TAPE ONE: Ruins of the Rabarans

Chapter One: Unsettled

Long ago, at the birth of magic and time,
A kingdom of nature ruled, with peace sublime.
Alas, it was not to last, as a conflict occurred.
Skies, ocean, earth; it engulfed the whole world.
The world revived, ancient wonders as lures,
Those who gave in were -Ruin Explorers-.

Something seemed lacking since Rugudorull's defeat - a full year ago already - pondered Ihrie idly in the washtub. It wasn't Fam, wasn't herself ... heck, it wasn't even Galuff, if one felt like being ornery. It wasn't any specific person, just the mood. At least Rasha made things interesting. Too interesting, usually, but interesting.
A sleeping squeak from Fam made Ihrie smile wistfully. She slowly dressed and made her way to Fam; she had a surprise in mind, today.
Squeak squeak.
"Oh Fa-am..."
Squeak /squeak/ eep squeee...
"Fam!" Not too loudly, Ihrie hoped.
The Wiggan chipmunk-elf woke up, as though she had never been asleep. It wasn't Wiggan-instinctive, Ihrie knew; it was just one of Fam's unique traits.
"Up for something new?"
Fam's naivety didn't always show - she did have some sense behind that giggling persona. "New?"
Almost immediately, a flush came to Fam's features. It stayed in full force. "I'd love to!" said Fam, elvish ears jumping a full inch in excitement. Then, as her ears went down slowly, she said more quietly: "Do you think he'll mind?"
Ihrie shook her head; even though the Sword of Sargus had brought out Lyle's kingly side, she knew he wouldn't mind.
...would he?