Her answer

Erik, do you not see?

You mightn't be the one for me.

But then again I do not know,

Which way my heart means to go.

My father's dead and now I'm lost.

What will my decision cost?

Do you think that I can't tell?

You've got me cast under your spell?

Your eyes they love but yet they hate

With loneliness my heart you bate

Still for some reason I feel

Stuck in a dreamland I wish were real.

You enthrall me with your mystery…

But Raoul and I have history

The darkness in me seeps away

He leads me to the light of day.

Still I must give you an answer

For fear ignorance becomes a cancer

I do not love Raoul for looks

It is not my heart that he took

Raoul loves my voice and face

But my heart feels like empty space

Nostalgia comes, and then it goes

Now at last I finally know

My childhood has broken down

I have made my decision now

Raoul says he loves me

He swears that it's true.

Up till now I never knew.

That Raoul's love, is hollow, he practiced what to do.

His noble education, dictates what he ought to know

Now, that I think about it, it's time to let it go.

I loved him back, but I love you

More-so now I know what to do

I run to you, as fast as light and hold my arms out for you

Because no, Erik, Raoul does not love me like you do