All Hearts Can Melt 7


"Time for you to die!" Princess Kaguya sneered.

"Forget it," Super Sailor Rainbow muttered, "Sailor Moon, I've had about enough of her as I can take! Let's show her for messing with the sailor scouts!"

"Right, Rainbow!" Sailor Moon acknowledged. "For our world of love and life!"

The two sailor scouts were lifted in the air, holding their crystals above them. They form a field from the silver crystal and rainbow crystal. Try as they wished, the snow dancers couldn't get to them and they were blasted by beams of Sailor Rainbow's rainbow crystal.

"Look at that, a snow shower! Hah!" Rainbow chuckled.

"Silver Crystal Power!" the scouts cried.

"Now try this!" Kaguya exclaimed, sending her ice beam. Sailor Moon got read and sent her own beam from the silver crystal. There was a struggle between the two beams. Kaguya recognized the beam.

"Oh no, not that light again!" Kaguya cried.

The silver beam started to retreat.

"Sailor Moon, you've got to focus!" Rainbow encouraged. "Together, we can win! We will win!"

"I'm trying," Sailor Moon winced. Sailor Moon closed her eyes to think. She had to focus. She and Sailor Rainbow thought together.

All I need to gain more strength is to think of our beautiful planet that gives us life. Life on Earth provides all of its creatures with a special place. We have a fascinating world under the sea and a wondrous world on land. In the big scheme of things, an individual life may seem to be insignificant, but it's the greatest gift we know, and I'll never let this world of life, love, and beauty perish!

Sailor Rainbow sent more strength from her own crystal and seven beams of colors swirled around Sailor Moon's to aid her. "And neither will I!"

The powers converged into a giant beam and pushed back Princess Kaguya's far enough to stop her.

"We're going to make it," Rainbow said.

Then…Kaguya let out a scream as the force destroyed her, her snow dancers and the monolith began to disappear. The beam even went out of Earth into space, destroying the ice comet into many pieces. The world didn't have to fear the ice comet or Kaguya ever again. Sailor Rainbow and Moon felt a wish in their hearts to make.

'I wish that Fiore will find his home soon,' Rainbow thought, looking over in Fiore's direction.

'And I wish that for one day, Luna could turn into a human girl. Luna, become Princess Kaguya!'

The beam from Sailor Moon's crystal departed the clouds, reflected off the moon and to the parking garage where Luna and Kakeru were. Outside the garage, Artemis and Lucky saw the beam enter.

"That's the power of the silver crystal!" Artemis exclaimed, "let's check it out!"

Lucky went in after him to find the light surrounding Luna. The male cats gasped and stepped back behind a car tier. Luna looked at her paws and was lifted into the air over a car. She began to change into a human.

"Close your eyes, Artemis," Lucky said, putting his paw over them.

"Hey!" Artemis muttered.

"She's becoming a human," Lucky whispered, "I never was so lucky."

Kakeru woke up to see the human Luna looking herself over. "Who are you?"

Luna smiled. "I'm Princess Kaguya."

"Princess What?" Lucky and Artemis asked each other.

Luna took his hand and they left the parking garage. She didn't notice Lucky and Artemis going after them.

"Where do you suppose they're going?" Artemis asked.

"Luna told me he wanted to go to space," Lucky explained, "She's giving him his wish."

"Am I dreaming?" Kakeru wondered out loud. "Could I really be out in space now?"

She guided him to the right spot to see the sunrise. It was the most beautiful thing Kakeru ever thought to see.

"Oh wow! It's daybreak!" Kakeru exclaimed. "Man, I never thought I'd see such a sight!"

Luna laughed and Kakeru turned to her. "Huh?" he noticed the crescent symbol on her forehead and the ribbon. "Luna? It can't be!"

Also in space, was Himeko working on the lunar project with the team. She took a moment to look at the sun. 'Kakeru…I made it. It's breathtaking! I wish you were here.' Suddenly, a bright streak passed her. "Huh?" she wasn't sure what to explain it, until, she got the wild idea that it could be the moon princess. "Oh…princess…could it be? Could Kakeru have been right about the Moon Princess?"

Luna and Kakeru were still together in outer space. She took the moment to say goodbye.

"Your suffering is over, Kakeru. You could enjoy a normal life again, starting with your very own Moon Princess: the one you love, Himeko."

"Oh…" he mumbled, startled.

"She loves you deeply, and you're destined to be together."

He nodded and her eyes filled with tears.

"My dream's come true. Thank you…Luna."

Luna covered his mouth. "I'll have to leave you now, dear space man." Luna said. She leaned foreword and kissed him gently, the only one time she'll be able to as a human. "Kakeru, I'll never forget you."

As for Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Rainbow, they are very tired. Sailor Moon collapsed but Tuxedo Mask caught her in time. Super Sailor Rainbow swayed while holding her head.

"Oi--what a rush," she moaned. Before she fell, Fiore came up to support her.

"Well done, Sailor Rainbow," he said. "I knew you could do it."

"Oh, Fiore," she sighed. She looked at Sailor Moon. The scouts and Tuxedo Mask had just called out her name. "Serena, yah all right?"

"Luna…" was all that Super Sailor Moon was able to say.

The ice faded away and everything changed to normal.

"Look!" Sailor Rainbow exclaimed, "it worked!"

Days later, Himeko came back from space to Japan. Lydia and a human Fiore waited outside the space station as Luna and Serena were inside.

"Someday, you'll have to go back," Lydia whispered, looking up at the sky.

"What?" he asked, surprised, "I can't leave you again."

"You know what will happen if you stay any longer," Lydia told him. "Fiore, you've got a home out there and you haven't found it yet."

"I've searched everywhere," Fiore mumbled, "and I can't remember anything about my past."

"A part of me didn't want you to come back," Lydia admitted, "because I was afraid of saying goodbye again. It would be too hard but I'm able to do it now. I made a wish on the rainbow crystal that you will find your home, so please, Fiore, go and find it. Then when yeh do, hurry back so you can take me to it!"

He smiled, touched, "you sure you'll be all right?"

"Of course. I've got the green rainbow coin now." She smiled. "Tell me, Fiore how did you find it?"

"I was walking through the snow," he explained, "and I saw this green valley. I couldn't understand how it could be so green in a blizzard so I walked to it. Found a giant green tree that could speak."

Lydia gasped. "That was the guardian!"

"Yes," he nodded. "I told it I was searching for you and I could get you the rainbow coin. I used the prism you gave me to get it. But the tree told me you still had to prove your worthiness of the coin someday."

"I see," Lydia said. "I'll prepare myself then. I've got to find the other rainbow coins and there other missions I've got to work on in Ireland. I'll be all right, Fiore. Besides," she looked at her love blossom, "I'll have a part of you with me always."

Fiore looked at the tear prism, "and I have a part of you with me."

"You'd better go," Lydia mumbled. "The sooner you leave, the sooner you'll find her home and the sooner you'll come back."

"I'll hurry," Fiore promised, "I'll be back soon." He embraced her tightly and kissed her. "Farewell, my love."

"Good luck, my beloved flower," she sighed, stroking his face. They held hands for a while and Lydia began to quote an Irish blessing. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand." She smiled, "an Irish blessing to protect you."

He kissed her forehead, "thank you." Backing up, he turned into his alien form and his traveling sphere went around him. She waved at him. "Goodbye."

"I'll always love you!" he shouted as the sphere flew away from her sight, leaving cherry blossoms for her to catch.

"I love yeh too,'" she sighed, creating a rainbow for him to admire before he left earth. Lydia stood there for a moment, sighed and went inside to join Serena.

As Himeko walked on, a group of photographers and reporters came to her and asked questions. "Excuse me, Miss Nayotake, how was your flight?"

"What was it like?"

"Please, Miss Nayotake."

But her reply had nothing to do with science. "I saw Princess Kaguya on the Moon."

They laughed, thinking of it as a joke. "That's a good one."

"Did you get some pictures?"

Himeko wasn't paying attention to their questions anymore; she looked around for someone else. "As a scientist, what have you learned from this trip?"

Lydia walked up to Serena and Luna, "hey lassies."

"Hi, Lydia," Serena said. "What's up?"

Himeko caught sight of Kakeru. He had a bouquet of flowers with him. Himeko laughed and ran to his arms. The press started to take pictures and Lydia started to sob. After saying goodbye to see her sweetheart and watching two others saying hello, was a bit too much to take in.

"Lydia, what's the matter?" Serena asked.

"Oh nothing," she lied, "I've got somethin' in me eye."

"You just said goodbye to Fiore again, didn't you?" she asked. "Lydia, it'll be okay."

"Well, he's got a home out there." Lydia sighed, turning around. "Excuse me…I…I've got to look for some more four-leaf clovers!" She ran out, almost colliding into Darien. "Sorry, Darien."

"It's okay…" before he can add anything else, she zoomed passed him. Luna and Serena watched Himeko and Kakeru.

"Look at them," Luna said to Serena, "They belong together."

"Luna, are you sure you're okay?" Serena asked.

"Yes." Luna replied. "I have to be okay…because I'm a cat."

Something fell into Himeko's hand. "What's this?" she unwrapped the package, "star flakes."

Kakeru smiled. He realized what it meant. It was a parting gift from Luna. Satisfied, she walks away to the exit. Before she can leave, Lucky and Artemis are there. Lucky pushed Artemis out from behind the corner.

"Go for it, laddie!" Lucky insisted.

Luna saw them and dropped her head.

"Welcome home, Luna." Artemis said.

"Aye, welcome home," Lucky added.

"Dear Artemis, but why?"

Artemis chuckled and blushed. "I'll always be near you because you're my soul mate."

"And I'll be near yeh too," Lucky said, "because yer my friend. The both of yeh."

Artemis and Luna looked at Lucky as he stepped back, waiting for Luna's reaction. Luna's eyes widened. "Oh, Artemis!" she cried, running to him.

Lucky went around the corner, smiling to himself as Luna and Artemis' tails wagged and they rubbed heads together. He was happy for them and glad that he did something to help them get together. Of course--they would've found themselves together without his help--they were soul mates.

'Back to the bachelor life, eh Lucky?' he thought to himself as he padded away from them. 'It won't be too bad, you've always been the 'ladies' cat.' Luna saw Lucky about to leave and called to him.

"Lucky, wait!"

"Huh?" Artemis turned, "Hey buddy, where are you going?"

"I thought yeh two would want some time alone," Lucky mumbled.

"Lucky, are you all right?" Luna asked.

Lucky nodded, "I'll be all right."

"Come on," Artemis said, "let's go home." He stretched, "I need a nap."

Luna laughed, still next to him, "You always say that." She looked at Lucky, who was on her left. She was between the two tomcats of her life. She knew she could always depend them to be on her side and she intended to be there for them. They walked out the door and as they went down the steps, something about them started to change.

"What's going on?" Artemis asked.

"I don't know," Luna said.

The three cats grew large in size and their tails shrank. Furry cat legs lengthened into human arms and legs. They were becoming human. Luna's hair was long, thick and wavy with buns on her head, like Serena's. Her eyes changed from red to blue and her dress became golden yellow. Artemis became a tall, thin man with long white hair and an interesting white outfit.

"Artemis, look," Luna said, "we're human!"

"How did it happen?" he questioned and looked at Lucky, "Lucky?"

Lucky wasn't as tall as Artemis was, but he looked stronger than him. Lucky had a short, stocky and buff build. Because his fur was always so thick, so was his hair that came down to his waist into a ponytail secured with a green ribbon in the middle. It strongly resembled his tail as a cat. He wore an orange vest and black pants with orange stripes on the sides and black leprechaun-like shoes. He had a chest full of hair and his pectoral muscles were tight. Down his arms were many thick orange hairs, like his fur. The scars and burns he carried as a cat were now visible as a human. The manliest, most alluring part of him was his thick orange sideburns that expanded to his cheekbones and ended to his chin. He became a very gorgeous man, but the only problem was, he was choking on his collar.

"Lucky!" Luna gasped.

Lucky's green eyes bulged as he unfastened the buckle on his collar and took in a deep breath of much needed air, "That's…better."

Luna looked at the collar, "Oh…Lucky, I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Lucky said.

"You can go see Dorothy if you want to."

Lucky shook his head; "it's best if she doesn't see me." He chuckled, "I wouldn't want her to see me choking on the collar she got for me. It wouldn't show much gratitude, would it?"

"I wonder how we changed," Artemis said.

As Lucky put the golden collar around his wrist as a bracelet, he saw Lydia out of the corner of his eye holding her brooch. She caught her looking at him, smiled and walked away. She wished for it. Lucky shook his head and shrugged.

"No idea, laddie," he mumbled.

Luna slipped her arms between Lucky's and Artemis'. "Let's be off, gentlemen."

People stared at the trio as they walked down the street. Serena and the other girls noticed them.

"Whoa, those people look familiar," Mina said.

"What do you mean?" Lita asked.

"I swear I've seen the one in white somewhere," Mina explained, "I know I have."

"Check out the one with the red ponytail," Lydia said with a wink, "quite a handsome feller, ain't he?"

"No kidding," Serena said. "The woman seems familiar too."

A bunch of screaming girls ran to the human cats. Luna gasped and let go of the men's arms.

"Oh my gosh, you're such a hunkmiester!" the first girl said to Lucky. "Are you single?"

"Hey, I saw him first." Said one of them.

"Forget it, he's mine."

Artemis began to chuckle as Luna stared in surprise. Lucky grinned, "Lassies, don't fight. There's enough of this alley cat to go around." He winked at them and they sighed. He offered them his arms and they grabbed on whatever skin they could. He glanced behind to Luna and Artemis, "I'll see you two later, eh?"

"Oh sure, don't worry about us," Artemis said, "You get 'em, Tiger."

"Well, would you look at that," Luna whispered, "he fell in love with a human as a cat, and now that he's a human, well…I bet those girls are going to be quite heartbroken when we all change back to our old bodies."

"That there has to be the second most lucky cat-man in the world," Artemis said with his arms folded.

"Second?" Luna questioned, "then who's the first?"

"I am!" Artemis exclaimed.

"Oh, Artemis," Luna sighed, "you've always been such a boaster. Have you been in many fights, fell down wells and was the outcast of your family as a kitten?"

"No. But I'm still the most lucky because I've found my soul mate."

"Just don't tell Lucky that."

"Of course not," Artemis said, "if I did, he'd probably make me arm wrestle him! I'm just glad he's on our side!"

Lydia smiled as she watched her guardian walk with the pretty girls. She'd have quite a story to tell Madam Indigo when she got back to Ireland.

"Lydia, are you all right?" Serena questioned.

"I'm great," Lydia said. "Never been better. I can't wait to get back to Ireland to find the rest of the rainbow coins and clean the evil spirits out of all the old castles."

"Amazing, isn't it?" Lita asked.

"What?" Amy questioned.

"How all hearts can melt, you know." Lita said, "Oh, I don't know how to explain. Even the coldest heart of ice can melt."

"You're right about that, Lita dear," Lydia said, "I'm sure that ice witch Kaguya's heart melted after we took care of her. It not only melted, but it shattered."

"Quit talking about melting hearts," Rini groaned, "You're making me sick!"

"What's the matter Rini?" Lydia teased, "afraid of your sugary heart melting?"

Serena and Lydia had a giggling attack and Rini turned red. It was true, all hearts can break but they have to melt before they are broken.


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