Jacob's body felt hotter than usual as he leaned against the wall, he looked at himself in the cracked mirror not remembering how it got like that or how he got to his room with Bella in the first place. Despite all this, Jacob concentrated more on the burning in his skin. He looked down and closed his eyes for what he thought were only a couple of seconds but when he opened his eyes the Banging had stopped and his hands were tied to his feet, Bella standing over him.

"Hello" she whispered.

"What did you do to me?" Jacob struggled to keep his eyes open, he searched for Edward with his thoughts holding on the faint scent.

"While you were having your fun I stuck some poison in you. Itll be a few seconds now." Bella untied him knowing the wolf couldn't move.

"Edward will know soon that you made all this happen. We had sex right where you're sitting, did he ever touch you?" Jacob groaned as Bella kicked him.

"Shut it mut, I sent him to get the others… by the time they get back you'll be dead and Edward will turn me." Bella sat Jacob up and undressed him.

"This way I can say you tried to rape me and I killed you." Bella smiled and ripped her shirt and skirt.

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Edward sighed unable to hear what Bella and Jacob spoke about. He spent two hours pounding at the door and windows but nothing happened. Then again Jacob must had made sure that none of it would fall apart incase he needed the room to get rid of stress.

With out warning, he plunged it into his mouth and began sucking on it.

Jacob grabbed the sheet, moaning as Edward moved up and down…. When he couldn't take it anymore, Edward licked Jacob's hot neck and nibbled lightly stopping only to feel the blood being rapidly pushed through the main artery…"Edward, do you love me?"

"Edward cant go in there he'll let his emotions get in the way and Bella will control him I know what she was feeling she was happy at Jacob's pain Carlisle believe me" Jasper had been repeatedly stating this for the longest time Edward had almost memorized it.

"Bella is the victim here!" Alice protested

"Before you were the one supporting Jacob. And when we found you Bella's scent was all over you!" Paul argued.

"Enough! We need to find a way in there! Now we cant touch it cause its silver and its too hard for us to bend.. wuts your reason?" Sam glared up at Edward.

He could feel it without looking. …"Edward, do you love me?" Edward looked at the door there was something wrong and it pissed him off that he couldn't solve it. He needed to chose. Bella or Jacob. Did he trust the imprint and his love for Jacob or Bella's word.

"Jacob would have made sure to seal the roof as well so there is no way in and Edward couldn't get the metal to bend its not normal metal" Rosaline stated.

If you cant go over go under. A Female voice echoed in Edward's head but he had never heard her before. Edward stood, Jacob's bed was right over the kitchen.

He stood and ran to the the Kitchen the others followed behind him wondering what he was doing. He pulled aside a chair and stood on it getting ready to hit the ceiling.

"What are you doing?" Emmet asked confused.

"Im getting Jacob the fuck away from Bella and im not going to stand here and wait for something to happen." Edward punched the ceiling, creating a crack. Bella looked down feeling the floor shake. Jacob smiled and looked at her, "here he comes. If you're going to kill me do it now before the ground falls below your feet."

Edward hit again, slowly gaining his ability to hear Jacob's thoughts he smiled and kept hitting.

"Hes here for me ill just tell him I poisoned you to save myself." Bella smiled.

I doesn't matter if he's here for her. You wont show your weakness to her.

Edward paused, He was getting closer but Jacob's voice grew faint. He pounded harder, screaming at the others to help him but no one did.

He's already dead. Jasper thought.

The wolves shared thoughts along the same lines, pulling at Edward's chest to stop.

"Help me!" he repeated, this time Emmet and Sam joined in. The wall came down along with Jacob's bed and Bella.

"Edward!" Bella looked at the vampire before him holding out her arms. But he saw only the hole in the wall which lead him to Jacob.

"Jacob." Edward jumped up looking in the dark for the body of his wolf. "Jacob!" Edward's ears failed him, he couldn't hear a heartbeat in the room.

Alice looked up at the dark hole wanting nothing more than to hear that the wolf was ok. Bella's eyes went red with anger as she realized Edward had chose the wolf over her.

"He's dead. Im sorry he tried to rape me. I just grabbed whatever I could." Bella turned to the others but saw nothing but anger.

"You killed him! You lying little!" Alice charged at her only to be stopped by Jasper, "You made me like this and then you killed him! If Edward doesn't kill you I sware I will!"

Edward jumped down, in his hands was Jacob, limp and without a heartbeat. I was too late..

"My son" Jacob's dad rolled up to him, but Edward wouldn't.. couldn't let anyone else hold him.

Bella stood slowly and walked toward the door. She would lure Edward out and kill him just like she had killed Jacob.

Edward put his wolf down on the floor, resting his head on his knees. Jasper tried to comfort Edward but stopped seeing his brothers eyes glowing.

Sam looked around realizing Bella was gone, "She's gone!"

"Let her go." Edward looked up at them, "I'll kill her later." He stood carrying Jacob.

"where are you taking my son?" asked . Edward realized he never cared much to remember his name. And now was certainly not the time to ask.

"He'll be safer with me." Edward began to walk towards the door.

"Ed, he's dead." Jasper looked at his brother.

"That's what you think." Edward walked out angrily.


Jacob woke up, his body ached more than ever. He looked up at the ceiling, realizing he was on a bed. He turned his head to the side and saw the window. Angry he sat up, loosing his balance. He fell back on to the bed.

"Why did you bring me here?" he asked, regaining his balance. Edward walked out into the moonlight.

"Alice came to. You didn't have to lock yourself in there." Edward kept his arms crossed looking down at the shirtless wolf.

"Do you think she would have if I hadn't done that. And whose to say I'd still be alive if I hadn't" Jacob stood up, looking Edward straight in the eye. Edward turned away holding his nose.

"I thought you said my smell didn't bother you." Jacob looked at the vampire slightly hurt. Edward turned to him hearing his insecurities take hold in his head.

"I can smell her all over you." Edward snapped his attention Jacob's thoughts seeing an image of Bella and him kissing.

Jacob looked at Edward, remembering the vampire could hear his thoughts. He thought of phasing instead.

"You touched her? Where?" Edward moved closer to the wolf. Jacob moved away but Edward simply showed up infront of him. Backing up into the wall, Jacob regain his composure.

"What do you care?" he spat. He filled his head with his memories of Bella and Edward kissing.

"That was before! Where did she touch you?" Edward pinned Jacob against the wall. Jacob suppressed the smile that he was itching to come out.

"Where did she touch me or where did I touch her?" Jacob looked into Edward's eyes as the vampire released him and back away. He wondered if the vampire had been hurt by his reluctance to answer the question.

Edward leaned against the wall across from Jacob with his arms crossed, "Go take a shower."

"Answer the question and I'll answer yours." Jacob took a step towards him but Edward just looked away.

"I don't want to know where. It's bad enough knowing you did." Edward walked to the window. Jacob looked down, he wanted to kiss Edward but was afraid to let him smell bella. Instead he went to the shower and removed his clothing.

I'm sorry. He got into the shower and began washing his body.

Edward looked back at the bathroom door, smelling Jacob's sent grow. He walked to the door, and opened it quietly. He locked it behind him and watched as the water ran down Jacob's body, thank to himself for not getting shower curtains.

Jacob stopped and looked at the door, only to find Edward gazing at him. He gulped remembering.

"You little prick!" he pushed Edward towards the shower. Edward fell, turning the shower on as he held onto the wall.

"Jacob. I warned you to stay away." Edward tried to reason with him.

"You got her pregnant!" Jacob cried, his voice going quite as he said it. Edward's head snapped up to him. He stood soaked by the shower

Edward took a step towards Jacob.

Edward." Jacob pulled the vampire closer to him. Edward ran his hands down Jacob's back as they kissed, his fingers digging into the wolf's flesh. Jacob's hand went to the back of his head as they began to grope at each other's clothing. Edward made his way down to Jacob's neck, nibbling at the skin enjoying the beat of his heart under his lips.

Jacob straightened up as Edward came closer, their bodies only inches away. Jacob checked him out, then grabbed him and kissed him. He began removing Edward's shirt, breathing through his nose so his lips wouldn't need to part Edwards. Edward removed his pants and stepped into the shower pushing Jacob back against the shower wall.

Edward grabbed Jacob's hair roughly, pulling it back so he would nip at the wolf's neck. He enjoyed the feel of heat against his tongue. Jacob smiled, his heat beat increasing slowly as Edward's hand slid down to his thigh. He dug his fingers into Edward's back, rubbing himself against the vampire. Edward brushed his fangs against Jacob's neck and moved his hands against Jacob's ass and grabbed it, rubbing against Jacob enjoy how the wolf's breath hitched.

"Edward," Jacob moaned, he did not like being 'bottom' but he missed the Vampire's touch. Edward forced himself to pull away, knowing if he continued he would take Jacob, then and there and could possibly hurt him in the process.

"Bed." Edward said, his lips looming over Jacob's.

"I want you now," Jacob whispered before capturing Edward's lips again. Edward lifted him, and before Jacob knew, he was being dropped onto the bed. Smirking he pulled Edward down.

"New bed?" Jacob asked between kisses. Edward grabbed his hardened member with is hand.

"Just for you," Edward smiled rubbing his hand against Jacob. Jacob closed his eyes savoring ice cold touch against his dick.

"God Edward," Jacob kissed him, biting Edward's lower lip softly. "I need you in me."

Edward kissed him then turned him around. Grabbing the wolf's hips, Edward thrusted into Jacob.

"ah! Nuh!" Jacob moaned feeling the ice cold member inside made him even harder. Edward began moving in and out of Jacob.

"You're so tight." Edward whisered, leaning over Jacob reaching for his member. Jacob smiled and leaned into Edward's every touch. Edward grabbed a hold of Jacob's cock and began jerking his hand up and down.

"Edward!" Jacob bit his lip. "I going to-"

Edward thrusted deep into Jacob, hitting just the right spot. Jacob yelled Edward's name as he came hard on the bed. Edward came moments later, filling Jacob's ass with his cum. He landed on top of a panting Jacob. He pulled himself out and rolled over next to Jacob. Jacob turned to him, blushing.

Edward looked down at smirked. "Guess we're not finished yet." He grabbed Jacob and began kissing him again.

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