Over the next several weeks the crew came back together and slowly got back into the rhythm of things.

They hadn't done any big jobs yet, nothing too flashy or making a statement sort to speak, but they'd been creeping back into the game trying not to arouse any unwanted suspicions.

Also, there was the fact that emotions were running pretty high given the news that Angel had revealed himself to the journalist he was sleeping with.

On one hand, just about everyone was truly happy for him, they had seen the changes in him since her arrival, seen the way he'd been pining after the girl, and how miserable he had been without her that month away. But, there was also the risk in it, for all of them, and how large of one it was.


After finishing up for the night, Angel scrambled off from the others and headed over to Buffy's, as he had been doing just about every night.

She'd given him a key though he still preferred sneaking in through her bedroom window but he ended up using it for the first time.

Inside, he easily made his way from the front door towards the kitchen where he flipped on the lights. His head tilted toward the staircase to see if he heard her rummaging around but there was nothing.

Slipping off his gloves, he set the leather on the corner of the table then started going through her cabinets and fridge grabbing up some supplies to make them a quick snack as he was starving.

Angel frowned as he realized his lover did not own a serving platter at all. He'd looked briefly once before but then had ended up distracted and forgot about it, but now was pretty damn certain she was without one.

He twisted his mouth at the meal he'd prepared before gathering up the two plates and two cups. Using his elbow and some skilled movement, he shut off the light to the kitchen and made his way up the stairs.

He laid most everything down when he reached her room, setting things down on the small hallway table, then opened the door and slipped inside.

Now inside the room, Angel set everything over on one of her chest of drawers where there still remained some free space, then came over to the bed, kneeling beside her. His hand brushed away some of her blonde locks covering her face then leaned forward to kiss her.

"Hey beautiful," he whispered. He got a sleepy groan in response which made him smile. Dropping another kiss onto her forehead, he covered her eyes with one hand, shielding her from the light from the lamp he turned on. Which, had gotten him another groan in response for.

"What are you doing?" she mumbled.

Angel had to repeat it in his head a few times before he understood her slurred together words. "I brought you some early breakfast," he answered, slowly removing his hand.

One of her eyes opened and he smiled at her, laughing when she made another mess of jumbled words, this time he had no way of knowing or figuring out what the blonde beauty had tried to tell him.

Pushing off the floor, he took a few steps over and reached for their meal, waiting as Buffy slowly sat up, swaying at first and rubbing her face and eyes. She seemed to awaken much faster upon seeing the food he'd made, just a quick helping of eggs and bacon really, though. He sat her glass on the nightstand to the side of her then went around the bed and joined her on the other side.

"You are a god."

"I know."

Buffy rolled her eyes at him.


Angel grumbled as he was being woken up, the warm body against him trying to leave his side. He barely registered her telling him that he needed to get up and start her day, just pulled her closer to him and buried his face further into the middle of her back.

"Angel," she whined, pushing at the arms binding her.

That went on for a few minutes then, feeling a bit more awakened, Angel kept one arm snaked around her waist as he turned them, his free arm reaching behind him to the floor, reaching for something from inside his discarded jacket and gave it to her.

Squinting with one eye, he watched her sigh, taking it and looking over the invitation. "What's this?"

"I want you to go. With me."

Her head tilted back over her shoulder to look at him.

"You know, like my date."

She was quiet for a moment. "You do?"

"Yes," he answered with a yawn.

"In public?"

He nodded. "Yes. Is that a problem? Ashamed of me?" he joked.

"No," she breathed. "Of course not. It's just... I..."

He pulled her tighter and kissed her temple. "Say yes."

She smiled. The folded up card was brought up to her face again and she seemed to ponder it over for a spell. "You're sure?"


Her smile grew. "Okay," she whispered, her voice sounding very childlike in that instant.

Angel spun her in his arms so that she now laid flat against the bed and snuggled closer to her, his hand running down her body. His head lifted away, propped up on his other arm bent at the elbow, and he looked down at her. "I want to marry you," he said suddenly, the feeling of wanting to spend the rest of his life with this woman overwhelming him in this very instant.

"What?" Buffy asked, almost shouting.

"I want to marry you," he repeated, his voice soft, calm. His large palm laid on her stomach, his fingers spread out on her flesh, feeling her warm and soft. "I want to spend my life with you. I want to have children with you, a family with you."

He hadn't meant for this to happen, for him to feel this way, not about anyone, not about her. He sure hadn't meant to tell her, but it just came out, just as the undeniable knowledge of it hit him as it did. All he knew or cared about right now was that it had happened and he meant it.