Snow drifted from the skies of Narnia. The pure flakes drifted on the air to the ground, coating the beautiful land in a blanket of white glory. But those caught out under the drift worried not, for today was the most joyous day of the year, perhaps the next era. The great marriage of King Caspian.

Narnian's and Telmarene's gathered within the courtyard of the castle. Waves of ribbons rose high into the sky, shelter a path toward the pavilion. The ribbons were held high and beneath them the Narnian flag, from the pavilion out into the courtyard. The pole bearers stood stall, proud to bear the honor of their country and their king.

Caspian stood at the steps of the pavilion dressed in a white doublet, standing in front of the great lion Aslan, himself. He looked at the ground, the marble beneath his feet, his nerves too unsteady to look anywhere else. Caspian had faced many battles, yet none had brought about this uneasy feeling within his heart.

Behind him, Aslan chuckled. "Peace, young King. This day shall be one to remember, not feared."

"It is not this day, I fear, Aslan. But the fear of what may come." Caspian explained.

"You fear you might fail?" Aslan asked.

Caspian could only nod his head.

"If it were not for you, this day would not be possible, Caspian." Aslan said. "Fear did not stop you from racing after Xaphan to save Susan from the Dreamscape."

Caspian took in a deep breath. "Thank you Aslan."

A soft array of horns echoed into Caspian's ears. All his fears melted as Caspian raised his head. Edmund escorted Lucy down the marble path, beneath the tent of ribbons. Young Lucy once so overruled with looks of innocence, now stood tall with elegance and grace that possessed of a young woman. She walked with her brother leading her, dressed in a dusty rose colored dress. The sleeves of her dress slit up her arm and blew in the breeze behind her. Within her hands she held a small bouquet of flowers. Edmund stood beside his youngest sister. He towered over her by a good size, often the occasional joke between the five. He walked with his sister in his arm. They parted at the edge of the pavilion. Lucy stood to the left as Edmund stepped behind Caspian to the right.

Peter appeared at the aisle. He was dressed in his best as he waited for Susan. He looked across from him. Susan walked slowly toward her brother. Peter extended his arm out to Susan. Susan took his arm and turned with him toward the crowed.

Caspian swallowed. Susan stood in a glorious white dress. The bodice of her dress extended out around her arms, leaving her shoulders bare. The sleeves of her dress hung past her hands, blowing in the breeze. Her skirt trailed behind her, the edges embroidered in silver thread. A silver tiara lay gently within her curled hair. Diamonds accented the tiara. The white veil covered her face and hung on her tiara. Never had Caspian's eyes ever witness Susan in such a state of beauty and elegance.

Peter and Susan reached the pavilion. Susan passed her white bouquet to Lucy. Caspian held out his hand. Peter took Susan's hand and placed it into Caspian. He gave Caspian a nod and stepped next to his brother. Caspian and Susan walked up several steps of the pavilion. Susan smiled and blushed beneath her veil. Caspian returned her smile, his heart swelling with joy.

"Narnia has been blessed to witness many great and joyous moments. But never have the people witness a more blessed union than the one we have the honor of witnessing today." Aslan began. "This blessed union has taught us that the bonds of true love cannot be broken by force or magic, or the wills of others. The will of true love is as deep a magic as that that created this land. And no love is truer than that of these two." Aslan looked to Caspian and nodded.

Caspian turned to Peter and received the ring. He took Susan's left hand and looked up at Susan. "With this ring, I give you all that I have and all that I am. And I make you a promise today, that I will protect you from whatever dangers may come. To cherish you every day of my life and to love you with every ounce of my being."

Aslan turned to Susan. Susan turned and took the ring from Lucy and turned back to Caspian. "With this ring, I give you all that I have and I that I am. And I make a promise stand by your side in the darkest times and the happiest, to be your comfort in the hardest moments, to spend my days as your support, and to cherish you all the days of my life."

"King Caspian, Queen Susan, please kneel." Aslan said.

Caspian and Susan knelt before Aslan.

"By the vows you have shared between yourself and before the land of Narnia, it is my greatest honor, to proclaim you husband and wife." Aslan finished.

Caspian and Susan rose.

"And to Narnia, I give to you, King Caspian, and Queen Susan. May their reign be blessed and prosperous." Aslan said.

Caspian and Susan turned to face the congregation. The people burst into applause and cheers. Lucy returned Susan her bouquet. Caspian took Susan's arm and led her down the aisle. A rail of white petals fell above them from the crowd as they made their way down the aisle.

Aslan watched as the newly wedded King and Queen depart from the ceremony. His heart swelled. Never had he imagine two children more fit for each other. The love they held for each other match the love they had for the country they now ruled over together. There was not a doubt in Aslan's mind that Narnia would heal the scars of the Telmarine's had brought upon them. Narnia would flourish beneath their rein. Narnia would become whole once more.