of a tear. He went by the name, Fiore.

"What the?" he muttered. "What was that?" He looked around but saw no one. He knew there was someone else in outer space, headed for planet Earth, even if he hadn't found anyone. He was certain of what he heard, an evil laugh. He suddenly feared for the planet Earth. "She's going after Earth! I have to stop her!" He looked at the treasure in his hand and slid his hand down it. The prism had great powers. It protected him from all sorts of danger and could change his green, black and gold alien suit to a fancy garb or a shiny piece of armor. It was more than just a memoir; it was a talisman, a weapon, shed from the eyes of his sweetheart.

'Rainbow, it is time for us to be reunited again, my love.' Something flew by him and it almost destroyed his bubble. But the prism in his hand protected him, making the flying object swerve around his source of transportation and continuing its course to Earth.

"What was that?" Fiore asked himself. "I don't like this. I have to get back to Earth."

On the outskirts of Tokyo rested the Space Agency Planet Observatory. A young astronomer--Kakeru-- walked to his telescope. "Hmm. Wonder if I'll see anything interesting tonight." He sat down in his chair and looked through his telescope. "Hello. What's this?" He finds something flying fast in outer space. He climbed to the roof and observed the object crashing in the coast. He wasted no time and hurried to his car and drove to the impact sight.

"I've gotta find that object that hit the Earth." He said. "I just know it's important."

He made a discovery; the thing that had crashed was made out of crystal. If only he knew what it could do, he wouldn't have gone near it.

The sailor scouts, in their ordinary selves, were outside watching a giant screen. Serena was eating ice cream and the others were circled around the fountain, including Serena's best friend, Lydia. Lydia's winter break came up and she wasn't planning on coming. She wanted to stay home and wasn't in the mood for traveling. Ever since the parting with her love, Fiore, Lydia's heart turned cold and hard and didn't speak much about Fiore or love. She tried to bury it inside her, but it was hard. She missed Fiore so much. However, Serena was persistent and had begged Lydia to come visit her. She knew exactly what her best friend was going through. Lydia sat next to the fountain, looking at her reflection.

'Fiore, will I ever see you again?' she thought.

Interesting came on the screen and everyone watched with interest.

"From the International Space Agency today, the most recent woman to be selected as a member of the next space flight crew is Himeko Nayotake of Japan. She's been chosen to be part of a select team of scientists. They've been working on the new Lunar Frontier Project and are making final preparations for their flight to the moon, which is approaching quickly."

Serena put a hot, sweet treat in her mouth as she watched the news.

"Way cool!" Rini exclaimed. "That spaceship's going to the moon!"

"Oh…I wish I could fly to the Moon with Darien on a spaceship." Serena said dreamily.

This made Lydia want to throw up. She got up and laughed dryly. "Oh please," she shook her head and tried to be humorous, hiding her aching heart with a joke, "well, if yeh do, say hello to Fiore for me, won't yeh?"

"You don't even have to fly to the Moon, Serena." Luna said. "You're spacey enough. Junior High is soon coming to an end, and you have to start thinking about your high school entrance exam."

"Blah blah! Who are you supposed to be? My conscience fairy?" Serena demanded. "Maybe if you knew something about love, you wouldn't be such a stick-in-the-mud."

"She's a cat!" Lydia exclaimed. "Come on!"

"What's to know?" Luna asked then sneezed. "I'm a cat. Cat's don't fall in love."

Artemis and Lucky exchanged glances.

"I told you," Artemis mumbled to Lucky.

"Oh, don't be that way, chum," Lucky said.

"Oh Luna, are you sick?" Rini asked.

"I caught a cold yesterday." She replied and sneezed again. Her kitty nose was red.

"See you later, Serena," Luna said. "I'm going home."

"Why don't we offer to walk her home?" Lucky asked.

"Why, she's not drunk?" Artemis questioned.

"Just do it, laddie!" Lucky insisted, pushing him to Luna.

"You're right," Artemis said and walked to Luna. He cleared his throat; "I'll walk you home if you like. Oh, I mean, we will."

"Aye," Lucky said, "Back in Ireland after St. Patty's day, we always make sure everyone gets home all right."

"I'm not drunk, Lucky," she muttered, "I just have a cold. I'll be all right, gentlemen."

"But…" Artemis and Lucky said.

"No need to worry," Luna told them, "I'm just going home. I will be all right." She walked away.

"Worth a try," Artemis whispered to Lucky.

Lydia saw a young man with auburn hair in the corner of her eye. She let out a gasp. "Can it be?" In her heart, she believed it was Fiore, in his human form.

"What is it, Lydia?" Serena asked.

"Fiore," Lydia whispered. She ran to where the young man was walking. "Fiore!" She touched his shoulder and he turned around. She frowned. His eyes were green, not red and he was nowhere near as gorgeous as her love. "Oh, sorry about that laddie, I thought, thought yeh were someone I knew."

The young man she thought was Fiore smiled. "It's okay. Happens all the time." He walked in a building.

Serena walked to her best friend. "I'm sorry, Lydia." She said, putting her arm around her. "I was certain he was Fiore too."

"I think I'll go for a walk." Lydia said.

"I don't think so!" Serena cried. "I'm not letting you out of my sight! Remember what happened last time? You stayed outside late at night in the rain! You got cold, wet and sick and could've gotten pneumonia or worse. No way am I letting you get stuck in another thunderstorm, or a snowstorm! It's cold out!"

"She's right, Lydia," Amy added. "You had a very high fever. You were really lucky. If Darien found you any later…."

"Lassies, I'll be all right," Lydia insisted. "I'm not going to be outside all the time. I'll go in the arcade, maybe do some early Christmas shopping."

"In that case, go right ahead!" Rini shouted, wrapping her arms around Lydia's waist. "Psst, Aunty Lydia," she whispered in her ear, "I want a new stuffed bunny!"

"Rini!" Serena scowled.

"Yeh got it, lassie," Lydia said, patting her head. "I'll see yeh lassies later."

"OK," Serena sighed, "just make sure you come back home before it gets dark!"

"Yes, Serena, I will," Lydia put on a smile and walked away.

Luna walked home tiredly, trying to keep her eyes open. "I can't wait to get home. I feel so weak, and a nice, hot bowl of soup would be nice, too." She stopped at a crosswalk and waited for the light to change. "Hurry and change, light."

As if she had telekinetic abilities, the light changed, but she hesitated. The cat was burning up with a fever. "Oh, I'm so dizzy," she said, making her way down the crosswalk. Her vision got blurry. "Maybe I should've let Lucky and Artemis walk me home after all." Her strength gave and she collapsed in the middle of the street. The light started to change back and a sports car was headed for the black cat.

"Aaaah!" she screamed as the driver applied the breaks. When she thought all was lost, someone came to her rescue.

"Gotcha." Some man said, scooping her up in his arms. Before she passed out again, Luna focused on a man with blue eyes and blond hair, gasping but with a smile on his face. It was Kakeru, the man from the space observatory.

"What, are you crazy?" the driver of the sports car shouted and drove away.

Luna woke up with blankets around her. "So you're awake, kitty," Kakeru said. Luna tried to get up. "You shouldn't move. You have a fever." Luna took the advice and lay back down. He dabbed her head with a cold towel to cool her fever.

Lydia was walking passed the greenhouse, a bag in hand. She walked up to the fountain, which was frozen now. She tried to stay away from this spot, but couldn't help it. It was the first time she saw him.

"Thought I'd fine yeh here, lassie," Lucky said, jumping up on the fountain. He spotted the bag in her hand. "Ah, got anything in there for me?"

"Oh, Lucky, yeh'll have to wait for Christmas!" She exclaimed, petting his head.

"You miss this Fiore character, don't you?" he asked.

She sighed, "Lucky, you wouldn't understand…"

"Why, because I'm a cat?"

"Not just any cat," she sighed, "my guardian cat."

"Hey, I'm not like Luna," he told her, "and anything can fall in love. All hearts can melt, even ones made out of ice."

"Are yeh suggesting my heart has turned cold?!" she growled.



"Yeh not the same, Lydia," Lucky said. "Yeh used to be so happy, so cheerful, so full of life and light and dreams. Yeh have given up on looking for the rainbow coins and cleaning out the haunted castles back home."

"I found the yellow rainbow coin when we came back," Lydia said, folding her arms.

"Yes yeh did," Lucky said. "Listen, girl, I know you miss Fiore and I may be just a mere cat, but I understand human feelings too. I know yeh hurt, but yeh must go on."

"But I miss him so much, Lucky!" Lydia sniffed.

"I know," Lucky told her, "but yeh will always have me, Serena, Darien, the other scouts. And besides, maybe yeh'll see Fiore again when the time comes. Maybe there is something he is searching out there and he has to do it alone. I know he can't live on Earth like humans do, but he can always visit. I'm sure he's watching over yeh out there. I guess yeh just need more time, eh?"

"When did you get to be so wise, Lucky?" Lydia asked, trying to smile.

"It comes with the job," Lucky replied and jumped in her arms. "Now, let's get home. It's cold out here!"

"But Lucky, yeh've got more fur than any cat I ever known!" She said, rubbing his fur. "It can't be that cold. It isn't cold to me."

Lydia and her cat came to Serena's home. "See, Serena, I told you I'd be back before the day's over!" Lydia said.

"I'm glad you're home," Serena said, "because Luna's not!"

The next morning when Luna woke up, she found Kakeru sitting up sleeping in a chair in front of her. She is very surprised and moved by this. I can't believe it! He sat up all night long just for me? He even risked his life for me!

"Hey, where's Luna?" Artemis wondered out loud.

"You mean she hasn't come home yet?" Rini asked.

"I wonder where she is," Amy said.

"She was sick yesterday!" Raye shouted. "I home she's not all by herself in need of food and care!"

Serena moaned pathetically.

"I should've walked her home, poor Luna," Artemis moped.

"Don't be so hard on yerself," Lucky said. "She didn't want us to."

"I'm worried," Serena said, "I hope she's okay."

"Don't worry, lassies," Lydia told them, trying to be cheerful and smiling through her pain of missing Fiore, "maybe someone found her and took her in"

"But what if no one did?" Mina asked, "what if she ran away from home?"

They all gasped.

"Well, Serena, " Lita began, "Do you think that's possible?"

"Weren't you being mean to her?" Raye demanded.

"OOH! Of course not!" Serena shouted. "What are you talking about, Raye?!"

"I'll bet you and your big mouth made her leave!" Raye accused.

"I'm more mature than you!" Serena said, blowing a raspberry.

"Get real!" Raye said, doing the same. They continued this.

"Would you two stop?" Lydia asked, rubbing her head.

"Enough fighting!" Artemis shouted. That stopped the fight between Raye and Serena.

"We're not getting anywhere this way," Lucky added. "We'll just have to look for Luna."

"Let's split up." Artemis said.

"Right!" The girls said. Mina, Lita, Amy and Raye went to the right, Serena and Rini went to the left and Lydia went straight across the street.

At the place Luna was staying, she looked around her surroundings. There were many things having to do with space.

"I hope you'll be able to eat something." Kakeru said and put down a plate of food.

Luna hopped off the bed and inspected the cat food for a moment. Then hunger took over and she chowed down.

"You look much better today. So you like your food?"

Luna meowed her approval. The doorbell rang. He got up to answer it. "Yes?"

"Surprise! It's me!" Himeko shouted.

"Himeko! Welcome back! When did you get in?"

"I flew in early this morning." She replied. She walked in and saw Luna eating the food. "Huh?" she smiled and turned back around. "Have you seen the news about my new…Lunar Project?"

"Of course." He replied. "Congratulations."

"Is that it?" she asked, expecting more.


"Nothing," she said, shaking her head. She turned and walked a few steps to the balcony and turned back to him. "I've been away a long time. What's new with you?"

"Uh, actually, I do have news. I just discovered a new comet."

"You have?"

"Yeah, when it was near the moon." He explained. "I came up with the name Princess Snow Kaguya."

"So you found it while you were observing the moon? That's funny. I don't recall hearing about it at the Space Agency. Are you sure you saw it?"

"You doubt me?! I saw it with my own eyes!" He shouted. "I found something that may be a piece of the comet!" He walked to his desk and picked up a small culture dish. "It fell from the sky right after I found it! Check it out."

"Wow," Himeko commented.

Luna walked over to look up at the crystal, curious.

"Okay, there's one problem, though." Kakeru said. "The comet disappeared right away, so my colleagues at the Space Center are doubtful of its existence. You believe what I said, don't you?"

"Uh…" Himeko mumbled.

"I'm sure I saw it!" Kakeru exclaimed.

"Well, I'm not sure what to believe." Himeko said. "You also claimed there was a princess who lived on the moon. You're alone so much when you're studying. Maybe you've lost perspective."

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Kakeru shouted. "Whenever I observe the Moon, I feel some strange but powerful force!"

"You make it so hard to believe you're a well-respected scientist." Himeko said.

"So you don't believe me then." Kakeru said, putting down the dish.

"Kakeru, I believe you're a highly intelligent man of science." Himeko said firmly. "You've studied Physics, Biology, Medicine, and Space Engineering. You have various degrees; including a Ph.D. I'll tell you what I find very difficult to believe. Even with your extensive, scientific background, you still live by these unscientific stories!"

The crystal suddenly glowed and Kakeru felt odd. He grunted and held himself. Both Himeko and Luna were concerned. The glow faded away.

"What's wrong?" Himeko asked, reaching for him.

He pushed her away. "Sorry. I'm not feeling well at the moment. Look, maybe you better go now. Okay?"

"Try and understand this, Kakeru." Himeko said. "I've come all the way home just to spend my one-week holiday with you, and now you're telling me to leave?"

"I'm sorry," Kakeru said.

"I'll go then," Himeko said and left.

Luna meowed and walked up to Kakeru. He picked her up. "I'm such an idiot! Why couldn't I have been happy for her success?"

Himeko was right outside the door, unbeknownst to him.

"I knew it'd been her lifelong dream to go up in space, and I shot it down!" Kakeru muttered. "Anyway, what should I call you?"

"Lu…" Luna began and quickly shut her mouth.

"Huh?" Kakeru mumbled.

I better be careful not to talk. Luna thought, embarrassed.

"Blackie? Rocket? Or maybe your name should be Comet?" He guessed. "But there's a crescent mark on your forehead. Let's see…Moon?"

Her eyes perked up and he sensed he was close.


Luna meowed acceptingly.

"All right! It's Luna!" Kakeru said happily. "I guessed the right name!"

She meowed again. You got it! She thought.

"Luna is a perfect name for you. You must have a very thoughtful and clever owner to have chosen a name that suits you so well." He noticed that Luna hadn't finished her meal. "Luna, here…try some star flakes."

Luna tried some in a bowl and he sat down, wrapping his arms round his knees. "Since these are the closest things to a shooting star, I'd like to wish for Princess Kaguya to appear someday. I've believed there was a princess on the Moon since I was a child. What do you think, Luna? Do I sound crazy for thinking there's some mysterious life force on the moon?"

Luna shook her head.

"Well, it's nice to know someone believes in me."

Himeko continued to listen in on his conversation with the cat.

"I know I'm a scientist, but the other side of me loves fairy tales." Kakeru admitted. "Could it be a combination of my love for fairy tales and my scientific observations that give me such a strong feeling about the moon?"

He heard footsteps.

"Huh?" He and Luna stepped out just to see Himeko leave the observatory. "Himeko…"

Later, Luna was out on the balcony thinking about Kakeru. What is this strange feeling I have? I've never felt quite like this. He's so good to me and he's so kind and gentle.

The cat sighed. She couldn't describe this new feeling. Maybe she wasn't just any ordinary cat after all.