DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these wonderful characters, or songs. They all belong to their rightful creators/composers, and while I'd love to think of myself as a songwriter, I'm totally not. =] Oh and this disclaimer totally applies to everything in this little story. Hehe.

A/N: So I decided to make up my own iPod challenge. Yeah, that's probably against the "rules", but I don't really care. I call it "The iPod Shuffle Drabble Challenge". Not very original, but really, who cares? Okay, on to the rules and regulations.

Rules (and Regulations! =] Please note that some of these rules came directly from the REAL iPod Shuffle Challenge, so once again, me no own, so no sue me! =P):

1. Pick a pairing you like from the fandom that you will be submitting this to. I picked Annie/Auggie, obviously. =] Oh and I'll be switching back and forth between POV quite a bit, so I'll let you know who I'm supposed to be writing at the start of the drabble.

2. Turn on your iPod or iTunes and hit shuffle. My version: You must use the full list of music, not a playlist.

3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. My version: You have as long as you'd like to finish your drabbles, not just 'til the end of the song. Also, it must be five sentences or less, and actually contain the song title in it.

4. Do as many as you'd like and post them. My version: I'm just gonna do all the songs on my iPod, since there's only 58 songs and I'm doing five or less sentences.

I apologize for this BEAST of an author's note, but I felt the need to explain myself entirely before I actually begin with the drabbles. Thanks for reading! Oh and if anyone else wants to use my formatting to do their own iPod challenge, feel free! Also, these totally don't happen in chronological order, so don't let that throw you off.