A/N: Spoilers for, er, all of Season 2 since I don't exactly remember when this one gal came into the picture.

31. There Is Nothin' Like a Dame From the musical "South Pacific," Sung By: the 1967 musical cast

Annie POV

So I was eavesdropping the other day… no really, I was. I was walking by the door into the "tech cave" when I just 'happened' to overhear the guys talking about girls. Of course, awful person that I am, I stopped and listened to them. I could just make out Stu saying something about a musical, and then I hear the rest of techies chime in and sing, yes sing, "There is nothin' like a dame!" At that, I had to sprint away from the doorway to the tech cave and into the break room because I just couldn't let them hear me busting up about them being able to sing "South Pacific."

32. I'm Yours Sung By: Jason Mraz

Annie POV

National Be A Creeper Day: the only day of the year that you can get away with being a total stalker. This year I was going to participate whole-heartedly; after all, there's no better day to just walk up behind your friends and whisper creepy things in their ears. Auggie was my victim this year, and I already had it all planned out: I'd wear different shoes and no perfume so I could sneak up behind him, and then whisper in a creepy voice, "I'm yours, sweet thaaang…" What I hadn't anticipated was his reaction, so when he lashed out backwards at me with both his elbows, I only just got out of the way in time by diving to the floor, after which I promptly started having hysterics at the ridiculousness of it all. Auggie finally realized who I was, comprehension dawning on his face as he remembered what day it was, and the suddenly he had sat down next to me on the floor and we were laughing together.

33. The Final Countdown Sung By: Europe

Auggie POV

I had been waiting for literally hours, and I was seriously worried. It had never taken her this long to call. No, I wasn't just worried, it was beginning to border on frantic; after all, she is my best friend, my Annie. I began a final countdown silently in my head, measuring the minutes until I would call her again, just to make sure she was okay, that she was coming back to me. But just as I was reaching for my phone to place a rather angry call to her, my Annie loudly slid open my apartment door, complaining heatedly about D.C. traffic and how it had never taken this long just to pick up a simple pizza.

34. Fix You Sung By: Straight No Chaser

Annie POV

This was bad – I had never seen Auggie like this before, not even during the Natasha fiasco, or the Liza Hearn incident; only Parker could get him in this bad a way. I mean, I knew they were dating, and that her kidnapping and subsequent death at the hands of Somalian pirates would hit him hard, but I never knew how attached he had really become to her. He seems actually broken up; I thought to myself, I had never thought that I would see him this upset over a girl. He always seemed like the James Bond type, the one who breaks hearts and protects his own in impenetrable armor. As I crouched down next to his shaking form on the floor of his apartment, I whispered in his ear, "No matter how bad it gets, no matter how many times you yell at me to leave you alone in your anger and sorrow, I will not leave. I am your friend, Auggie, and I will help to fix you after this tragedy."

35. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Sung By: Straight No Chaser

Auggie POV

I knew I shouldn't have hacked into the Smithsonian security system just so I could 'watch' her, but I did it anyway. I knew it was probably a betrayal of her trust in me that I wanted to always make sure she was safe, even at a clearly harmless Smithsonian ball to keep her cover intact, but that didn't stop me. I also knew I really shouldn't have rigged up one of her earrings to hold a tiny microphone, just so I could hear what she was saying the whole night; just so I could listen to her silky smooth voice say meaningless words to other men in tuxedos, while I pretended they were all for me. I knew all of that, and when I heard some sleazy sounding guy tell her, "I can't take my eyes off of you, sweetheart…" I knew exactly why I had done it all. It wasn't out of protective instinct for my best friend, oh no; it was because I, August Anderson, had fallen in love with Annie Walker: no more and no less than that small yet brutal truth.

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