Jacob stood condemned in silence. How could he have let it elevate this far? He looked up at the small hut in front of him. He cleared his mind and walked in, giving in on the urge to see the face of his now imprinted one. Before he was able to say anything, Edward glared at him.

"What are you doing here? You are supposed to protect Bella." Edward searched Jacob's thoughts but found that he was focusing solely on the knife Edward had in hand.

"Don't.." Jacob sighed, Am I really going to say this? Edward glared at him frustrated with the fact that Bella was left unattended to and vulnerable.

"Hurry up and make up your mind! Bella is alone and she could be in danger. I need to go stop Victoria and you are stopping me from doing so." Edward snarled hearing Jacob curse him.

Jacob smirked at Edwards reaction then frowned. Bella? Sigh. That's the only thing he's worried about. Confused at why Jacob would feel sad about the comment, Edward stepped towards Jacob no longer disgusted by his smell.

"Don't go." Jacob said looking away. Edward eyed him carefully.

"What?" Edward whispered quietly, shocked and angry that Jacob would say such a thing to him.

"I said don't go." Jacob repeated firmly looking at the older vampire before him. He smells different.

"I heard what you said. Not to mention that I heard everything you've been thinking since you stepped in her. And just you know you smell Differently too so its not just me!" Edward clenched his hands realizing that Alice would make it sound like a compliment and tease him later.

Jacob blushed lightly and looked away, "Sorry." Edward looked at Jacob, he never expected to hear Jacob apologize.

"You better get back to your post, and let me do my job. It was obviously a mistake to allow you this opportunity to speak with me." Edward turned away agrivated.

"No! Why can't you take care of damn Bella? She's be safer with us both. And your family and my pack can handle the vampires." Jacob moved over to Edward and stood directly behind him, so when Edward turned around he stumbled backwards. Keen to make sure that Jacob didn't realize it was because of his heaving chest near his own, He looked at Jacob sneering.

"Since when do you care? Besides, I'm the strongest and I won't let them get close to Bella's house. We need to keep this from human eyes remember?" Edward backed away from Jacob and sighed frustrated. Why won't he just give in?

"Then let me fight too. And send Alice or Leah to Bella. I'm stronger than both." Jacob followed Edward as he searched for a tool that would assist him in the battle.

"No!" Edward pushed the wolf back.

"Why the hell not?" Jacob moved closer to Edward realizing he would need to force Edward to let him.

"Because! You need to protect Bella! I love her more than my life and If I cant hold them back you have to be there to protect her while we try to push them away. I thought you had a crush on her so why are you running from her now?" Edward shot at him.

Without thinking, Jacob thought the second worst possible thing he could when around Edward. I imprinted on at stuck up bastard that's why. Edward eyed the wolf then turned away. Like any of that if my fault!

"Listen here you stupid little dog! You better protect Bella!" Edward grabbed Jacob's shirt and pushed him against the wall.

"Hell NO! I wont go near that slut! Deal with it Edward I wont go!" Jacob growled, trying to ignore the fact that he wanted to make Edward shut up, by pressing his lip against them. Edward was too angry to hear the thought.

"You stubborn little, Leave now!" He let go of Jacob and walked to the other side of the room rubbing his temples angrily. Jacob looked down angrily and hurt. He knew, that he had to do what every Edward wished of him. All Edward had to do was wish it. Just like a slave, Jacob made his way towards the door.

"Fine, I'll leave. But not to protect your stupid girlfriend. And I wont come back." Jacob took a step.

"Finally! Kill yourself while yourself at it, save me the trouble." Edward smiled victoriously. Jacob felt his heart sink at the words. He wanted to tell himself that Edward hadn't meant it. He wanted to refute the order, tell him the truth. But his body went numb. He took a step and phased into a wolf, angrily running towards the first thing in his head. The cliff.

Edward thought about the few emotions which had crowded his head then disappeared just as quickly as the came. He knew that they were Jacob's, and it frightened him that the wolf could feel such pain and hatred. He felt like running after him, his sweet smell still lingering in the empty room. Shaking his head, he walked out of the hut to the group of wolves and vampires.

Carlisle and Sam nodded at each other and walked to the middle.

"Alright, Every wolf get with a vampire," Sam began. Leah walked towards Edward thinking I call the jerk! The phased wolves laughed at her comment and claimed the other vampires. Sam looked at her, knowing more or less what she had thought.

"Who you calling a jerk?" Edward looked at her angrily.

Jacob phased as he ran out, I understand that what he said didn't make you so happy but still, give him credit for telling you. I mean it happened two weeks ago. And its not like you get to pick who you imprint on. She stopped to look at Edward and sat down licking her paw. I don't like you. But for Jacob's sake, we're all trying to be nice.

"What are you talking about mutt?"

Obviously you used the imprint against him and ordered him to leave. No one would feel that much pain unless their imprinted discovered they were slaves to them. Leah looked at Edward. It began to dawn on her that Jacob hadn't told Edward about the imprint.

"THE WHAT?" Edward doubled over laughing at the matter. Leah barked at him angrily. He stood and looked at her frightened, everyone looked over. And Sam, now phased, understood her anger.

"What seems to be the problem Edward?" Emmet looked at his brother worried.

"Jacob imprinted on me. Stupid mutt. He ran away and now she's mad because I'm laughing at him." Edward smirked, he had the upper hand. After all Jacob had to do what he ordered him to do.

Bastard! Where did he go? You know he was thinking about killing himself when he left! Leah pleaded with him. What did you say? She jumped him when Edward stayed silent. Sam stepped in front of Carlisle and bowed his head to let him know that Leah meant Edward no harm. Rosaline sneered at the female wolf, she did not like seeing her Brother being pushed around by anyone other than herself.

"How do you do it? Control the person who has imprinted on you?" Edward looked up at the wolf worried.

I'm not going to tell you so you can make a slave out of him.

"Damn it! I'm the only one who can stop him correct?" Edward looked away from Leah, guilty and frustrated with the fact that his question was not answered. Sam turned back into and put on his shorts, then walked over to Carlisle.

"Your son is endangering Jacob. We must fight with out him. He has something he has to do. Leah off him now. Before its too late. Edward knows where to go. Now lets go. Edward, if Jacob doesn't come back unharmed. I'm afraid I'll be forced to kill you. Carlisle, our agreement was that we would not harm each other. You wont be able to protect him." Edward sat up as Leah backed off and he looked at his father. He could the sorrow in his eyes as he realized his son was on his own. Edward stood and sprinted towards Jacob, his sent was fading and there was wind.


Jacob sat at the edge of the cliff, naked. He sighed looking down at the body of water below him. The sharp rocks calling him down. He replayed Edward's words in his head. When he looked down he saw Edward at the bottom, yelling his name. the yelling seemed louder. And he could smell him again. Jacob phased into his Wolf form and howled, walking to the edge of the Cliff. Edward ran behind him and grabbed his fur pulling him off the cliff.

"You stupid mutt! How dare you not tell me you imprinted on me! Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you've cause. Not only does your entire pack hate me, but Bella is going to be very angry at me! More so, if she found out you were only doing this because I told you to!" Edward scolded the Wolf.

I don't have a choice! You really think I wanted to imprint on you? Let alone a guy!

"Don't go thinking you are the only one being affected!"

Look who's talking! I'm your freaking slave! You really think I want this? You really think this is easy? Its not…. Jacob moved away from him. You hate me anyways, I might as well do this. That way I don't have to go through this.

"Well to bad because I forbid you from killing yourself!" Edward smiled looking down at the large puppy. He had complete control and would not loose it.

Why are you here? What does it matter to you? You only care about Bella.

"That's why I'm here. And I order you to phase back, now."

Jacob looked up at Edward and phased, blushing avoiding eye contact. Edward looked away realizing he'd made a mistake.

"Don't you own a pair of shorts?" he sighed, Victoria was coming, and he had to come take care of Jacob?

"You told me to leave so I did. Not my fault I had to phase and rip my shorts off." Jacob turn sheepishly away. Edward turned towards him, forgetting he was naked.

"And that's my fault? I didn't know that you'd be my slave and you didn't say anything!" Edward fumed.

Jacob looked at him, can I phase back now? Or are you enjoying this? Edward looked at him, he wanted to say no but didn't know which one he wanted to say it to.

"Please?" Edward mumbled, hoping that the wolf would make up his own mind. Jacob shrugged and phased back immediately pushing Edward to the ground as he did.

"What was that for!" the vampire yelled, finding no information in the teen's thoughts.

Something's wrong. Stay down. Jacob moved off Edward and jogged to a tree sniffing the air. Edward decided to stand rather than allow the wolf the pleasure of ordering him around.

"I don't see anything." He walked forward snapping a twig as he did. Jacob turned around and began to run menacingly towards Edward.

I said stay down, you good for nothing leech!

"You don't mean that." Edward moved aside slowly turning as Jacob jumped past him. Growling Jacob prepared to pounce on the moving object in the forest.

Don't you smell it?

"No. It's just a rabbit or something. Stupid dog." Edward turned around and began walking towards his family. They hadn't spotted any vampires yet.

Edward Cullen. A voice appeared very lightly at his ear. You're forgetting something. Or someone.

"Bella!" Edward ran quickly towards her house, remembering that she no longer had someone to protect her. When he arrived at the house, her father was gone. He jumped up to her room panting.

"Edward?" She ran to him and hugged him, "I was so scared. When Jacob didn't show I thought something happened. Are you ok? What's going on?"

"Jacob's fine. He came to see. Refused to let me go. Said I had to protect you because, he couldn't." Edward looked down at her holding her. "He imprinted."

"What?" Bella looked at him, she felt angered that her friend refused to protect her, but understood that an imprint was stronger than anything. "With who?"

"He didn't tell me." Edward smiled lightly, glad she could not read his mind. He didn't lie to her, Jacob didn't tell him, Leah did.

"Where is he?" Bella looked up at Edward, she knew he was hiding something but did not want to accuse him of anything.

"I. I don't know. He ran off. I'm sure he's fine. Are you alright?" Edward smiled and kissed her.

"Yeah. I'm fine. But, Charlie. He went out." Bella placed her hands in her back pockets nervously, "More than an hour ago." Edward looked at her.


"He just said that he'd be back by twelve. Its past that. And he's still not here. Did you, I don't know sense him or something?" Bella looked down at her feet then back up at the silent vampire.

"No. No." But Jacob did. Edward looked down at her. He needed to get out, but Bella wasn't safe.

"Edward, I'm scared." She sighed sitting down on the bed holding back tears, "Jacob and my dad are gone." He looked down at her, her tears hurt him, but only slightly. Yet, Jacob had made him feel hurt without saying anything. He shook his head sitting down next to her.

"Don't be, I'm sure their fine. Jacob's strong and fast. I'm sure he probably found your dad and they're hiding out somewhere talking." Edward looked out the window. He wanted to believe it, but he couldn't help worrying over the wolf. He's left him out there, alone.

Edward. You're heart is as black as mine. The female voice giggled, How is a vampire capable of love? Edward walked to the window worried. The voice sounded so clear, so close.

"What is it?" Bella stood looking around, the grey clouds made the old house dark. The wood creaked in the wind. Edward shook his head confused.

You left him all alone. In the middle of no where. Open, for attack. Edward snapped his head to the side hearing the voice next to him.

"No," he panted confused, he sensed no vampire near them. Nothing, like a ghost tormenting him.

"Edward?" Bella said frantically. What's wrong with him.

Tell me, Edward. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Edward's chest began to cringe, if his heart could still beat, he was certain it would be frantic.

"Where are you!" Edward turned around yelling, she was teasing him. Bella backed away from him, frightened.

"Edward!" She repeated crying as she yelled falling scared.

If he dies, it's your fault. But then again it doesn't matter. Images of Jacob flashed into Edward's head. Jacob smiling, laughing, running, blushing, screaming, crying, pleading for help. Edward fell to the ground, it hurt too much.

"Stop. Stop please!"

Those we're his exact words. Edward, what happens when a wolf is bitten by a vampire? Edward's eyes widened.

"Don't. Don't. I'll do anything."

They die Edward.

"No. No!" Edward jumped out of Bella's open window and ran. Bella watched him, he had forgotten about her. He left her alone, knowing a vampire was after her.


"You're a feisty one aren't you?" She walked smiling. "I do love wolves. Perhaps just a bite?"

"Stay. Away. From me." Jacob held himself up leaning against a tree. He had phased back, unable to walk on all fours. He panted, hoping the vampire would let him heal for just a while longer.

"Your blood, I can almost taste it in my mouth." She moved closer towards the teen, "So, fresh, warm as it pour out of your cut. Poison take a while to heal." She popped up next to him. "Don't you think?"

He phased and jumped running, Help, Edward. Where are you?

"Come HERE Puppy!" she said as she tackled him. "You're mine!" she grabbed him and threw him into the trees. She skipped around giggling. Jacob whined and stood slowly. He ran towards her, certain, someone had heard the crash. Someone would come for him. Someone. Someone. No one. He fell to the floor once again, her nails digging into him.

'Don't go thinking you are the only one being affected!'

'Kill yourself while yourself at it, save me the trouble'

'How dare you not tell me you imprinted on me! Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you've cause. Bella is going to be very angry at me!'

'I love her more than my life'

"What's wrong puppy? No body coming to save you?" her lips curled back revealing her fangs. Jacob whined, his body ached, he couldn't move. Her nails moved in and out of his fur. She crouched over him, giggling at her victory. "Big bad wolf isn't as bad as we thought." He fought to stay awake.

'Kill yourself while yourself at it, save me the trouble'

'I love her more than my life' Edward leaned towards Bella and kissed her.

"What happens when a vampire bites a wolf?" She leaned closer to his ear, "They die."

How can you kill something that's already dead? Jacob inhaled slowly and turned towards her biting her face, running a short distance before falling in pain.

"You little bastard! You'll pay for this!" She ran towards him, seeing through the blood on her face and attacked him.


Edward ran towards the sent of blood. He could Jacob bleeding and another unknown source as well. He hadn't heard anything since the last howl. His family and the pack were fighting Victoria and the newborns, they wouldn't have heard Jacob or smelled the blood. When he reach the field, there was nothing. He panted and ran around, searching for Jacob, but nothing.

"Jacob," Edward whispered, he walked to the ledge of the cliff searching for him. "Jacob," he repeated running along the edge and turning to look at the forest. "Jacob?"

Jacob. Jacob. Jacob. She screamed giggling, her voice faint.

"Jacob! Where are you!" Edward ran towards the smell of blood, moving aside leaves. Nothing. "Jacob damn it where are you!" He fell to his hands and knees. He'd failed him. Panted, and whimpered softly as he grabbed he blood leaves and banged them to the ground.

You'll never find him.

Edward looked up hearing her voice pushed away by the sound of the waves.


He stood and ran to the cliff, diving down into the water. The current pushed against him, he swam deeper down, seeing a ball of fur caught between two large rocks.

Jacob. Edward pushed the rock away.

'I love her more than my life'

He pushed the other one off and grabbed the wolf, swimming up towards air. The current pushed them ashore. Jacob's limp body lay before Edward. He put his ear against Jacob's chest, barely realizing he had phased back. Hearing a faint heartbeat, he began pressing on Jacob's chest.

"Come on Jacob. You can do it. Please." He taking in air, he pressed his lips against Jacob's cold pale ones, holding his nose. He breathed into Jacob then went back to pumping Jacob's chest.

"Damn it Jacob! You are not allowed to die do you hear me? Now wake up." Edward stared at the teen, waiting for a response of any kind. When he got none, he slammed his fist against Jacob's chest. "WAKE UP!" Sighing he sat down, looking at him then forward.

You know how to save him. Don't you? All it takes is one bite.

"No." he whispered.

Don't you love him? Or, did you leave your girlfriend defenseless just to come and watch him die.

"I can't do it."

Do it Edward! Do it now! Or you can tell his pack that you watched him die.

"No!" Edward looked at Jacob. "How can you just let yourself die like that? Are you really that weak? You have no right to do this, first you make me hate you, then you imprint on me, make me think you actually cared and now you just die! You pathetic dog!" Edward looked away grabbing his head.

"And its all my fault. I should have never left you alone." Edward's wet hair fell over his face as he leaned against the tree bark.

I think that's the first time you've had a conversation without mentioning Bella. Jacob winced lightly opening his eyes. Sorry, took me a while to heal that time.

"I think I can forgive you, after all you were under two rocks." Edward smiled lightly watching Jacob recover.

Oh is that all? Here I thought it just a pebble. Jacob smiled. You just gonna sit there or are you going to get me clothes?

"Sorry, I jumped in with mine. Can you phase back? I'll Carry you to my house."

That a command? I've confused, was not dying one too?

"NO, more of a suggestion. Apparently Sam would kill me if you died."

Here I thought you liked me.

"You want me to carry you naked?"

No. I don't want to me carried.

"Too bad," Edward Lifted Jacob, "We can't wait for you to heal." By the time they arrived at his room, Jacob could talk again.

"This is weird. What happens if someone walk in?" Jacob smiling, knowing Edward had been reading his thoughts and seeing his 'ideas'.

"No." He set him down on the bed and put the covers over him.

"I thought vampires didn't sleep." Jacob closed his eyes slightly.

"But humans do." Edward looked down, knowing exactly how that statement made Jacob feel. Jacob forced himself to sit up and looked at Edward.

"Look I'm better. I should go home. My dad is probably worried about me." Jacob smiled at the vampire.

"Stand. Really, try to." Edward encouraged. Jacob smiled and stood holding the covers onto him. Edward raised an eyebrow, impressed then walked closer to him. "Now try to walk. Jacob looked at Edward. He considered them commands, which gave him any strength he had left. Jacob walked slowly up to Edward, holding the blankets around his waist.

"See just a little sore." He smiled. Edward got closer to him, smiling seeing his blush. Then, poked his side softly. Jacob winced and grabbed onto Edward's shirt before falling down.

"Clearly, just a little sore." Edward spoke, keeping his lips near Jacobs. He knew the boy wanted more, so did he, but he would settle for teasing.

"Can you get off me now?" Jacob, was slightly irritated and aroused at having Edward pin him down. Nothing bothered him more, than knowing Edward knew this as well.

"No," Edward moved his lips down by Jacob's ear, "I kinda like this."