You could probably understand this fic if you haven't read my oneshot about Casey and April's daughter, Maddie (yes, she's an OC): You Do What You Have To Do, but a lot more things would make sense.

The first chapter in this five-shot belongs to Leonardo. We get to see him cook!

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"Thanks for coming Leo. We really appreciate it." April said gratefully. "It's no trouble at all. I love babysitting." Leo said.
It was true. He loved spending time with his 'niece'. "Have fun and don't worry. I can handle it." Casey smirked. "We got a ninja for a babysitter. What is there to worry about?" Leo just smiled back and refrained from listing off the obvious: Foot Elite, extra-dimensional warlords, angry aliens, bounty hunters, government agents, just to name a few. Instead he said "Have a good time on your date-night." and closed the door behind them as they left.
"Now, what do you want for dinner?" he turned to Maddie, who was sitting on the couch watching the Silver Sentry cartoon (a trait picked up from Mikey). She thought for a moment. He held his breath, hoping that she would pick something simple. "Grilled cheese, please?" Leo nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. "I can do that."

He walked to the kitchen, turned on the stove and began assembling the ingredients. About thirty seconds later Maddie was in the doorway. "Cheese slicer?" she asked, her eyes full of hope. April would kill him if she found out. *Sigh* "Only if you promise not to tell your Mom." The eight-year-old nodded solemnly and made the motion of crossing her heart. "Take five steps back." She did as she was instructed. "Alright. Here goes."

Leo threw the block of cheddar up in the air and drew his katana with lightning speed. Before the block hit the table he'd carved off two perfect slices. Maddie squealed in delight. "That was awesome!" Leo cleaned the cheese residue off of the blades and sheathed them. "Yeah, but it's our little secret, remember?" April had a strict rule against ninja-ing in the house. She'd lost too many plates and lamps to Raph and Mikey. Again she nodded and sat down at the kitchen table to watch him finish dinner. Leonardo wasn't as good a cook as Mikey, but he got the job done. At least his food was edible now and you could honestly tell him it tasted good. He flipped the sandwich out of the pan. "Can you cut it diagonally?" she asked. Leo rolled his eyes. "Sometimes I think you see me as little more than a glorified paringknife." But he still couldn't stop from smiling as he tossed the sandwich up in the air, sliced it in two, and watched the halves land perfectly on Maddie's plate. "You rock Uncle Leo!" she said as she squirted the ketchup all over the top of his formerly perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Blech! Definitely Casey's daughter.


At eight forty-five Maddie had brushed her teeth, was in her pajamas, and had just crawled into bed. "Tell me a story Uncle Leo?" she asked. Leonardo sat at the edge of her bed. "Alright. Which one?" The dark haired girl thought for a moment. Leo almost laughed at how close her 'thinking face' mirrored Don's. "The Mousers! I wanna hear how you met Mommy!" Leo tucked the blankets up around her and began. "It all started a long time ago on a normal night beneath the streets of New York. A scientist named Baxter Stockman relesed dozens of robots into the sewers…"

April and Casey unlocked the door to the shop and headed up to the apartment. "So, do you think she's still up like last time?" April asked. "It's Leo, Mr. Responsibility. What could happen?" All he received was a glare to remind him how ironic those words were for them. "What? I'm just sayin'. If I know Leo, she's sound asleep and he's up there meditatin' or somethin'." "Yeah… I'm probably just being a little nervous." She unlocked the door to the apartment. "Leo? We're home." She announced their presence. No answer. "Leo? Yo, come on out. This ninja stuff ain't funny." Casey said. April went to go check on Maddie.

"Hey, Casey. Come see this." April whispered.

Just as Casey had predicted, Maddie was sound asleep in her bed. But on the floor next to the bed, using a giant teddy bear for a pillow, was a blue-masked ninja turtle.

Earlier that night

"And then April saved the day by rigging all of the mousers to self-destruct, causing Stock-tronicsto go up in smoke. The end, actually though, it was just the beginning." Leo flicked on the night light, tiptoed out, and left his charge to her sleep.

Only ten minutes later he heard a noise in her bedroom. Senses on high alert, he went to investigate. What he found was an eight-year-old reading a comic book in her bed, the lights blazing."Maddie you have to go to sleep." "I don't wanna." "You have to. What's wrong with sleep? Even Donny sleeps sometimes." Leo joked. Maddie looked around at the corners of her bedroom before whispering "The dark." Leo softened immediately "You have your night-light." He tried to reason with her. It was a very cool night light. Had turtles on it and everything. The girl was obsessed with turtles. Whose fault was that, he wondered. "It makes funny shadows." She looked up at him with Mikey's puppy dog eyes. " Please don't go Uncle Leo." She was learning way too much from that youngest brother of his. "Alright."


"I promise."

The next morning-

"So Leo, care to explain why you slept on Maddie's floor last night instead of going home when we got back from our date?" April asked as her reptilian babysitter prepared to make his exit out her window.

"Oh that? No big deal. I had a promise to keep."

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